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PEACH 4 EVA!!!!!!!
fire MARIO bros said:
Peachfreak said:
Yay 4 starman! I voted 4 him!
Yeah? well starman won! so haha!


fire MARIO bros said:
Peachfreak said:
Yay 4 starman! I voted 4 him!
Fire Mario obsessed WIki noob


Paper Jorge said:
I can't wait for S-Y's one.

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WTF? :eek:

(Hey fire MARIO Bros. how are you can we spam in here too?)
Who are you, Steve? You caoul'dm't find the D key, so you didn't use it. Lol.


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Paper Jorge said:
I can't wait for S-Y's one.

Warning - while you were typing 26 new replies have been posted. You may wish to review your post.

WTF? :eek:

(Hey fire MARIO Bros. how are you can we spam in here too?)

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Before posting this, I just want to extend an apology to Red Fire Mario. I feel terrible presenting what should have been his award. Hope there are no harsh feelings.

- Several Hours Ago -

"Oh man... I feel a little woozy... Anyway, in a fact completely unrelated to what you just read, the best original soundtrack award goes to Super Mario Galaxy... Why did I even vote for that again? Anyway, the runner-up is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which personally I think has an amazing soundtrack... Ah man, I want to eat crab. It's hard to baurgle naurgel zousse with all these marbles in my mouth... Please feed me gold chicken nuggets..." Snack mumbled to an uninterested crowd as he was dragged away by men in white coats. Being pulled past the mozzarella sticks stall outside the auditorium, he read the choices for sauce to himself.

"Marinara... Honey Mustard... Pesto... Flame Haze... Blueberry Tartley... Snufit Butter... Satoko's Hair... Apple... Clam Cider... Chipotle Guacamole... I did it, Karl Marx!", he mumbled before passing out. No one knows if those various sauces were actually available at the stall... And the world may never know.

- Now -

Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep...

Snack woke up in a hospital, feeling as if he had been cut in half and crudely put back together by a child. Beeps and boops of equipment clattered around him. It was late, pitch black outside. It had been only dusk when he last remembered. Suddenly, the window smashed, and the lights flickered on. Phoenix Rider and Xzelion stood in front of him.

"Snack, Redfire Mario is a no show. You need to handle award A4, favorite platformer", yelled Xzelion hurriedly.

"Hey, I remember this room... They put me in here back last year after I was injured at one of my awards", Phoenix said. At that time, a nurse burst into the room.

"What the hell is going on here?! What is the meaning of this?! Ohhhhh...", Said the nurse. Phoenix Rider seemed worried and jumped back.

"I REMEMBER YOU! THE KID WITH THE BLUE HAIR! WE STILL NEED A CURE FOR THAT!", the nurse yelled as she dashed at Phoenix, brandishing scissors. Xzelion dived to the bed and grabbed Snack, and the three of them piled out the broken window, staring 200 feet down to ground level. They crashed through the skylight of the getaway car, driven by YellowYoshi398, and accelerated off towards the auditorium.

"So, could you guys fill me in on this?", Snack said.

"Yeah... We had some weird thing, something to do with shoujo-ai amateur comic books about a Rythem x BlueYoshter pairing... Very un-for the win. Rythem and BlyeYoshter flipped and there a shoot-out, and you got shot three times in the chest. Very, very un-for the win. Then I was playing Touhou, and I got a call about RedFire Mario getting launched into space by a Cataquack, so I organized a plan to use you as our backup", explained YellowYoshi398, slightly flustered. The car suddenly made a power-sliding turn to the left, almost sending the unrestrained occupants (Snack, Xzelion, and Phoenix) through the windows.

"What the hell YY?!", yelled Xzelion.

"A shortcut. Going straight we cross the RabienRoll River on the new tunnel, this way we cross it on the old abandoned suspension bridge. Much quicker more for the win", Yellow Yoshi explained as they crashed through several "KEEP OUT" signs.

"The old bridge?! Are you out of your- HOLLLLYYYYY CCRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!", yelled Xzelion as they slammed onto the

bridge. Snack looked out the rear window.

"My god, it's falling over!", he yelled.

"We're gonna make it kid", yelled Phoenix Rider from the front passenger seat.

By an act of god, they crossed the bridge just in time, and flew through a billboard advertising the MarioWiki award, smashing into the auditorium and flying over the crowd before landing on the stage. The four occupants quickly vacated the car as it burst into flames on contact with the auditorium's propane tanks, left exposed by Stooben Rooben's subway car stunt earlier that night.

"And hello, I am back and I am bad kids! It's SnackServ, giving you the third to last award of the night, A4, favorite platformer!", Snack yelled at the fearful audience.

"Unfortunatly, I didn't have much preparation, so I'm just going to have to use my just repaired teleporter for this one!". At this, the crowd started thinning out, as the audience scrambled to escape the insanity of Snack's last presentation, but Snack quickly activated the machine calibrating each wheel, and had security seal the exits.

Once again, the auditorium was bathed in a rainbow of color, and then it turned to gray, and then back to normal.

"And here we are. Just go out and see for yourself!", Snack yelled as security vacated the doors. This time, the teleportation worked perfectly... Maybe. As the users left the auditorium, they found themselves in a vibrant jungle, Yoshis frolicking throughout the clearing.

"Dinosaur Island, setting of your number one pick for favorite platformer, Super Mario World!", Snack shouted out. However, the ground began to rumble, and a massive airship tore from the earth. Using a tractor beam right out of a low budget Sci-Fi movie, Wayoshi, Phoenix Rider, YellowYoshi398, and Xzelion were imprisoned within it's hull. A figure appeared on it's bow, and revealed itself to the king of koopas, Bowser.

"Ahahahahahahahaha! What a perfect opportunity! With these MarioWiki kids that I've wanted to kidnap for so long now, I can finally start my online bulk electronics sales empire, and turn your stupid wiki into Bowser Wiki!", the huge turtle growled as his airship turned away to leave. A fat man riding a green yoshi ran into the clearing.

"That-a Bowser! He-a always is up to-a no good!", spoke Super Mario in his typical annoying faux Italian accent.

"My god... MARIO?!", yelled the small portion of the crowd who wasn't still screaming about the kidnappings.

"Oh? My-a fans-a! Hello!", Mario said as he waved. However, fed up with his annoying accent, Snack slammed Mario with a guitar, knocking him out and off his Yoshi. Snack climbed aboard the Yoshi.

"I'll save those poor sysops!", Snack yelled, but Yoshi shook him off, and promptly ate him whole. Despite his name however, Snack tasted disgusting, and Yoshi, eager to get rid of him, spit Snack out. By amazing coincidence, Snack hit the engines of the airship and was sucked into the reactor core. Snack was quickly fried to death, and the ship went up in flames, allowing the four captured Wikians to escape overboard.

On the ground, most of the wikians had become board, and were entering the auditorium to buy more mozzeralla sticks. Suddenly, a charred Snack slammed into Elite Yoshi's back. Yes, Elite Yoshi. Although mysteriously revived, Elite Yoshi, murdered in cold blood by Dr. Dr. was dead again. Sucks to be him. Uniju noticed Snack was DEAD DAMN IT. DEAD DEAD DEAD.

"Oh my, looks like he is dead dead dead", Uniu stated, looking unconcerned. His secretary soon ran up, noticeably pesto-stained paperwork in hand.

"Mr. Uniju! I finished the paperwork you needed for your new racetrack! Huh? It's that Snack guy... Got what he deserved", she said.

AUTHORS NOTE: Uniju's secretary is the kind of girl who deep down is sweet and caring, but acts cold and heartless. So, we will translate what she says with the UniSoft© Tsundere Translator 2009©, to reveal her deep inner feelings. Note that this program works in script format.

Secretary Input: Huh? It's that Snack guy... Got what he deserved.
Secretary Translation: That poor kid... He died trying to save people!

"Hey, didn't you say once that you were a healing type maho shoujo?", Uniju questioned,

Secretary Input: Yeah... But this guy doesn't deserve it!
Secretary Translation: Can't act too nice, I have an image to keep up!

"That is cold... What is with this pesto on the paperwork?", Uniju replied

Secretary Input: I like pesto! And I guess I'll revive him. But only for the sake of the awards!
Secretary Translation: I <3 pestopestopesto! That Snack guy looks so sad!

Walking up to Snack, the secretary got a full jar of pesto sauce of her pocket. Downing the entire thing, she started to glow in a green, pesto inspired color, and surrounded Snack in an ocean of pesto. Snack got up, a little wobbly, but seemingly alive.

"Woah... I feel... Like pasta sauce originating in the town of Genoa in Northern Italy", Snack said.

"Pesto", Uniju replied. "My secretary revived you".

"I only did it for the sake of the awards!", she yelled all tsundere-like.

"Whatever... Just gotta tie things up...", Snack said wearily.

Entering the auditorium, he carefully set the wheels on the machine. Enveloped in a rainbow of color, they returned safely to the New Wikisburg meadows. Snack, and the audience, sighed in relief. Suddenly, ANOTHER car came flying in through the billboard, and RedFire Mario jumped out.

"Hey guys! Are you ready to hear about your favorite 2D Mario platformer?!", he yelled as he vacated the car just before it destroyed another propane tank. YellowYoshi398 quickly explained the situation. Dejected, he took it upon himself to finish the job. Thanking Snack, he took to stage.

"And, our runner up is Super Paper Mario! Super Paper Mario is a platformer?! Leet us just act like no one voted for that and say that our runner up is NEW SUPER MARIO BROTHERS!", he yelled. "And now Mario, I see you down there in the audience, come on up and get your prize!", he finished.

Mario came on stage, jumping on many heads as he bounced his way up. RedFire Mario presented him with...



"Mamamamamamaia!!!", Mario cried in shock at the absurd trophy, before being rushed by it's weight.

"Well, see you after the show, and make the next few awards the best of the bunch!", yelled Snack (RedFire Mario was too busy trying to save RedNormal Mario) as he walked off stage.


PEACH 4 EVA!!!!!!!
cool but kinda long.


PM Pro
So unlike last year, when the new old Super Paper Mario took a surprising win, a classic prevailed this time. :)

Next up is the conclusion of PR's trilogy: A11 - Favorite MAJOR Character! Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach, Bowser, DK, Wario. Last year Luigi took the gold, will he be able to defend?

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Before posting this, I just want to extend an apology to Tubbz. I feel terrible presenting what should have been his award. Hope there are no harsh feelings.

I would also like to apologize to Snack for stealing the above line.


The stage doors open and suddenly, Phoenix runs down the aisle, performing cartwheels and backflips before finishing by flipping onto his spot at the podium. A Toad, Peach, and Luigi are sitting at a table nearby. The Toad and Peach hold up cards with “10” on them. Luigi holds up a “0.1” Peach flips Luigi’s card so that it reads “10”.

Phoenix: Thank you, thank you, everyone! In a strange twist of fate, here I am again! I’ll be presenting this next award, Favorite Major Character! However…this twist of fate has left me assistant-less. Rosalina, it seems, can‘t make it back. Something about galaxies colliding or something. So we’ll just have to make do without an assis-

Peach: I’ll do it!

Phoenix: Peach? Where did you c…You know what? Never mind. Would you bring out the table with the nominees?

Peach: Absotively posilutely!

Phoenix: Ugh…

Luigi: Haha! Oh, I’ve been waiting for this! She has no idea what she’s in for.

Peach: Here you go! (slides the covered table across the stage, where it crashes into the table Luigi is sitting at, sending him flying offstage)

Phoenix: Now, here are your nominees! (Unveils cloth, revealing pictures of each of the nominees) We have Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, and Bowser!

Peach: Well, why give the award to a silly picture when the real me is right here?

Phoenix: Right…we’ll see about that. In third place, we have…Luigi! Come on stage!

Luigi: No way! Keep your award, I’m not being humiliated any more by you!

Phoenix: Come on Luigi, be a sport! This time the award’s really for you! And you won’t get carried away by security guards!

Luigi: NO!

Phoenix: Fine. Let’s just move on.

Peach: Ooh! This next award’s for me right? Come on, come on, where’s my trophy?

Phoenix: (holds up envelope) Ahem…

Peach: Right, sorry (ee! I can’t wait!)

Phoenix: Second place goes to…Yoshi!

Peach: What? Well, that can only mean…I’m first! (to audience) Oh thank you! Thank you so much! I’d like to thank my hairdresser and my makeup person, and Sonia, she does my nails you know, and-

Phoenix: PEACH!

Peach: What?

Phoenix: Ju…you…ugh, never mind. NOW, since my brilliant people-pulling machine malfunctioned, I have arranged for Yoshi to be here in person to receive his award! Give it up everybody!

Yoshi himself walks onstage. Phoenix places a silver medal around him.

Phoenix: Is there anything you’d like to say Yoshi?

Yoshi: …

Phoenix: Well?

Yoshi: Yoshi! (holds up medal and smiles)

Wild cheers and applause from the audience.

Phoenix: Wow! You heard it here folks, I couldn’t have put it better myself! Let’s have another big hand for him!

Yoshi exits with thunderous cheers and applause.

Phoenix: And now, here it is, the Best Mario Character is…ah--oh no. I can’t belie…OK, OK. It’s Mario, folks!

A Toad hurries onstage.

Phoenix: Who are you? …Oh no. Oh no no no no NO! NO! I remember you!


Toad: (whispering to Phoenix) We’ve had a budget cut, so you’ll have to use this paint.

Toad: (whispering to Phoenix) This is live TV, there are no commercials.

Toad: Luigi’s still in the hospital from that gas, so we sent his understudy.

Toad: This isn’t lemonade. It’s Confusion Syrup!

end flashback

Phoenix: You’re the cause of all the problems I had last year! Out of my sight! Out!

Bad News Toad: Well, I just felt I had to warn you-

Phoenix: I don’t care! Whatever it is, I don’t care! Out! Security!

BNT: OK, OK. I’m sorry. (leaves)

Phoenix: Phew! OK, now where’s Mario? Come get your award!

Mario rushes in in a Hammer Suit, shouting incoherently and throwing Hammers everywhere.

Phoenix: Hey! What’s going on?

BNT: (pops back in) That’s what I was trying to tell you! Mario went crazy over actually getting an award this year! His mind fried at the idea, and now he doesn’t know what he’s-AAAAAHH!

BNT runs at the sight of Mario running after him. A stray hammer hits Peach on the head, knocking her unconscious.

Phoenix: Uh oh. Hey, someone help! Anybody?

The Toad medics from before rush on to the stage, still holding the stretcher carrying Paper Mario. They take Peach, put her on the same stretcher, and leave. Phoenix facepalms.

Phoenix: Well, um, we seem to be having…technical difficulties. You have been a wonderful audience. (looks out into audience, who are a mess and confused) So it is time for me to go. So, bye for now everyone! And try the Cheep Cheep, it’s delicious! (whips out cell phone) Renée! Get me out of here now!

Wayoshi: Hold it right there!

Phoenix: Oh no, what is it?

Wayoshi: I’m not letting that crazy limo driver of yours crash through these walls again! Flashy entrance or not, I’ve fixed these holes too many times!

Phoenix: (nonchalant) Gavin, relax. Don’t worry so much. Of course I wouldn’t do that again!

On these words, the limo crashes through the ceiling and lands next to Phoenix and Wayoshi. A rain of wood, plaster, and dust soon follows.

Phoenix: (getting in) What did I tell you? I wouldn’t ruin your walls three times in one night.

Wayoshi: (completely flustered) I…you…he…just…what…but…

Phoenix: Oh and Renée, thanks for doing this for me. I know this cut into your date and all. Haha, OK, hit it!

Wayoshi: No no no no no-

The limo revs up and screeches forward, crashing through the far wall.

Wayoshi: …………………………….

Audience: ……………………………….

Luigi: I changed my mind! I want my medal now! Phoenix? Hellooooo?


PEACH 4 EVA!!!!!!!
cool beans dude! But did you have to make Peach get hit in the head?

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I loved yours too, Snack. The beginning had my heart racing, lol.

Got a little muddy around the secretary part, but all in all I loved it.


PM Pro am I going to fix this in time for Mario Awards III... XD

Well, it's time for the end, everybody - A30: Fav Game Overall, by Super-Yoshi. I'll be posting it for him, then I'll have some farewell messages. :)


PEACH 4 EVA!!!!!!!
k lets see the results!


PEACH 4 EVA!!!!!!!
once again, lets see teh results!


PM Pro
And is time...for the end...the big one...A30: Fav Game OVERALL:

I'd like to thank again:
-ChaosNinji for taking secondary leadership in the Awards Committee (see MarioWiki:Anniversary#Awards Committee for the complete list) and making Userpedia Awards possible.
-Our backups (mentioned at the top of page 2) for coming in in a pinch and doing a great job. 40/40 presentations, yay!
-Everyone who posted tonight to make the awards an exciting few hours of fun. I'm sure everyone LOLed at least a few times, and I hope you had as much of a stellar time as I did!
-Everyone who voted for Mario Awards II, and Userpedia Awards as well. The more votes, the more exciting the results were! Let's break triple digits in number of voters next year!

As I speak, I'm getting a cramp in my left I don't want Carpal Tunnel I will publish Mario Awards II: Detailed Results, put that and the other Detailed Results in its own thread, and then finally I can say I'm done - and I have done it well. :D

-Signing off, your Awards Director, Wayoshi
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