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It's almost time for 'Shroom Awards V, the ceremony that showcases the best of our site's newspaper! This ceremony will begin in about two hours, at (13:00 (1:00) PST/16:00 (4:00) EST).

13:00 - Shroom Opening Script - Superchao
13:05 - S1. Favorite Director - Edofenrir
13:10 - S7. Favorite Guest Writer - MrConcreteDonkey
13:15 - S4. Favorite Sub-Team Director - Superchao
13:20 - S6. Favorite New Writer - Yoshi876
13:25 - S2. Favorite Team - Hypnotoad
13:30 - S9. Favorite Event - Paper Jorge
13:35 - S3. Favorite Sub-Director/Leading Staff - Super Luigi! Number one!
13:40 - S5. Favorite Veteran Writer - Pyro
13:45 - S8. Favorite Issue of the Past Year - Superchao
13:50 - S10. 'Shroom Lifetime Achievement - Paper Jorge
13:55 - Shroom Closing Script - Superchao

Host: Superchao


Let's do this.

Reko Yabusame

I love theming after games I have never played!
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Hello, Awards readers! Welcome to the fifth annual ‘Shroom Awards, and by extension, the eighth Awards Ceremony here at the wiki! I’m your host - mostly due to being ‘Shroom Director - Perch!

I’m sure you all didn’t come here to have me ramble on about the state of the ‘Shroom or about how I came to be typing here as ‘Shroom Director and host. No, what you came here for was to see the results as shown by the readers like you. So I won’t hold it up any longer!

Welcome to the Awards Ceremony!!

Edofenrir is up first with S1: Favorite Director!


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I wonder if Edo will take Best Dressed again this year


*Insert applause here*


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Morty said:
I wonder if Edo will take Best Dressed again this year
Have you seen GameFreak's bow tie? Edo has some serious competition.


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S1 - Favorite Director

The Mariowiki Awards ceremony 2014 presents...

A riveting, psychologically scarring tale, telling of the darkness that lurks in mankind's hearts, the futility of trying to excel in a career that offers no perspective, as well as the lengths to which some will go to avoid honest work.

I give to you:

The Tome of Dhegios

Deep within the Kingdom of Gumrah, where the sun never rises, for there is no sun to rise...

...lies Dhegios Village, scarred and forgotten by time.

"Goomuri... For how long has our clan existed in this lightless realm?"

"For 600 years, father."

"600 years...

So we have guarded it for 600 years...

The Tome of Dhegios...

Filled with the knowledge of countless generations, and the wisdom of many elders...

Our people have guarded it... through blight and famine...

Through sickness... and death.

Now you and me are the only ones that remain. Everyone else has passed on."

"Why are you telling me this, father?"

"Because, Goomuri, you must leave.

You must leave and run like the wind, across the lifeless plains and on twisted paths, you must brave the wicked beasts, and you must carry the tome to the edge of the kingdom, to where it was meant to be carried."

"There, where no traveller unblessed by ancient wisdom can proceed, you will find a portal. A portal that leads outside, away from this madness.

A portal that opens only for the last survivor of Dhegios Village."

"But father, there is two of us, so how can--"

"Go now, Goomuri! You must make haste.

Do not look back... and do not let anything... cloud your mind... You are... brave... you... wise... I... I lo..."

"Father!?! Father!!!"

"I love you... Goomuri... Never... for...get... t...h...a...t..."


"...or be moved!"

"Th-the portal to the outer world!"


"I am Goomuri, the last remaining Goomba carrying the blood of Dhegios!"

"I will not betray the faith of my kinsmen!

I will not let centuries of sacrifice go to waste!

I will fulfill my mission!!!"


"Wh-what the...???"

"Oh, HELLO!!!"


"Lemme guess, last survivor of your village?"


"What village?"


"Nnngh.. Dhegios is due in September! Farkhon is supposed to be up this month!"

"Well, it's not too bad. We'll just put out the Dhegios stuff this month and do Farkhon in September."


"Naw, don'tcha worry. This is a standard procedure."

"B-but what was I fighting for???"

"Oh... right. I forgot. Ahem!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have overcome great hardship and proven yourself to be a credit to your people.

Blah blah blah, slain many beasts, braved countless dangers, yadda yadda yadda, valiant soul and so on and so forth.

Your eternal reward shall be a life bathed in sunshine for you and your descendants, and everlasting happiness and whatever."

"Now get out and let me get this to my boss. We're running late as it is."

"Good news, boss!!!! I just... acquired all material for the August issue."

"You know that our creepy basement is going to run out of tormented villages at some point, and then we will have to write our own content, right?"

[size=12pt]"Oh please, like that is eeeever going to happen!!!"

[size=12pt]It did happen, though...

...And when the ancient wisdom of the Goomba clans dwelling in the basement ran dry... was one man who had the foresight to take precautions...

...and make sure the newspaper's quality wouldn't suffer.


Who was this man?

Who was this towering beacon of justice?

This unfathomable shining paragon of humankind?

Why, it was...

Super Mario Bros.
Favorite Shroom Overlord 2014

...and his loyal sub-director E--No GTFO you're not even on the list!

1. Super Mario Bros - 14
2. Tucayo - 6
3. Stooben Rooben - 3
3. Superchao - 3

4. Glowsquid - 1
5. Plumber - 0
5. Sadaharu - 0
5. Wayoshi - 0

MrConcreteDonkey is up next with S7: Favorite Guest Writer!