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You still know me from Userpedia Awards (RIIIIIGHT? XD), your host and a user since May 2006. With over 2500 votes from 93 voters, this should be an awesome 200+ minutes!

Currently there is just TWENTY MINUTES until Mario Awards II. You may post any predictions or comments so that it takes up one page (20 posts) here. I will start the ceremony at the top of page 2, so the thread will be locked if we get a page of posts early.

So, who do you think will win? Be sure to check out MarioWiki:Anniversary as well. See everyone soon!

Hoping to make this an extraordinary evening for you, Wayo


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go mariowiki and his forum too YAYZORS however i´m should posts some trophies!!!!!!


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What the hell. I pinged once and I get supah-pinged till the point that i'm being detected as a spambot. Now I can't get back on, thanks to Garlic and FG2. Crap.


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Yay! I so excited! It is almost time!


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Ah, there we go. Got the lock in in time, a few more minutes of waiting, and...


A quick thanks to everyone on the AC (see the Anniversary page for all the ones who helped) and the users who took it upon themselves to backup missing presenters: Uniju, Phoenix Rider, Garlic, Paper Jorge, Blocky, and Snack. Couldn't have done it without your extra help, thanks so much!! Let's all make this a smashing success!

First up is, of course, A1: Favorite Game Soundtrack, by Snack. He is working on his extra backup award now, so I will post this one for him.

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Wayoshi said:

You still know me from Userpedia Awards (RIIIIIGHT? XD)
Sorry, my memory just seems odd, these days. (j/k) :D

Yayz, my pres is at 8:30... long way to go.


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Here's another detailed-filled script by Snack to start us off:

- Several hours ago -

"And now, to finish the opening ceremonies... The world's first Tri-Band Time-Space-Dimension Wave Motion System, in other words, a time machine combined with a teleporter!"

"That is so dumb! It sounds so dumb!" yelled a kid in audience, who then got a bowl of chipotle guacamole sauce chucked into his face by Snack.

"Stupid kid... Annnnnnnnnnnddddd we are out of time", Snack said as the next presentor took to the stage.

- Now -

"Welcome back kids! Snack yelled. "Been a while. Anyway, coming right up is the start of the main attraction, the MarioWiki segment of the awards! But first, lets take a trip to... I can't decide... Let's just spin the wheels and see what we get!" Snack yelled, as a truck pulled through the still not repaired hole where Stooben Rooben's subway car had entered earlier in the ceremony, towing a large machine. It was made up of a massive system of gears the size of a minivan, each one made of diamond and filled with cables running through their cores. Attached the side was several large discs.

Snack approached the machine, and spun each disk one by one. When the last disc came to a halt, an attached printer ejected a paper.

"Ohhhhhhhh... Our destination is the year 2016, city of Tokyo-3, during the midst of the third impact! Aren't you guys excited?" Snack yelled, as the crowd stood speechless. What the hell is a third impact or a Tokyo-3? Suddenly, a voice coming from the VIP box shouted "You'll murder us all!" before the source of the voice, Uniju, was thrown off the balcony by security. The gears began to turn, and Uniju dashed up to the machine, attempting to stop it's rotation, but was inadvertently eating by the gearwork and flattened into a Uniju pancake.

"Awww, that poor kid" Snack yelled over the disturbing crunchy Uniju noise. Meanwhile, the frightened audience began to notice the world was getting purple. Suddenly, the gears locked up, and in a rainbow of laser light, he auditorium appeared to disappear from underneath the audience. Falling through a deep dark void. With a snap of sudden deceleration, the audience had somehow arrived in a vast open desert. The machine fell apart as Snack gazed over at, noticing that Uniju was gone. A note had been left.

"Uniju wasn't supposed to be here you see, since he got fired and all... Poor kid. So we had to send him away to Kansas", the note said.

"Uh, "the note said"? Is the grammar used here implying the note is SPEAKING to me?!", Snack blurted out. The note frowned. "Yes. Yes it is", he said.

"Well thats creepy."

"Not really. I've gotten used to being a note."

"Gotten used to?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Does that mean you were something before being a note?"

"Yes. You racist against notes or something?"

"No, but people don't turn into notes too often."

"Oh, you've got it all wrong. This is a pretty common occurance."

A wild CHOBITS appeared!

Snack stared, creeped out at the wild CHOBITS that had strangely appeared in the desert, as the note blew away.

"I hate when this happens", the note uttered as it was eaten by a wild CHOBITS. By now the audience had begun waking up. In particular Isyou/Moogle/Guiliant/Winry/Mama Luigi/Vivaland/Username/Oscar Wilde was quite interested in the mysterious CHOBITS. "That is a mysterious CHOBITS", I/M/G/W/ML/V/U/OW mysteriously said.

Snack ran to the laptop plugged in to the broken machine for control, and turned to the crowd and smiled.

"It turns out that Uniju getting stuck in the gears made my machine inadvertently destroy the entirety of the Time/Space/Dimension boundary spectrum", he said with a grin. When no one responded he added "That means alot of crazy stuff is gonna happen and all of us are going to die", still smiling. The crowd groaned and booed, and yelled "That stupid emo Uniju messed things up again!"

"I heard that!", yelled Uniju, seemingly not in Kansas.

"Uniju, aren't you supposed to be in Kansas?", Snack said.

"Well, I was in Kansas quite recently", stated Uniju.

"You mean Kansas isn't another dimension now?! MY THEORY IS CORRECT!"

"Kansas was never an alternate dimension..."

"Oh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... You were in THAT Kansas."


"We have a couple of 'em now."

"Hey, anyone seen a blue haired girl with a fish on her head?", Said Sonic the Hedgehog, who had suddenly appeared with seemingly no logic attached to his appearance.

"Where theres bagel...", stated Hotel Mario.

"...theres disco", finished Hotel Luigi.

"WE'RE OVER HERE SONIC!", yelled Shinji Ikari.

"Space?! Did you say space?!", questioned the just arrived Shadow the Hedgehog, who soon had a gun to his head.

"If you have any last words, say them now!", yelled Nadie over the commotion.

"SO-FU! THE TOFU THAT TASTES BETTER THAN TOFU!" yelled Waluigi while brandishing tofu.

"Enough", stated THE KING before being eaten by DINNER. Logic continued to decay further and further, until a gunshot rang out, ending the commotion. A bullet had struck a wild CHOBITS.

"Guylament am cry naow", said Guiliant, holding back tears.

The mystery gunshot had been fired by a stunning girl with waist length, jet black hair a glowing, demonic yellow eyes, wearing a dirty robe.

"I am Ameko SanteFe, a mercenary. By order of my client, Tartly the King of Dimensions, all of you are... Condemned to death", she spoke calmly, before being unceremoniously killed by a falling prop as Wayoshi ran into the center of the crowd.

"SNACK! Get on with the show damn it!", he yelled. Turning around and walking back to his trailer, he found it occupied by a squid made out of blueberry pie. He sampled a bite, and then threw it out the window when he found that the blueberries had spoiled. The pie-squid, who just happened by Tartly the King of Dimensions, was then killed when a wild CHOBITS inhaled his blueberry brains. Omnomnom blueberry brains. Meanwhile, down at the communism room, Son of Suns and Porple are celebrating INTERNET COMMUNISM DAY, which happens to be August 8th, and neglecting the server. However, they had got into an argument about if Mario was Stalin or not, and had went to the MarioWiki to check. However, THE SYSTEM, WAS DOWN. Porple quickly called up tech support.

"Yes, I understand your concern Mr. Montage. We have our top men working around the clock. Breakdown of timespace? No, we just got some blueberry in our server. We'll be back online as soon as our engineer finishes watching End of Evangelion. No, Shakugan no Shana is not better, Mr. Montage. I'd like Serial Experiment Lain? Last time I fired up my tapes of that it made me a waffle. No, Mr. Montage, Dennou Coil is too chibi. I prefer serious business. What?! I'm working my ass off down here! In fact, I need to hang up on you because of how hard I'm working!", replied the tech support guy. Just then, the engineer came in, and said he needed a day off to think after watching End of Evangelion. Instead, the damn tech support guy stuffed the engineer into the server, and like a miracle, it came back on line.

In the desert, there was suddenly no one in the desert because they were back at the auditorium. A thoroughly shaken Snack stood up.

"Oh man... I feel a little woozy... Anyway, in a fact completely unrelated to what you just read, the best original soundtrack award goes to Super Mario Galaxy... Why did I even vote for that again? Anyway, the runner-up is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which personally I think has an amazing soundtrack... Ah man, I want to eat crab. It's hard to baurgle naurgel zousse with all these marbles in my mouth... Please feed me gold chicken nuggets..." Snack mumbled to an uninterested crowd as he was dragged away by men in white coats. Being pulled past the mozzarella sticks stall outside the auditorium, he read the choices for sauce to himself.

"Marinara... Honey Mustard... Pesto... Flame Haze... Blueberry Tartley... Snufit Butter... Satoko's Hair... Apple... Clam Cider... Chipotle Guacamole... I did it, Karl Marx!", he mumbled before passing out. No one knows if those various sauces were actually available at the stall... And the world may never know.

It was inevitable - SMG is already on the board in its first Mario Awards! (OMG A RHYME XD)

Next up is A7 - Fav Wario Game by Shroobario.
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