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Ehhhh don't worry about Charles. One day you'll have George! Or Kate!!!

And I think I've done that before when I worked in the darkroom. I'd just lock myself in and use the faster internet connection up until it became risky to be in the building without security finding me.


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Yeah, my work Internet's way faster than my home one too, plus the computer has a way better screen, but I can't lock the door from the inside (it won't open again, then I have to go out the back, which doesn't lock from the outside, and run around the block to open the front from the outside so that I can relock the back from the inside and then leave and relock the front from the outside, and it's all very silly), so I just turn off the light and hope that's enough to ward off people who don't know what "closed" means. It works most of the time, but not always >_>


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Welcome to the Official Userpedia Awards VII Ceremony!

Over the past couple of years or so we have worked hard to move Userpedia to its new home and make it a stable and reliable site. Some people have worked harder thanks to their personal knowledge of computers and websites and coding and all of that which many people take for granted, including me at times, up until something breaks and you have absolutely no idea what to do, so a huge thanks goes out to 2257 for being my go-to guy for “please help ;~;” and having to put up with my technological ignorance, and Neurario for helping to create and host our most stable home in years and, well, fronting the cash for it!
This past year for Userpedia we’ve adjusted our rules to accommodate a more lax and welcoming community and environment by making the rules straight-forward and simple so people can actually understand them without having to dedicate their weekend to navigating through Help pages. In addition, we’ve been continuing to notice a slow trend towards Userpedia being used more as a museum of community information instead of active community creations and fan content. Through this, though, the last year has seen quite a handful of comics, stories, and artwork of great quality go through and hosted on our site, drawing inspiration from the current community as well as information that could be found in our very articles. To help make our site better, I will be making some efforts to update all articles to have current dates, info, etc., but could certainly use some help since I don’t know everything about everything and would enjoy to work out some plans and efforts with people!

For this year’s UP awards, it was our goal to forego any cheap efforts to maximize vote quantity and go straight towards the gut of vote quality. As for the quality, I believe we have succeeded in getting voters to be knowledgeable about their votes by both updating the nominees to move on from 2007 and feature more people who are here now and active, and writing a dossier to include quick factoids and descriptions of all of the nominees for those who don’t have encyclopedic knowledge of the community’s past 7 years or so, and putting the polls only after this dossier located on a separate page, a move that The ‘Shroom took as well and got similar results. As for quantity, it took a larger hit than I had anticipated, but nevertheless I am pleased by the results! Next year my goal will be to try and maintain this level of quality in votes, but get our quantity back up to where it was and should be, and hopefully more where it could be. My initial intention is to do this by moving the UP polls back with Mario and Fail, and getting them put into rotation. Of course, there’s almost a full year until we go about doing this, so ideas may change, and the Awards Committee and I will be looking forward to hearing if anyone else has nifty ideas!

Now that I’ve tired you all out with a large block of text, go forth and enjoy the Userpedia Awards VII Ceremony!!

Edofenrir is up first with U1: Favorite Retired User!


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U1 - Favorite Retired User

All of us have gathered here today to celebrate the Mariowiki Awards 2014. But it is joyous occasions such as this one when, if only for a moment, we should look back and review the path we took as a community to get where we are today.

Along the way, some of us made friends that, over their many years, grew tired of their lives among us and chose to enjoy the rest of their existence in retirement.

It is now time to pay tribute to some of our companions of old.

As we all know, old people can be cranky and difficult to work with. But instead of deterring us, we shall let this unpleasantness act as incentive to celebrate three of the most beloved of retired users.

In third place, with the most letters received that weren't death threats, we have...


In second place, with the most phonecalls from people other than telemarketers, we have...


And the winner, with the most frequent visitors that came unarmed, is...

RandomYoshi (aka Pidgey)

Please give your applause to these old bags. But don't overdo it, it is past their bedtime already.

1. RandomYoshi - 12 - 33.33%
2. Bop1996 - 10 - 27.78%
3. Tucayo - 5 - 13.98%

4. 3Dejong – 1 – 2.78%
4. Son of Suns – 1 – 2.78%
4. Plumber – 1 – 2.78%
4. Volke – 1 – 2.78%
4. YellowYoshi398 – 1 – 2.78%
4. TimeQ – 1 – 2.78%
4. Marioguy1 – 1 – 2.78%
4. O. Stooben – 1 – 2.78%
4. O. Stumpers – 1 – 2.78%
13. Smiddle – 0 – 0.00%
13. Phoenix Rider – 0 – 0.00%
13. Sir Grodus – 0 – 0.00%
13. Knife – 0 – 0.00%


Neptune is up next with U3: Favorite Comic!


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Attention one, attention all!

This comic is in four parts! All four parts tell a short story of love, loss, action, adventure, some sort of strange situation involving diamonds and cake, and a really strange plot to blow up the awards ceremony. However, the main awards announcement is in Comic Number 4. If you're just looking towards finding the results, simply open up Spoiler Number 4. Thanks for your time, and have a lovely awards ceremony. ~Neptune

U3 – Favorite Comic
1) Tales from the Moon – 12 – 35.29%
2) Uniju Holiday Theatre – 6 – 17.65%
3) Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail – 5 – 14.71%
4) The Tonight Show (with Jorge Castillo) – 3 – 8.82%
4) Kio-Wirima – 3 – 8.82%
6) Brawl of the Wiki – 2 – 5.88%
6) The Adventure For Us – 2 – 5.88%
:cool: Cashew Comics – 1 – 2.94%
9) Master Wikians – 0 – 0.00%
9) Trolls’ Island – 0 – 0.00%
9) Wreck – 0 – 0.00%

Anton is up next with U9: Favorite Forum Game!


Now where'd I put that picture of me wearing a hat...


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Tuxedo Ridley said:
Now where'd I put that picture of me wearing a hat...
You found a hat of the proper size?