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Drift said:
Sorry if I'm butting in but do navigation templates for games with the category for that particular game automatically apply the category to any page the template is put on?

I don't think it does that anymore.

LudwigVon said:
So, it has been a long time, I thought to start making a draft to create the page (or if someone want to do it), but are we going to create a page for the second Luigi from Super Mario Galaxy? Walkazo supported the creation of a page.

Walkazo simply supporting it isn't enough. While she did make good devil's advocate points, I still think the page is unnecessary and the opposition of creating that page has stronger points than her.
Baby Luigi said:
Walkazo simply supporting it isn't enough. While she did make good devil's advocate points, I still think the page is unnecessary and the opposition of creating that page has stronger points than her.

Its because I was surprised that Walkazo supported the creation of a page like this, so I thought a page for that Luigi was going to be done, but this was not the case and I wanted to close this discussion if yes or no, we should have a page. I never really comment on the subject for a page for the dual appearance of Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy, but I also found a page for this appearance is not necessary. In addition, the mission is called "Luigi and the Haunted House", so its natural that Luigi still had to appear in the mansion, despite being playable by the player simultaneously.
Ok sorry for being distracted but...

this page is in a sorry-ass shape (Hoohoo Civilization)


I always thought it was played out as a joke rather than an actual "disease"
Baby Luigi said:


I always thought it was played out as a joke rather than an actual "disease"

A similar case to this could be Princess Peach being unconcious in Super Paper Mario where Mario should get a Spicy Soup and she didn't get a article for being unconcious. Shroomshock can be summarized on Refreshroom article.
I was thinking that it's time to change the Rosalina voice actor section in her page and make it shorter like other characters.

At this point it looks very messy since Laura Faye Smith's name is too long and all the recent games use her voice as a matter of fact , so it's irrelevant to keep being specific. Her voice is the current one and it's staying.

I would change it to Mercedes Rose (2007-2010) , Kerri Kane (2011) , Laura Faye Smith (2013-present)

or something like that since it looks very messy.

The specifications of miscrediting and games where Kerri Kane is Rosalina after 2011 are already pointed out in the VA pages in the wiki , so i think it's irrelevant to point them out in Rosalina's page to avoid it being messy.

Image if Rosalina appears in 5 more games after this with Laura's voice ; it will look really messy.
True, true, that list looks unwieldy. I believe we can leave the other two, though. Mario's page, for instance, has a voice actor, Tōru Furuya, who has voiced him fairly often in old Mario Japanese media. We can shorten Laura Faye Smith's list to Super Mario 3D World-present in the meantime, but I think it's handy to keep a short list of games. If we have to be choosy in the future, shorten it to just notable games.
I'll bring up my question about Super Mario 3D World here since it got buried.

I'm not very intimate with the game, but I've come across the official Prima guide for SM3DW, and it lists a plethora of objects that don't seem to be on the wiki. In the hopes that someone recognizes the objects, I'll list their names and descriptions here:

*Crystal Block: "These look and behave just like blocks, but are purple in color. They are most easily found in some underground levels."
*Touch Screen Platform: "When you see a block that has a picture of the Wii U GamePad next to it, you've happened upon a touch screen platform! Tap this block on the touch screen of the Wii U GamePad to extend it, and allow your hero to continue on their journey."
*Gift Box: "You can see Gift Boxes most often in Toad Houses. Touch them to receive their contents-usually a Power-Up."
*Slot Block: "In Lucky Houses, you'll be bumping these from below to try and win Coins. See the Lucky House entry on page 7 for tips on how to use these blocks to their fullest!"
*Jump Panel: "Jump Panels do exactly what they say: Place your feet onto the plate, then press B (or A) and prepare for liftoff!"
*Propeller Platform: "Propeller Platforms can be raised only by blowing into the microphone of the Wii U GamePad. Leave the microphone alone and the Propeller Platform will return to its original position."
*Multi-Vator: "This platform moves only when two or more characters stand on top of it. You can achieve this with multiple players or with the Double Cherry Power-Up. Check the number imprinted on any Multi-Vator to see how many are required to activate it."
*Clear Pipe Cannon: "Simply put, this is a cannon built into a Clear Pipe. Entering one of these will launch you to the next area, or sometimes to a secret one."
*Mushroom Trampoline: "As its name would suggest, simply step on the Mushroom Trampoline (that looks like a mushroom) to jump extra high. Boing!"
*Switch Block: "Switch Blocks act as switches for Switchboard rails and other stage mechanisms. Whenever you see one, make sure that pushing it is the best course of action, as activating these mechanisms can either save your life or endanger it!"
*Chain Link: "Shifting gates that move vertically or horizontally. Many of these can be climbed on, so have your Super Bells ready!"

Basically, do these objects have articles, and if not, should they have articles?
if they don't have articles, they definitely should receive articles
Before an NHL game was played they had Super Mario Kart projected on the ice depicting the Tampa Bay Lightning Mascot in a race.

I know the Mario Wiki has pages for Mario in culture only I don't know where it'd fit. It's not an advertisement. It could probably count as either Live Action TV or Non-Fiction. Though Sports could also warrant it's own section. If you include some professional players who were nicknamed Super Mario (Mario Lemieux in the NHL back in the early 90s, Marcus Mariota who was called that in College that could come up again in his NFL career, and two Soccer players)

But that's your guy's call
Hmmm.... Live action does have a reference to WWE. There was an image of Mario in a Mariners game but I have no idea where it is. I could get behind a References in Sports page, it would certainly be better than throwing more stuff in the Live action page.
the "in real life" page was created for things like this. what would a "References in Sports" page have beside that and Mario Lemieux being nicknamed "super mario", anyway
Glowsquid said:
the "in real life" page was created for things like this. what would a "References in Sports" page have beside that and Mario Lemieux being nicknamed "super mario", anyway

That could probably work then. I would of suggested that but it seemed to me "References in real life" referred to only locations and/or art/decorations (Like the wax statue in Hollywood) that aren't explicitly advertisements. So I wasn't sure.
Mario Party World is an official name for the world of (at least) Mario Party 6 and Mario Party Advance, but it's referenced so sparingly that the article has no substantial information. It basically had the same problems as Mushroom World (Talk:Mushroom_World#Overhaul_page) and Mushroom Universe (Talk:Mushroom_Universe#Delete_the_page): a throwaway line was interpreted to be more important than it actually is. Beyond that, a lot of the games don't actually take place there. Mario Party 2 uses Mario Land (Mario Land (Mario Party 2)), Mario Party 3 throws everyone into a toy box, Mario Party 4 uses the Party Cube, Mario Party 5 uses the Dream Depot, Mario Party 7 ships the characters to outside areas, Mario Party 8 uses the Star Carnival, Mario Party: Island Tour uses Party Island, and the rest are left vague. Claiming that any of these locations also happened to be contained within Party World would be a hefty dose of speculation, especially considering that Mario Party Advance depicts the place as being high above the sky and nowhere near anything else. Even if we only take MPA and MP6, contradictions come up.

Long story short, there's nothing of merit to be found in an article about Mario Party World.
Gotta agree with that. Let's delete that page.
per BLOF. It reads like one of the unneeded generic pages.
New pet peeve: people uploading sprites without giving proper credit. It's not original artwork, but it can take plenty of effort to rip something and organize it neatly for online consumption. People on Spriters Resource usually ask for credit as well, so when the site is broadly given credit and not the ripper themselves, it feels disingenuous on our part. Even if you're uploading sprites that you ripped yourself, it's still a good idea to give yourself the proper credit, at the very least so that others know where the image came from. I guess I mean this post to be part minirant, part PSA, part request for those who have uploaded sprites to go back and make sure you've given credit.

I might be in a bit of a mood because I ripped some stuff without attributing the rips to myself that so I feel rather indignant towards myself
I'm skeptical of making a proposal of this since I've made multiple unwarranted proposals in the past dealing with only minor issues; but should a reason be added to {{lastwarn}}? (see talk page). I did a draft of it here if that helps.