Complete List of Tokens

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edo is at the top of the list and has received bonus tokens due to his outstanding work this year, some people were removed due to inactivity, etc

post in here if you would like to donate, or notice any missing values or errors. prizes are coming soon


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I'm not sure how these work, so please don't laugh at me if this question is stupid.

My score in Guess the Result is 135. Doesn't that mean I get 135 tokens from it?

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GTR points and tokens aren't the same thing. Every 25 GTR points were worth one token, plus two tokens for every trifecta, plus bonuses for people who got the best scores in each of the four categories as well as overall.


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
wow i got a way higher place than i thought i would ggs everyone

prizes hype


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i might be able to actually get something this year


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Dr. John H. Watson said:
#17 with 154 tokens

not bad

not bad at all

At least I beat Nabber and NSY
not by much so don't expect much differences


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Oh, so that's what he meant by "5 away".

If he comes before I do, he can have it. I mean personally, there's always next year, right?
And if he doesn't, is there some sort of gifting feature? I would do it for my other game, but y'know, it's free and all.

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i'll give 5 to nabber
10 to dippy
7 to anton
3 to javelin
5 to Time Turner
1 to smasher
2 to blocky
and 2 to stobben


King Bowser
I'm going to give 10 tokens to anyone who wants them.