Missing Presenters


PM Pro
This year, there were three users I thought were absent for this year's awards, so I replaced them early this morning. They all ended up being here, but only one actually got their presentation in (Purple Yoshi). Another (Tubbz) had actually not finished, so the backup was necessary. However, another (MarioBros777) lost his opportunity to do his due to "sleeping in". I'd like to quote something I stated in MarioWiki:Anniversary

Failing to tell me in advance that you will only be here part of the time may mean a loss of the presentation, including your script, and it will create a major problem for me when I have to create a script in five minutes. Try to limit the chances that something will come up unexpected; clear your schedule, etc. If a presenter finds out that being present is not a possibility, they should PM their presentations to me so I can post it for them.
Fortunately I intercepted PY since I can stay up later here in PDT in shady wonderful California last night, and managed to get her presentation, but still, she forgot to PM me. Tubbz signed up and then got busy, not much could be done about that. While I was somewhat lacking in commitment in my end to check up on presenters beforehand, it is still MB's fault that he didn't PM me, especially with the awards being in the early morning where he is.

Now, to wrap this up...RFM, DHS, and Glitchman were randomly absent today, for whatever reason. I am very grateful for our backups who did very well in replacing them. However, as much as I hate to, the rules for presenting will have to be stricter in Mario Awards III. This includes everyone PMing me their presentations, even if they have a 99.99% chance of being able to do it themselves, and a deadline date for the PMing. You miss the deadline, you are replaced by a backup, that's it. I will not be having the chaos that occured today happen again.

If you are one of these missing presenters, you can put the presentations you had prepared here if you want to. ;)