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How have they not been sued for that?
Since this thread was posted in 2014 they're probably in jail by NOW LOL. Or maybe just got out.
Here's another anti-Wario GIF image I created! I was playing as Boo, and Mario and Rosalina were on Master difficulty while Wario was on normal.

EDIT: the aboutfile template for the image is:

DescriptionGameplay of the Soak or Croak minigame in Super Mario Party, with the heroic Mario knocking out the vile Wario during the minigame.
SourceIn game footage
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Boo lighting candles and Boo carefully treading tightropes (and failing) are two primary reasons Mario Party needs to have Boo (and more funny mooks) playable in every Mario Party game.

Anyway uh Boos with candles isn't a new development

This was in Mario Kart: Super Circuit so of course when Mario Kart 8 rolled around, it had to remove those along with Luigi Blimp and Little Mousers
Here is a comparison of the US and Japanese versions of Western Land's ending from Mario Party 2.

US version:

In this image, the background is a nice purplish-blue color, and both the Superstar and Bowser have cork guns. Totally harmless!

Japanese version:

As you can see here, the background is a combination of red, orange and yellow. Also, the characters have guns! That's right. (Deep cowboy voice): "It's high noon!"

Funnily enough, this isn't the only time Mario had a gun: