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Good Awards, never played Thousand Year Door. I'm going to sleep


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TTYD won

It's all over for Galaxy 2


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no ttyd

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Edofenrir Auditorium

"And we're back! I'm Shinon, always your super high school level Ultra Director!", said Turboo, calling herself Shinon again for some reason.

"And I'm Perch. Always your co-host.", said Perch, somehow not enthused about still being the lowly underling.

"PERCH! You listen to me second-to-last-in-sip! You were supposed to be enthusiastic! You already made me tally!"

"Let's just play the tape."



"Whenhowtally. Whenhowtally. Whenhowtally."

Grainy footage of an island somewhere

"Hello! This is Turboo, always your Ultra Director, here on Yoshi's Island! We're here doing Award A7, favorite Yoshi game, right at the source."

"Turb! Turb! We have a big problem! Angry dinosaurs!"


Indeed, it was true. All the Yoshis were running wild.

"What could the problem possibly be? Everyone loves Yoshi! Why would they be angry with us!?"

Perch tried to shrug. Sadly though it's hard to shrug when you're a fish.

"Perch! Fetch me my Super Scope!"

This really happened in 1993.

Incidentally, one person wrote in Yoshi's Safari as best Yoshi game. It came in last place.

And so Turb set out on her journey to discover the favorite Yoshi games hidden all over Yoshi's island, with only the help of her trusty Super Scope and her underling Perch to stave off the rampaging Yoshis angrey for some reason. But first, she needed a snack.

Incidentally, 27 people voted for Yoshi's Cookie. It came in fifth place.

After eating all of Yoshi's cookie, Turb decided to skip Yoshi, which inexplicably people had indeed voted for (36 of them in total. It came in at fourth place.) and just go look for the important Yoshi games that most people had actually liked. Not having a map, she set out in the direction of the trippy felt decorations since it at least looked a little different from the rest of the island.

Obviously the reason there would be felt decorations would be because Yoshi's Story was voted the third favorite Yoshi game with 248 votes (incidentally twice as many as Yoshi, Yoshi's Cookie, Tetris Attack, Yoshi Topsy-Turvy, Yoshi Touch & Go, and even Yoshi's Safari got combine. Did anyone even play any of those game?). Turb retrieved the cartridge and continued on to the next level.

"We are going to continue to the next level!", Turb said as she blasted away a crowd of rabid Yoshis. Luckily, her journey would be made easier; she had found Poochy! With Turb on his back, Poochy galloped gloriously off into the sunset towards the next level.

Soon, Turb had arrived at the next Yoshi game; Yoshi's Island DS! I thought everyone hated that game? How did it get 441 votes? Coincidentally, 1,441 votes were cast, so exactly 1,000 people voted against Yoshi's Island DS. Isn't that interesting? Unfortunately, Turb was prevented from entering the area because Poochy wasn't in that game. So, she just destroyed Yoshi's Island DS with her Super Scope. If she couldn't have it, nobody could!

"Hey! I liked Yoshi's Island DS!", said Perch.

"Too bad! Waluigi time!", said Waluigi.

Turb disembarked from Poochy and examined the Mushroom House in which Waluigi had taken up residence and on which a dingy sign had been posted saying "Waluigi's Taco Stand". She was obviously perplexed. But she was still hungry, seeing as the cookie hadn't filled her up and, being from Arizona, she did like tacos.

"No I don't", added Turb. "I like pasta and half-price appetizers."

"Too bad! Waluigi time!"

"So what are you doing here?", Turb asked of Waluigi.

Waluigi rolled his eyes. He got that a lot.

"What does it look like I'm doing. I'm selling tacos. Do you want one or not?"

Turb was very hungry, and there didn't seem to be a pasta stand around.

"What kind of tacos are these?"

"Spicy ones."

"Ok, I'll take two."

Perch was so happy. For once in his career Turb had actually done something nice for him. He watched helplessly as Turb ate the spicy taco and fed the other one to Poochy, and then the group continued onward, Waluigi now in tow as well.

"What?", asked Waluigi. "I'm out of spicy peppers for my tacos."

And so the group trecked onwards until they reached a beautiful river valley, nestled in the jungley mountains of Yoshi's Island, marred only by the massive hordes of rampaging Yoshis destroying things. Shooting their way through the crowed, they reached the pepper patch, and it dawned on Turb why the Yoshis had been so angrey.

"They're eating the peppers! Who planted peppers here!?"

And so they went inside the hut next to the pepper patch and found Uniju playing the last game, Yoshi's Island, which won first prize with 625 votes.

"Uniju!" Turb screamed. "Why would you plant peppers on Yoshi's Island! We almost died! Do you know how angrey the Yoshis are!?"

Uniju shrugged.

"I hate Yoshis."

"Uh. Ok. Then why are you on Yoshi's Island."

"To grow peppers."

Turb furrowed her brow. Unfortunately at that moment she was swallowed up by a huge Yoshi. Waluigi and Uniju took their hats off in respect for Turb.

"A huge Yoshi ate our always super high school level Ultra Director", said Waluigi.

"Well I suppose that proves they're really not all bad", said Perch, secretly happy his boss was gone.

"She never made pudding", reminisced Uniju.

"Yoshi's Island is frightening in the dark.", Waluigi added. "All the Yoshis are running wild."

"What a crummy weekend this has been", said Turb, who had been spit out by the Yoshi. "Well, this sure ain't no E-ticket. Think I'll tell them where to stick it, because I'm never coming back this way again!"

Edofenrir Auditorium

"So how did you survive, always super high school level Ultra Director Shinon?", asked Waluigi, who had donned a pink apron saying "kiss the the cook" and was pushing a taco cart.

"Yoshis hate peppers. I guess the spicy taco saved me."

Most of all, the audience was left wondering why Turb and Perch had gotten Snack to cobble together a presentation at the last minute like this. They must've known he would cobble it together in an hour or two with little to no inspiration. What were they thinking.

"ONE DOESN'T QUESTION ONE'S ALWAYS SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL ULTRA DIRECTOR!", shouted Turb, making the audience too frightened to continue that train of thought.

A7 - Favorite Yoshi Game [1441 votes]
1. Yoshi’s Island - 625 (43.37%)
2. Yoshi’s Island DS - 441 (30.60%)
3. Yoshi’s Story - 248 (17.21%)
4. Yoshi - 36 (2.50%)
5. Yoshi’s Cookie - 28 (1.94%)
6. Tetris Attack - 23 (1.60%)
7. Yoshi Topsy-Turvy - 20 (1.39%)
8. Yoshi Touch & Go - 19 (1.32%)
O. Yoshi's Safari - 1

NSY is up next with A2, Favorite Mario Kart Game!


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well, that's it; another year has passed us by. the presentations, in my opinion, overall outdid the last year's! i enjoyed the a25 ending prank a lot, too

i would like to give a special thanks to pyro, who helped us out immensely by taking on six awards, stooben, who took on a1 the night of the seventh, uniju, who took f7 at short notice and delivered a high-quality presentation, snack, who took a7 at short notice and delivered an excellent presentation as well, and edo, who offered to do a backup for s8 if smb couldn't make it with just 12 hours before the shroom ceremony

and of course, i would like to thank everyone who presented and participated in the committee

i hope that next year's celebrations will manage to outdo even these, and i would like to work towards making that happen!

once again, thank you and good night!

Stooben Rooben

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Awesome comic, guys. :D

The results were actually a nice surprise.


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we need to stop snack again


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Holy shit, TTYD beat Galaxy 2 this time? That's a pleasant surprise.

e: go away snack


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you're welcome and thank you everyone.


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The comic was excellent, and the rickroll.....

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this was a really good ceremony
thanks for everyone for making it a real swell time
everyone did awesome on their presentations so props to them
hope we can have somethin like this next year too

shout out to tub and perch for making everything go nice and smooth and for hosting