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:dk2: Awards Mafia IV :dk2:
Co-hosted by Perch and MCD

What is Awards Mafia?

Mafia is a party game that's widely played by a number of community members. Players can vote during the day phases and use roles during the night phases, assuming theirs allows them to do that. This topic provides a detailed FAQ, and lists of terminology and commonly used roles, so if you're new to the whole Mafia scene it'd definitely be worth checking out! If you've read all of that and are still confused, you can ask your own questions in this topic. Current and previous Mafia games can be found under the Mafia and Mafia Archive boards, respectively.

Awards Mafia is held every year to celebrate the MarioWiki's birthday. It differs from the other Mafia games played here because it actually starts, for certain actions, you can win a certain amount of tokens at the end of the game.

Don't be afraid to sign up if you're new, because you'll never get the hang of Mafia unless you try. Also because you'll still probably get tokens, but it's not like tokens get you rewards or anything fancy like that. :yoshi:

How this game will work
  • The Innocents and Mafia are the game's main factions, though a few smaller Third Parties, Neutral players and Independent players aren't uncommon. The Innocents will win if they eliminate all of the Mafia, and the Mafia will win if they outnumber the Innocents (should any Third Parties/Independents exist, both teams also must take them out to win).
  • There is no specific theme to this game. Anyone could be anything.
  • Locations can be visited during the day by sending a PM to both hosts. Unless your role is one-use only (for example, a vigilante), you can use your role at night by sending a PM to both hosts. One-use roles can be used anytime.
  • Phases will end at the same time every day, and cannot be extended unless a really significant problem arises.
  • If you die in any way, do not participate in the game (i.e. giving out information or suspicious you held when you were alive). You can post in the thread, but don't attempt to help any of the current living players.
  • Non-Innocents will receive a QuickTopic automatically for them to discuss and strategise in. They must not share this with anybody outside their team. Innocents can create a QuickTopic of their own and share it with as many people as they like.
  • No lynches are allowed, but will lose in a tie.
  • Roleclaiming is allowed.
  • Quoting/posting your rolecard will result in an instant modkill. The same goes for cheating. You will also be modkilled if you are inactive for more than six phases, and then be replaced should a replacement be available. Dead players may not be replacements.
  • If you fail to follow your post restrictions, you will be blocked from using your role until the following day phase.
  • Remember that this is just a game. People will lie and be manipulative, but that is part of the game. If you become angry and try to cause trouble in the thread, we will not hesitate to remove you.
  • Most importantly, have fun!


1. Icemario
2. DragonFreak (Toothless)
3. FireEevee (Sylveon)
4. Toad85 (Toad Eightyfive)
5. LuigiNo1 (Past LN1)
6. bluetoad63
7. New Super Mario
8. Smasher (Tailmon)
9. GutsehMan (Vince McMahon)
10. NEXandGBX (Pittoo (Dark Pit))
11. Neptune99 (Иeptune)
12. Cirdec
13. GBAToad
14. Freakworld (FЯЕ4КШ0ЯГD)
15. Lakituthequick (Лакитубыстро)
16. Raven Effect (Paladin)
17. Crackin355 (Mio Akiyama)
18. Uniju
19. TFP (Ritsu Tainaka)
20. Rocker64 (Kimberly Hart)
21. Driftmaster130 (Drift)
22. Ralph
23. Lily (Haruka Nanase)
24. Bowser45 (Dany Lannister)
25. Yoshi K
26. Timmy
27. NSY
28. Gamefreak75 (Magolor)
29. Smg2daisy
30. Turboo
31. Thatmariochick (Princess Rosalina)
32. Lumastar
33. Nabber (No-Face)

1. Red Barchetta (Dean Winchester)
2. Stooben
3. fantanoice
4. VocalBeat


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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

Spot eleven requested if you take those, otherwise I guess I won't be a ward of it this time around. :dk:

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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

I hope what I've done will suffice.


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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

ice didn't get 11 yet therefore i must steal it

Vera Misham

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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

do you have a prediction of when you'll start?? i kinda wanna play but idk i might not be around at the time so yeah

Ernest Fine

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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

Mid-to-late-July, I'd guess, though I haven't really confirmed that with Perch.


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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

july is perfect


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

let's-a go

Yoshi K

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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

Awards Mafia! Awesome!

Hilda Valentine Goneril

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Re: Awards Mafia IV - Lounge

Past LN1 said:
worst best werewolfather coming thru. Ur not winning this year Frank. Unless ur on my team, in whic case we're buds I guess. This was just supposed to say "What's the matter, scared?", but I had those other sentences.
bring it on son i got a laundry machine with soap so u can clean urself after