Poll Chairperson election, 2014

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The election started a little over a week ago, here is the topic for discussing it! I do not plan on running, so whoever wins will be the new Chairperson.

Currently, Mario4Ever is a candidate. Be sure to check out his campaign!


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I'm not going to run for it. I fear the same thing will happen as the time I worked for the 'Shroom: deadlines are my biggest enemy and I have other priorities other than handling polls. So I'll vote for him.


Lumastar said:
I am probably going to vote for Mario4Ever, but I have a question. How do I become a part of the Poll Commitee? Can I PM the chairperson, and if so should I do it before or after he/she officially wins?
You can apply to be on the staff after the elections. Usually the new chairperson will select 5-7 applications to form the committee.