Who is your punching bag?

MarioFan632 said:
64: Luigi (I hated his high-pitched voice)
Melee: Fox
Brawl: Fox
Smash 4: Wario and Bowser

In Smash Ultimate, I know that Wario, Daisy, and Bowser will be my punching bags. Maybe King K. Rool as well.
What's your favorite part of Wario being a punching bag? :> :> :>

Also why didn't you beat the crap out of high-pitched Luigi in Melee?
Lately, I've started playing timed matches against a team of three random level 9 CPUs that are all given 300% handicaps. Seeing how many times they can KO me while I smack them around.
Princess Mario said:
What's your favorite part of Wario being a punching bag? :> :> :>

Also why didn't you beat the crap out of high-pitched Luigi in Melee?
I did beat up Luigi in Melee, he was originally my punching bag in the first three Smash games (because I hated Luigi when I was younger). Then I guess I felt kinda bad for him and Fox became my punching bag instead, because it annoyed me that Fox was the most successful character in Melee. However, Luigi stayed as my punching bag in 64 because Fox doesn't really bother me in that game and I didn't want to beat him up.

Wario is fun to beat up and the best part is that I don't feel bad for him at all, because he has an unlikable personality. It's fun beating him up with the Golden Hammer since he goes flying at fast speeds, especially on Great Cave Offensive where he'll keep bouncing around because of all the walls and ceilings the stage has. Also, seeing the face he makes when he is Screen KO'd makes me want to beat him up more, and his artwork in Smash Ultimate also makes me want to beat him up.

Although I do wish that I could be beating up Waluigi as well, since I dislike him even more and he's my main rival/punching bag in the Mario spinoffs. I guess I can try to KO him when he is summoned from an Assist Trophy in Smash Ultimate.
In Brawl, I like being Kirby up against a bunch of Olimars. Because if I whip out Cook Kirby when each one has all 6 Pikmin, Kirby clangs the ladles a lot more.
Now that I think of it, it would be hilarious to beat up Ridley as Isabelle.

It's settled. Ridley will be my punching bag when I play as Isabelle, change my mind!
Jack Black said:
Isabelle, Corrin, Rosalina, and Link (only if his sound effects still sound hilarious)
I'm going to step back like 30m to give you and Koops some room.
im still gonna use Duck Hunt out of principle even though i enjoy playing as him
I'm usually not very picky with who I use as a stand-in for a Sandbag, if I find their screams/facial expressions funny then I'm more likely to pick them as an opponent.
So I prepared a little listy here, so I'm sure who to kick around like a soccer ball when I get the game.

Koops' punching bags:

-Bayonetta, because seeing her in Smash is a pretty goofy thing that grew on me, so to maximize the goofiness, I need to beat her up with goofy characters.
-Olimar, because he's a little piece of shit.
-Ridley, because I'd love to tear him apart with a fishing rod and party popper.
-Mr. Game & Watch, because... you probably already know that one if you've seen my recent posts.
-Falco, because of some particular bit in the assist trophy section of the latest direct where he taunts in front of the Black Knight before getting one-shot by his sword, and that was hilarious.
-Pit, especially because of his voice clips, including "I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO READ!"
-Mewtwo, Because Lucario is my boi.
-Pichu, because Isabelle is my girl and no cutie will ever dethrone her.
-Ryu, because he's so serious I wanna wake him up a bit. Also team Ken.
-PacMan, because I hate his design and would've preferred they went with the classic one.
Isabelle said:
-PacMan, because I hate his design and would've preferred they went with the classic one.

Are you in a universe where they used the Ghostly Adventures design instead? :V

His current design is Classic enough as is. Unless you mean like literally looking like this the entire match:

I guess they had to go with the other design for him to actually work, I understand... but...

I still just... don't like it at all...
I also really hate Pac-Man's design and I don't regret going on the Spirit Board and clearing any Pac-Man matches, even if it's like me using a Legend Spirit against a Novice Spirit and getting no rewards outside the satisfaction of shoving a Bomber in his grinning face.
I actually haven't gotten a chance to play regular Smash yet because I've spent the past six days playing through World of Light and also trying to clear the challenges for the single player modes (Spirit Board, Classic mode, All-Star Smash, and Century Smash). I think I've beaten enough challenges for now, and I will start playing VS mode the next time I play this game. I'm going to be playing 4v4 battles in 8-Player Smash, and these four characters will be my punching bags:

•Daisy, because she's overrated and she is the only female character that I've ever disliked.
•Wario, because what is there to like about him? He's greedy and a jerk.
•Bowser, because why not?
•IDK who my fourth punching bag will be...maybe Ganondorf or Dr. Mario.
Daisy will reward your efforts with her NOOOOO! Star KO but I strongly recommend beating up Wii Fit Trainer, male plumage, as his grunts and fall noises are oh, so satisfying.
I went with Dr. Mario as my fourth punching bag. I'm sorry, I know how much you like him, but...I'm just not a fan of having two Marios on the roster...

I'll try to find a replacement though. I might replace him with Ganondorf, or I might take your suggestion and beat up male Wii Fit Trainer.
You can beat up whomever you want. I beat up the quack back in the Melee days, after all.
On a related note, I'd like to make clear that anyone willing to beat up Isabelle is welcome, because I'm introducing the headcanon that any Isabelle that isn't mine is a fake Isabelle and while it's REALLY hard to admit...

She looks hilarious to beat up, in a very objective way. But I'm not gonna be doing it myself obviously, so...

please do. I'm removing all death threats from people who've received them from beating her up, go crazy.
That being said, I'm still keen on making Game & Watch one of my top punching bags, so don't celebrate too much, son.