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New Super Mario said:
And Flurrie is awesome! I hate how people vote her just based on her appearance.
PMTTYD is now rated M for Mature due to nudity.

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Journal Entry #1

It is Day 1 of my journey for the treasure of the ancient civilization of Mushtopians. Several manuscripts have stated this treasure as being the most valuable and sought after artifact in archaeological history. Many have perished trying to get to it, some of which were my friends. But today, I will step up to the plate and finally discover the ancient treasure. With my trusty magnifying glass, nothing can stop me, the great Dr. Arewo Stein.

Journal Entry #2

It is now Day 4 of my journey. My food supply was diminishing so I decided to stop at the nearest town, which happened to be the Fahr Outpost. I ended up buying plenty of Super Shrooms and Maple Syrups. Unfortunately, I spilled one of the jars of syrup all over my map and now it’s ruined. Damn it all! Luckily, I remember where the location was, but I don’t know how to get there. One of the townsfolk must have overheard my plea for help as he said that there’s a much easier way to get to the Mushtopian Ruins than on foot. Can’t remember the fellow’s name, I think it was Colonel Whyte or something like that. Oh well, my search continues tomorrow.

Journal Entry #3

Day 5 of the search, and I seem to have run into quite the predicament. Not only am I not near the ruins, I’m not even on Earth anymore. That blasted fool, General White. Thankfully, the air in space seems to be breatheable for some odd reason, but I will not question this logic; I’m just thankful my head didn’t explode or something. I met a kind being up here. According to my textbook on spacial beings, this chap is called a Luma. I decided to befriend and he is now serving as my sidekick. I call him Andromeda, named after the closest spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way, although he’s taken a keen liking to just calling him “Andy”. Youngsters these days.

Journal Entry #4

It is now Day 6 of the search and I have no idea where I’m going and I have just been following Andy. He seems to sense my concern....and my hunger.... Those weird things he gave me were actually quite good; they tasted like honey. I also stumbled across several interesting items. Bulbous plants on thin stems. Spiked plants. How in the blazes could such plant-life survive so high up here? The oddest thing I discovered were purple-colored coins. There must have been at least one hundred here. I wonder what they’re made of...oh, sweet heaven what if they’re made out of uranium or plutonium or some other radioactive material...

Journal Entry #5

It’s still Day 6 of my journey, but I just had to write about the terrible experience I just had. On my trek across this foreign land, I came upon an area of land blocked off by some odd robot with a massive gear sticking out of his cranium. This “Gearbot”, as I will call it, wouldn’t let me through until I collected one-hundred purple coins. Is he mad? What kind of nimrod would spend their time collecting these frivilous items? They’re probably worthless, but alas I had to backtrack to find these blasted things. After that, the gentleman gave me some star-shaped trinket, claimed that I needed a lot of these if I wanted to stop something called Bowzer.

Journal Entry #6

Day 8 of the search. What is this weird place? It’s so much more green and has more flora than the previous areas I’ve been too. It’s actually quite peaceful...or so I thought. Upon entering this place, I was berated by a talking signpost who called himseld Bill or was it Phil? You know what, it doesn’t matter, because I hate this guy. Apparently, the only way I could continue in this area was by walking on a giant, glass ball. I wasn’t raised in a circus, you useless piece of wood, although my father was. This had to be one of the worst experiences in my entire ninety years of life. As soon as I managed to move the ball into the hole after several minutes of utter failure, I was propelled high into the sky and completely missed the piece of land. I was plummeting towards the Earth at breakneck speed. My entire life flashed before my very eyes. Suddenly, I felt a hard tug on my shirt, and before I knew it, I was floating several feet before the ground. I thought I was done for, but Andy had saved my life. Thank goodness.

Journal Entry #7

Day 11. I somehow ended up only a few miles away from the ruins. All I need to do is go past this odd colored block landscape and I’ll be there. There were no enemies and the atmosphere was peaceful...but my hope was quickly shattered. The floor beneath me started moving, as if it were a conveyor belt. The blocks in front of me got closer and I felt an ominous presence behind me. I glanced behind me and saw the most terrifying creature. I don’t even know what it was: it was bloody massive and it was completely shrouded in shadows. It had small white eyes and it appeared to be swallowing the sky and the ground I was standing on. It was a void. It was at that moment that I realized I was in the worst situation possible...I was in an autoscrolling area. Andy and I quickly rushed to the end, avoiding everything possible. I saw as the blocks and the defenseless enemies were swallowed up by the void. That monstrosity had an insatiable hunger. After several minutes of intense running, we made it to the end. The void disintegrated as if it never actually existed. Both Andy and I survived, but I dropped my magnifying glass during the chase. It was swallowed by the void. I shan’t sleep tonight.

Journal Entry #8

Day 14. I did it! I have finally reached the ruins and I have found the treasure. The Mani Mani Statue. Now my greatest wishes will be granted. Those fools at the archaeology convention won’t laugh at me anymore. HAHAHAHA!

No one has seen or heard from Dr. Arewo Stein again. The Mani Mani Statue has also mysteriously disappeared....​

F5. Worst Level Concept [1,388votes]
Autoscrolling Levels – 457 (32.93%)
Rolling Ball Galaxies – 172 (14.41%)
Purple Coin Levels – 188 (13.54%)
Water Levels – 173 (12.45%)
SMS “Secret of _____” Levels – 117 (8.43%)
Ghost Houses – 104 (7.49%)
Ice Levels – 66 (4.75%)
Fortresses/Castles/Towers – 21 (1.5%)
O. SMS Red Coin Missions – 5
O. Bubble Blowing Galaxies – 4
O. Lava Levels – 4
O. Cosmic Mario Levels – 3
O. Sky Levels – 3
O. Desert Levels – 2
O. Ray Surfing – 2
O. Rocket Barrel levels (DKCR/3D) – 2
O. Timed Missions/Levels – 2
O. 100 coin levels – 1
O. Airship Levels – 1
O. Beat Block/Disappearing Platform levels – 1
O. Carnival Levels – 1
O. Cave Levels – 1
O. Cosmic Clone Levels – 1
O. Daredevil Comets – 1
O. Final Battle levels – 1
O. Forest Levels – 1
O. Giant Levels – 1
O. Mario Party 9 boards – 1
O. Snake Block levels – 1
O. The Chimp missions – 1
O. Trash/Crate Burning missions (SMG1&2) – 1

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King Bowser
Cirdec said:
Because he is from PM:SS, don't search futher.
Good point, though I didn't hate that game either.

Whatever, opinions.

I knew autoscrollers would get gold. I hate them, soooo much.


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F13- Most Underwhelming Boss

The Mario series isn’t exactly known for its marvelous bosses, but sometimes bosses are below even low standards.

In third place we have Bowser from Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Sunshine doesn’t exactly have hard bosses(Phantamanta can be difficult, but not too much.). You go through the hell on Mushroom Kingdom that is Corona Mountain. Basically, you go through platforms that can kill you if you touch their hazard, and have to control the awfully controlled mudboat. Then you go through a somewhat difficult Rocket Nozzle platforming section. And finally, you reach Bowser while he and Bowser Jr. were taking a bath. Bowser actually doesn’t do much of anything, just breath fire. Bowser Jr. isn’t too much of a threat either. The most difficult part of the battle is returning to a safe ground after ground pounding the necessary spots, which is to say something about this battle. Bad presentation and easy fight, so I can easily see people seeing this as underwhelming.

In second place we have Cloud N. Candy. I’ll be quick about this. You fight Cloud N. Candy as the first boss in a game where you control Yoshi. You defeat Cloud N. Candy by licking it. Cloud N. Candy can only damage you with his jump. Cloud N. Candy heals you if you lick him. Simply enough, just mash B(or whatever the button so Yoshi extends his tongue is) while Yoshi is facing Cloud N. Candy. Cloud N. Candy is incredibly easy even for a first boss, which pretty much means it sucks. While Cloud N. candy is the first boss of a game, he is easy beyond first-boss easy, and sucks. So yeah, it deserves being considered underwhelming.

And in first place, we have Bowser from Super Mario Galaxy 2(the difference was only six votes btw). The first part of the fight is much like the other times you have fought Bowser, albeit with Bowser being somewhat intelligent. But it’s still manageable, because after all, you already know what to do. You think you have beaten Bowser, and then you are presented to the real final battle. Which, while having an exciting premise, delivers badly. Simply enough, you have to either try to lose or not do anything to actually lose. As long as you are actually trying against Bowser, chances are you’re not going to lose. For reference, you have to attach yourself to a meteor’s gravitational field, and ground pound it to Bowser. Bowser can actually punch through meteor’s thrown at him, but he likely won’t hit you anyways. I can easily agree this fight was too easy even for a game that doesn’t have awfully difficult bosses(Fiery Gobblegut did give me trouble though), and that it deserves the first place in this award just as much as Cloud N. Candy does. So Bowser, one of your you’s was close to victory and the other you was the victor. (It also seems that a few of the voted candidates in this list were first bosses, but not as incredibly easy as Cloud N. Candy first bosses.)

F13. Most Underwhelming Boss [1,136 votes]
Bowser (SMG2) – 199 (17.5%)
Cloud N. Candy – 193 (16.99%)
Bowser (SMS) – 142 (12.5%)
King Kaliente (2nd fight) – 126 (11.06%)
Super Dimentio – 105 (9.24%)
Tubba Blubba – 98 (8.63%)
Monstar – 93 (8.19%)
Bowser (PMSS) – 81 (7.13%)
O. Dino Piranha – 6
O. Boom Boom – 5
O. Bowser (NSMB series) – 4
O. Bowser (SMG) – 4
O. Bowser (SM64/DS) – 3
O. Dark Bowser – 3
O. Fawful – 3
O. King Boo – 3
O. Mega Goomba (NSMB) – 3
O. Big Bob-omb – 2
O. Bowser (SMB) – 2
O. Bowser Jr. – 2
O. Giant Bowser – 2
O. Iggy Koopa – 2
O. Larry Koopa – 2
O. Peewee Piranha – 2
O. Shadow Queen – 2
O. Baby Bowser – 1
O. Birdo – 1
O. Blooper (Paper Mario series) – 1
O. Bonechill – 1
O. Bonetail – 1
O. Bowser (Paper Mario) – 1
O. Bowser (SM3DL) – 1
O. Cackletta – 1
O. Captain Syrup – 1
O. Crystal King – 1
O. Culex – 1
O. Dry Bowser – 1
O. Durmite – 1
O. Exor – 1
O. Fuzzipede – 1
O. Gilbert the Gooey – 1
O. Goomboss – 1
O. Jr Troopa – 1
O. King K. Rool – 1
O. Lemmy Koopa – 1
O. Lord Crump – 1
O. Master Hand – 1
O. Mecha Bowser – 1
O. Megahammer – 1
O. Megaleg – 1
O. Megasparkle Goomba – 1
O. Naval Piranha – 1
O. O’ Chunks – 1
O. Petey Piranha – 1
O. Pom Pom – 1
O. Punchinello – 1
O. Rawk Hawk – 1
O. Reznor – 1
O. Scutlet – 1
O. Sunnycide – 1
O. Swiggler – 1
O. Tabuu – 1
O. Topmaniac – 1
O. Wario (SML2) – 1

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L - N - 1
This presentation trumps all the other presentations I said were best presentations. :diddy:
Also, I do find it funny how most of the Write-ins voted were just first bosses that were not Cloud N. Candy.


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Expected a Bowser fight to be high considering how many of them there are