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You know me (I hope :P), your host and a user since May 2006. This addition to the anniversary was a great success, with 50+ voters inputting their opinions on 10 aspects of the Userpedia community. Remember that there should be no sore losers tonight and we're here to have fun!

Currently there is just TWENTY MINUTES until the Userpedia Awards. You may post any predictions or comments so that it takes up one page (20 posts) here. I will start the ceremony at the top of page 2, so the thread will be locked if we get a page of posts early.

So, who do you think will win? Be sure to check out MarioWiki:Anniversary as well. See everyone soon!

Hoping to make this an extraordinary evening for you, Wayo

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Wayoshi said:

You know me (I hope :P)
Who the hell are you? (j/k) :D

Oh no, twenty posts limit! Well, I didn't vote, so but I still want Mcool to win Best artist.


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Chat was slow last year, but now it's fast...don't tell me we're vice versa! XD


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Whoops, I overestimated by one post.


Welcome everyone. I'd like to especially thank ChaosNinji (who unfortunately is not present) for creating these awards, I couldn't have done it without his leadership in the Awards Committee. Congrats pal! :)

First up is U1: Favorite Fad by Snack. :)




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The immense auditorium was empty. Technicians scrambled around attempting to get the auditorium ready for the most important presentation of the night. The director of the presentation, SnackServ, had foolishly overestimated his ability, and chosen to direct the very first presentation of the whole ceremony. A lot was riding on his ability to pull off the opening ceremony and the first award. Even more was riding on the shoulders of none other than Burt the Shift.Burt of course, was absent. He had been selected to finish the preparations because the stress was getting to Snack, but he had sunk off into the night several days before. Unknown to anyone at the studio, Burt was relaxing in the Waffle Republic several thousand miles away. SnackServ was currently resting to get ready for his presentation, and everyone else had no clear direction to go in. Certain disaster was looming on the horizon.

Furthermore, Snack was also, by request, planning the birthday party for his dear friend Uniju, and he was thin on time to get the preparations for that ready. Obviously no one outside of the studio knew of the troubles, and were expecting a blockbuster performance from the opening ceremony of the Mariowiki's biggest and most important yearly holiday. Only a miracle could save the presentation from ruining the entire night. Outside the auditorium, the audience for the show was already lining up, and the excitemet was in the air. Near the front of the line sat Toadbert and The Missing Link, who had been waiting since the previous night.

"Man am I tired of sitting outside for so long Toadbert." The Missing Link whined. "It better be worth the wait."

A third figure walked up, revealing itself to be Pokemon DP. "It will. When has Snack ever let us down?" he said.

"The Legends of the Fallenstar Christmas Special." Toadbert replied.

"HEY, THAT WAS AWESOME! DON'T DISS IT!", yelled a shipping fangirl wearing a DeviantArt hat and a gaudy Xzelion x Peachycakes T-shirt, before being mobbed by the members of the DeviantArt Xzelion x Wayoshi fanclub.

Missing Link sighed. It was going to be a long night.

Meanwhile, several miles away from the auditorium in the Meadows district of New Wikisburg, SnackServ remained asleep in his bed 1,100 feet above the ground in Diamond Tower, the tallest and most diamond shaped building in the city of New Wikisburg. The stress had been getting to him over the past few days, and he couldn't take it any more. An alarm sounded, and he rose from his bed. Looking at his calender, he screamed as he realized what day it was. Luckily, his script was finished, he just needed to handle the direction and preparations. Checking his email, his eyes widened as he saw that Burt had fled the scene. Throwing on his ninja suit, he dashed across his living room to the armory, grabbing his cookie shurikens to protect him, and exited back to the living room.

He stared out his large floor to ceiling windows. The elevator would be too slow. Throwing a shuriken straight through the windows, he dived down the immense height of the tower some 1,000 times his own height, landing perfectly on top of a rapid transit station. A train was rolling down the tracks towards the station, which was packed to the brim. The LED screen on the front read "LAST TRAIN TO AUDITORIUM". Snack dived down to the platform, annoying many people already waiting, and dashed into the train. He then jumped up onto the luggage rack. Most people were packing light for the ceremony, as it wasn't far from their homes, so the rack would be empty he reasoned just before getting knocked out by a heavy travel bag tossed by an inconsiderate passenger.

A short while later, he came too. The train was unloading, almost no one was left on board. The sign at the station read "AUDITORIUM". Despite a splitting headache, Snack jumped and dashed towards the auditorium. A few hours later, after a feverish whirlwind of preparations to get the opening ceremony ready, the flood gates opened, and the stream of people poured in to watch the biggest five minutes of the year.

With little confidence, SnackServ strolled out onto the stage. Clearing his throat and taking a deep breath, he began to speak.

"Welcome one and all, to the most important event of the year. Even despite the ridiculous ticket prices and overpriced limited time train fares, this is a far bigger turnout than last year was, which I am grateful for, as a good portion of those train and ceremony ticket revenues go straight to my pocket. Oh, and you in Row 3, Seat 64, good taste in food, those mozzarella sticks are great with the chipotle guacamole sauce aren't they?"

Rythem, sitting in Row 3 Seat 64 froze up as most of the auditorium turned to look at her. She hadn't tried to destroy the human race in years, but people still felt uneasy around her. That and chipotle guacamole sauce is the only thing most MarioWikians hate on mozzarella sticks more than snufit butter.

"Anyway, let me introduce the award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist best known for his #1 hit "(I Can't Get No) Head Asplosion"... Stooben... RRRROOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN!!!"

Suddenly, an Orange Line subway train, repainted in Stooben Rooben's signature purple, pink, and white colors, slammed through the auditorium wall, before exploding in a spectacular ball of fire. Strategically placed smoke grenades went off, cloaking the auditorium in purple, pink, and white smoke. When it cleared, Stooben Rooben, three other musicians, and an immense robot of Smiddle stood on the stage.

"And, I almost forgot... His backing band, The Dinosaurs."

The immense Smiddle began to dance in time with the music, as The Dinosaurs began to play. After several seconds, Sooben Rooben came in on vocals.

"I can't get no... He-ad-As-plo-sion... I can't get no... He-ad-As-plo-sion"

"Cuz I tried... And I tried... And I tried... And I tried"

"I can't get no! I can't get no!"

The song began to wind down. "I'm sorry guys, but I'm gonna have to cut this one short to tell YOU what YOU think is the MarioWiki's best fad... Xzelion, you in the audience? I know you are, so give me a nice 'ol "WHAT?!" for old times sake", Snack spoke.

"WHAT?!" came a voice from the VIP box.

The Smiddle robot came to live again, massive acutators whining and straining to move the several ton body. Suddenly, a sound emanating from the robot broke the silence.

"HEAD ASSSSSPPLLLOOOOOOOSSSSSIIIIOOOOONNNNN!!!" it roared, 2,000 pounds of high explosives going off in it's head, almost skewering several audience members through with chunks of metal.

"And you heard the man... Your favorite fad is HEAD ASPLOSION!" Snack screamed at the crowd. The crowd roared back in applause, as Stooben Rooben played another verse of "(I Can't Get No) Head Asplosion". Suddenly, ripping through the silence yet again was the voice of ChaosNinji standing where the head of the robot once was, yelling "NEEDS MOAR NIIIINNNNNJJJJIIIIIII!!!". The crowd roared again. Snack turned back towards the audience and yelled "And the runner up is "NEEDS MOAR!", thanks for that ChaosNinji!", as he strolled off stage.

"Oh, and I almost forgot something. If anyone watching the ceremony on TV sees a silver cloaked shift named Burt, clobber 'im for me!"

Burt the Shift, casually watching the awards ceremony at the hotel bar in the Waffle Republic, suddenly became very afraid. His eyes widened, and he turned to make a break for it, but saw himself standing right up against a large, muscle bound delinquent.

"I've been looking for an excuse to clobber someone."

Back at the auditorium, Snack returned soon after.

"And now, to finish the opening ceremonies... The world's first Tri-Band Time-Space-Dimension Wave Motion System, in other words, a time machine combined with a teleporter!"


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Next up is - *HEAD ASPLOSION*

....U7...Favo...rite :D

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Superchao: Welcome, people, to the Favorite Spriter awards! I'm your host, Superchao! Also, this presentation was taken on only a short time before the awards, so I wasn't expecting it. Therefore, it may seem a little haphazard-

Mcoolister: Can we just start?

Superchao: Sure. Our first nomination is... UNIJU!


???: Booooo!

Superchao: What? ...Well, nevermind. Nominee 2: SNACK!

*more applause*

???: BOOOOO!

Superchao: Hmm... *looks into audience, sees KP Shadow booing* SECURITY!

*Two Glitz Pit Security guys grab KP Shadow and drag him out of the theater*

Superchao: Well. Anyway, I'll just speed it up by annoucing the remaining nominees. In order, they are... Master Crash! Princess Alyston Koopastool! InfectedShroom! Plumber! Toadbert101! And Knife! So... now to the presentations!

*YellowYoshi walks onstage*

YellowYoshi: Message for you, boss!

*YellowYoshi gives a note to Superchao and walks offstage*

Superchao: Well, apparently, we have 1337Yoshi as a write-in nominee! Anyhow, to the awards! The envelope, please!

*Jaller2 floats in and gives Superchao an envelope, then floats off*

Superchao: I was short on people, okay? Anyhow, the winner of 3rd place is... UNIJU! Please come up and get your prize!

*Uniju goes up to the stage*

Superchao: As third place winner, you get a bronze fruit bowl!

Uniju: A fruit bowl?

Superchao: We had little time to get something. A fruit bowl was one of the three things we COULD find, so we bronzed it. Take it or leave it.

Uniju: ...Fine. I take this award on behalf of myself.

*Uniju takes the fruit bowl and walks off*

Superchao: The second place winner... please welcome PRINCESS ALYSON KOOPASTOOL!

*Alyson walks up*

Superchao: As the second place winner, I give you a Silver... egg beater!

Alyson: Uh...

Superchao: Same reasons why Uniju got a fruit bowl.

Alyson: *Takes it* I'd like to thank DP, and YY, and Jorge, and MC, and Uni, and...


Alyson: Thanks to all of you! *Walks off*

Superchao: Well, that was... nice. Anyhow, the first place winner is...

*Dramatic pause*

*Second dramatic pause*

*Third dramatice pause*


Superchao: ACK! Okay, okay. The winner is MASTER CRASH! He will receive this golden refrigerator!

*Jorge and MCool drag in the golden refrigerator*

Master Crash: Wow. Thanks!

*Master Crash, with the help of the two security guards, leaves with the fridge*

Superchao: For the few geeks among us who care, such as me, these are the detailed results!

N3. Master Crash – 17 (32%)
N4. Princess Alyston Koopastool – 9 (17%)
N1. Uniju – 7 (13%)
N5. InfectedShroom – 5 (9%)
N2. Snack – 4 (8%)
N6. Plumber – 4 (8%)
N8. Knife – 4 (8%)
N7. Toadbert - 2 (4%)
O. 1337Yoshi - 1 (2%)

Superchao: I'm outta time! *Runs off*
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