Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)


- Pyra and Mythra in Smash
- Fall Guys
- Mario Golf Speed Rush
- Skyward Sword HD
- Splatoon 3
You sound too angry and kinda rude, there is no set description for Direct, people like what they like, think of those people and walk it off if you don't get what you personally wanted

wasn't aware that having a negative impression on something is being "angry and rude". i didn't even insult anyone or use as much as a throwaway curse word--the "weeb" description i find to be mild at best, personally, but if it's truly derogatory then i take it back.

i could be wrong but the whole presentation felt like it showcased multiple games from one particular game genre in a row, most of which also had a very similar fantasy/anime aesthetic.

like, these games have their fans, i respect that, but an increasing number of these general directs in recent years point their spotlight to more than a fair share of titles that appeal to that segment of consumers which is definitely overkill. this would be the case with any genre, really--i'm a fan of platform games myself but if they suddenly decide to have more than 50% of runtime dedicated to Mario, Rayman, Croc, Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 and, uuh, 102 Dalmatians for PS1, or what have you, the burnout would still be there and negative reactions would be justified.

As for the shovelware remark, I was mostly referring to stuff they showed in the previous third-party directs, such as that WWE thing that looked like a mobile game. Though I guess the DC Magical Girls announced now isn't too far from fitting that bill lol.
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It's just a big ad in the end, it's meant to sell you things, if there were a shitload of platforners, they would shill them too if their partners pay up to advertise.

Eh, I just never liked the whole clasfying the whole jrpg or Japanese stuff in general as anime, seems narrow-minded as there is that it's just a word for animation, there was a lot of different style and it's actually encouraging weebs to view a whole country as that, it's like calling all Wrpgs games about stopping shitty politicians in either the middle ages or space or calling all platforners about characters from an anti-sonething psas stopping evil scientists, of course stuff in a specific genre has overlapping elements, my best approach is to try everything, you'll be surprised
Xenoblade fans must be happy. Personally when I saw the new fighter I felt a wee disappointment that it was yet another anime sword fighter that I've never heard of.. but she does bring some more fem rep I guess so there's that.
But this is just me preferring zany characters for the roster.
Oh I forgot to mention my highlights

pyra and mythra in smash is cool. I actually predicted that it would happen
Mario golf looks fun
skyward sword hd is nice, tho I wish it was more of a remake because it looks like a port
Here's my thoughts on the Direct:
Mario Golf: Super Rush looks pretty generic, but I'm glad that we're getting one at all. Gameplay-wise, it looks solid, Speed Golf looks like a cool idea. I kind of wish that it would have "Tour" in the title, like past Mario Golf games, and would be something like "Mario Golf: Space Tour".
The Mario items in Animal Crossing look great. I want to make a Mario-themed island now.
Pyra for Smash is cool, I don't have much to say about that.
I expected Skyward Sword HD. I've heard people wishing for Twilight Princess for the Switch, but I feel making another port would be redundant when the Wii U version exists. Interestingly, SS HD releases right on my birthday. Also, the Joy-Con look nice.
I did not expect Splatoon 3, I thought that the series was going to follow the "one game of the series per system", as many of Nintendo's series do.
Overall, I thought it was a great Direct. I hope that means Directs are back, I'd like to see one in the second half of the year.
Pyra & Mythra is in smash and I don't care (please stop putting first parties in Smash, thanks)
that Garden Warfare game (that's not actually called Garden Warfare anymore) that I don't like and makes me want to play the previous game is now on Switch (this is important)
EA was a mistake
Video Games were a mistake
Splatoon 3 looks cool

My overall rating is: I only care about the last three minutes/10
  • Fall Guys looks really fun to play with friends! I wonder what the eggs are for.
  • That solar system exploring game looks cool too.
  • I'm also glad Nintendo has been picking up Visual Novels for the Switch.
  • Legend of Mana Remastered, YAAAAS!!!
  • The mario characters in golf clothes is hilarious.
    • I really like the Speed Golf mode, really puts the Mario in Mario Golf
  • That Borderlands looks fun. Always a fan of the realism turned cartoony.
  • A game you play as the zombie, that's amazing.
  • No More Heroes III looks delightfully fresh.
  • Neon White looks a very pretty game.
  • DC Super Hero Girl's cute.
  • Plants VS Zombies goes 3D?!?!?!?!?! O w O
  • OK I might be most excited for Worlds End Club
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My highlights:

-Pyra & Mythra in Smash (as a Xenoblade fan, getting a new Xenoblade rep is amazing!)
-Famicom Detective Club
-Project Triangle Strategy
-Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC (I like this game)
-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
-Skyward Sword Joy-Cons
-Splatoon 3

Overall, a pretty good Direct honestly.
I am willing to bet I am the only person here who gives a shit about Stubbs the zombie.
Imagine if Knockout City's characters were the ones the advertisement focused on than the generic people we actually got.
Ehh I don't think I was too big on the E3 Direct. It's nice seeing a new 2D Metroid game and a bit more footage for BoTW 2, but that's about it. You don't even see the title of Breath of the Wild 2 either.
Things I care about that we got from E3:
- Breath Of The Wild 2
- Mario Party Superstars
- WarioWare: Get It Together!
- Metriod 5 / Dread
Things that make no sense (this is a joke):
- No Kirby
- No Smash Bros. Fighter Pass
- No Super Mario Galaxy 2
emmi looks like a portal character design

cool direct i spent most of it just playing tropical freeze and listening to the direct in the background lmao
im glad we got mario party and warioware though. and also they talked about sparks of hope there wastn new footage but iwas glad to see it