Will Fawful come back?

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There's a great difference between being a good character and being overrated
Example : everyone talks about mario 'cause he is the main character.
No one talks about some random npc' cause its basically inexistent.
So now you would say "fawful appears just in 3 games so it's ovverrated" but
If you think about the entire mario history fawful is the greatest mario villain
Because bowser kidnapping peach is like daily work for mario
But stopping fawful it's a BIG deal.
And even if fawful has been killed i want to remember that in mario and luigi superstar saga fawful blows up in bowletta's casle AND even if he survived being killed by the mario bros i want to remember that prince prisley blowed up the castle WITH fawfie inside and after that he LIVES idk how in peach's castle buying beans
How did he even get there?
My headcanon is that he just expelled all the dark energy from his body turning back into normal fawful and after that he is vomited away by bowser just like everyone he swallowed. Same with cackletta :her spirit returns in her dead body but she realizes that she's too old. But this is just headcanon. But aside that even if he were ACTUALLY killed i think he would at least respawn for a 1-up mushroom.
Talking about overrated spamton deltarune is overrated he only appears as a miniboss and a secret boss in normal route in only ONE chapter (also a shopkeeper)
Spamton has a lot more fans than fawful. Fawful has been a miniboss in his first encounter another boss in his last encounter in superstar saga a shopkeeper in partners in time, a main villain, a boss and a final boss in bowser's inside story. And im not even talking about his backstory with cackletta the fact that he conquered a two castels
The research for the dark star the way he tricked bowser, the blorbs. He is also a great mechanic: he creted the vacuum helmet and other stuff. He is also a great Strategist. The entire plot of bowser's inside story, he planned almost all of that.
try NOW to say fawful is overrated, my opinion is that he is UNDERrated


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8 years later after this question gets asked and AlphaDream finally meets Fawful at least, and they're simply content just lounging around in one of Luigi's haunted Mansions.


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It's a desperate symbolic necromancer dance for both Fawful and AlphaDream. Forgive them.
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