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LN1 said:
Lol at Sticker Star only getting two votes somehow.

srsly d00d your opinion isn't always correct for all :diddy:


L - N - 1
The Undertaker said:
LN1 said:
Lol at Sticker Star only getting two votes somehow.

srsly d00d your opinion isn't always correct for all :diddy:
I just expected a widely hated game to get more votes than just two. I wonder who those two were. My thoughts go that Kingfawful was definitely voting for Sticker Star, and perhaps Solar Blaze. I'm not sure myself. I don't think I voted in this award at all.


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F8. Worst Mario Kart Course [1,206 votes]
Rainbow Road (SNES) – 143 (11.86%)
Banshee Boardwalk – 116 (9.62%)
Yoshi Falls – 103 (8.54%)
Sherbert Land (N64) – 93 (7.71%)
Shy Guy Beach – 92 (7.63%)
Maka Wuhu – 88 (7.3%)
Rosalina’s Ice World – 86 (7.13%)
Grumble Volcano – 75 (6.22%)
Sky Garden – 74 (6.14%)
Choco Mountain – 62 (5.14%)
Koopa Beach 2 – 61 (5.07%)
O. Rainbow Road (Wii) – 19
O. Baby Park – 10
O. Rainbow Road (N64) – 8
O. SNES Ghost Valley 2 – 8
O. Luigi Circuit (Wii) – 7
O. Yoshi Valley – 7
O. Moonview Highway – 6
O. Wario's Gold Mine – 6
O. Koopa Cape – 4
O. Cheep Cheep Lagoon – 3
O. Figure 8 Circuit – 3
O. DK Mountain – 3
O. Luigi Raceway – 3
O. Neo Bowser City –3
O. Rainbow Road (3DS) – 3
O. Toad's Turnpike – 3
O. Bowser Castle (N64) – 2
O. Bowser Castle (Wii) – 2
O. Choco Island 2 – 2
O. Desert Hills – 2
O. DK Jungle – 2
O. DK's Jungle Parkway – 2
O. DK Pass – 2
O. Donut Plains 3 – 2
O. Dry Dry Desert – 2
O. Lakeside Park – 2
O. Mario Circuit 1 – 2
O. Peach Beach – 2
O. Rainbow Road (GCN) – 2
O. Toad Circuit – 2
O. Waluigi Stadium – 2
O. Bowser's Castle (3DS) – 1
O. Bowser Castle (DS) – 1
O. Bowser Castle (SNES) – 1
O. Broken Pier – 1
O. Cheep Cheep Beach – 1
O. Cheese Land – 1
O. Choco Island 1 – 1
O. Coconut Mall – 1
O. Daisy Circuit – 1
O. Daisy Cruiser – 1
O. DK Summit – 1
O. Frappe Snowland – 1
O. GBA Bowser Castle 1 – 1
O. GBA Bowser Castle 3 – 1
O. Kalamari Desert – 1
O. Luigi Circuit (GBA) – 1
O. Luigi's Mansion – 1
O. Mario Circuit (DS) – 1
O. Maple Treeway – 1
O. Moo Moo Farm – 1
O. Rainbow Road (DS) – 1
O. Rainbow Road (GBA) – 1
O. Sherbet Land (GCN) – 1
O. Shroom Ridge – 1
O. SNES Ghost Vallery 3 – 1
O. Vanilla Lake 1 – 1
O. Vanilla Lake 2 – 1
O. Waluigi Pinball – 1
O. Wario Stadium (N64) – 1
O. Yoshi Circuit – 1

LN1 is up next with F2. Worst Mario Party Board


Celestial Guide
Really Rainbow Road won. I liked SNES Rainbow Road.



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LN1 you are up with mario party board, not galaxy

galaxy is after mario party board


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F2-Worst Mario Party Board

Hello, and welcome to my presentation, scroll down already if you just want to see the results without the presentation. If you haven’t scrolled down yet it probably means you actually care for whatever reason about the presentation.

Mario Party is a game series we all love. I mean, sure, there will be a douchebag who pays that Boo to steal all your coins, you’ll hate him even if your bond was inseparable. Or perhaps the one who pays the unrealistic amount of coins for a Genie Lamp or a Flutter Orb, and you think he is no danger. But then BAM!, Battle Minigame. In a twist of fate, the Genie Lamp/Flutter Orb dude gets enough coins from you and you didn’t expect for his turn to come by so quickly.

But with all the love, surely there are some levels, and with levels I mean boards, that people have come to hate.

In fourth place, one I personally agree with, Goomba’s Greedy Gala. Amuse yourself as you wanted to go northwest(up-left) and you ended up going southwest(down-left) and you end up in a vicious cycle. You can actually escape, but let’s face it, it’ll take you about 3 turns unless you get a Mini Mushroom, in which case you can escape in about 2 turns(not one, buying a mini mushroom and using it takes 2 turns, but you already knew that). You have finally gathered, say, 40 coins. You can finally not be a cheap ass and pay goomba so he rigs the luck game in your favor and you can still buy the star. But in a twist of fate, some asshole up there triggered a battle minigame. Even worse if it was Bowser’s Bigger Blast.

Moving on to third place, we get King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway. The concept is pretty simple(subjectiveness, it may not be so simple to you). Unlike other boards, there is no map. The hideaway is a randomized board. To get a star, you have to find the room where King Boo is and buy one for 10 coins(not too shabby, pretty easy amount to get). If you end up on another room however, some rude Red Boos will warp you back to the beginning. Hazards only are some rude Piranha Plants that eat you if you step on their space, and, well, Bowser. Who knows, maybe you can land on the Bowser space on purpose knowing that your friend was going to get a star from King Boo. Normally buying a star is as simply merciless and evil as it usually is, but here it takes it to a whole new level. If you buy a star, everybody is warped back to the beginning, and the mansion layout is randomized again. This allows for a lot of griefing, and a very well bigger annoyance than Goomba’s Greedy Gala bad luck.

In second place, Peach’s Birthday Cake. To actually get a star, you need to pass a mandatory game of luck. Unlike Goomba’s Greedy Gala, your chances of screwing up are ¼, and not ¾. If you actually screw up, this basically means the usual, Bowser steals from you(perhaps you can go there without having coins?). And what comes after is the griefing point. You can pay 30 coins to plant a Piranha Plant which will steal your friends’ stars, making their hate for you rise. At some point, the actual star stops mattering and you only need to be lucky enough for your friends to step on your trap instead of Donkey Kong guy’s trap(unless you are playing Donkey Kong, in which case, you don’t want Peach’s trap to be stepped on). Or perhaps you dudes just came to hate cake so much you hate it more than King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway and Goomba’s Greedy Gala lol.

And in first place, Kamek’s Library. I’ll admit, I don’t get why more people voted for this board over Peach’s Birthday Cake, King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway, Goomba’s Greedy Gala, Koopa’s Seaside Soiree, and Neon Heights. Then again, I never played Mario Party DS and the wiki article doesn’t give me ideas. Erm, much like in Neon Heights, but with less wood and more clay, you buy stars from jars which have ⅓ of a chance of being a star. Otherwise they are coins or a thing that sends you back to the start. The jars don’t take much to open, only 10 coins. So the actual bad things about this board are the hazards, which basically boil down to Kamek’s Spell 8 and 88, and accidentally teleporting to a book when you didn’t want to.

I personally don’t think Kamek’s Library deserved first, but alas, in the end, Kamek’s Library won. Perhaps it may be a badge of shame, but it is a victory nonetheless.

F2. Worst Mario Party Board [1,315 votes]
Kamek’s Library – 254 (19.32%)
Peach’s Birthday Cake – 212 (16.12%)
King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway – 163 (12.4%)
Goomba’s Greedy Gala – 113 (8.55%)
Toad Road – 106 (8.06%)
Mystery Land – 94 (7.15%)
Windmillville – 87 (6.62%)
Spiny Desert – 66 (5.02%)
Faire Square – 59 (4.49%)
Toy Dream – 50 (3.8%)
O. Boo's Horror Castle – 6
O. Magma Mine – 6
O. Koopa's Tycoon Town – 5
O. Pyramid Park – 5
O. Wiggler's Garden – 5
O. Toadette's Music Room – 4
O. Bob-omb Factory – 3
O. Blooper Beach – 3
O. Bowser Land – 3
O. Future Dream – 3
O. Horror Land – 3
O. Neon Heights – 3
O. Wario's Battle Canyon – 3
O. Bowser's Pinball Machine – 2
O. Deep Bloober Sea – 2
O. DK's Treetop Temple – 2
O. Toad's Midway Madness – 2
O. Western Land – 2
O. Woody Woods – 2
O. Space Land – 2
O. Bowser's Enchanted Inferno – 1
O. Bowser Station – 1
O. Bowser's Warped Orbit – 1
O. Castaway Bay – 1
O. Chilly Waters – 1
O. DK's Jungle Ruins – 1
O. DK's Stone Statue – 1
O. Eternal Star – 1
O. Koopa's Seaside Soiree – 1
O. Mario's Rainbow Castle – 1
O. Pirate Dream – 1
O. Pirate Land – 1
O. Rainbow Dream – 1
O. Shy Guy Bazaar – 1
O. Shy Guy's Perplex Express – 1
O. Yoshi's Tropical Island – 1

Up next, LN1 will be presenting again, this time with F11, Worst Galaxy!


Celestial Guide
So I was completly wrong. I don't understand the SNES Rainbow Road hate. It's difficult but still, it's a pretty course with good music.


Mushroom Attendant
Welp, didn't see that coming

nsymon said:
Really Rainbow Road won. I lied SNES Rainbow Road.

oh noes someone has a different opinion, must be rigged


Celestial Guide
I hated Kamek's Library as kid.


King Bowser
Kingbowser99 said:
Welp, didn't see that coming

nsymon said:
Really Rainbow Road won. I lied SNES Rainbow Road.

oh noes someone has a different opinion, must be rigged
Young kids are voting too, they probably hated how the track is simpler than the other Rainbow Roads and the Twomps that can use Stars infinitely (just like SMK).

And that's two out of four trifectas for me :)


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F11. Worst Galaxy
As you all know, the Super Mario Galaxy series has a vast array of galaxies. Even though technically some of them are pretty small for a galaxy, we ignore that, and just have Mario spin into stuff until we get the star. The game is subjectively enjoyable, and the galaxies are also subjectively neat. However, you can’t ignore that within so many good galaxies, there must be some terrible stuff.

In third place we have the Grandmaster Galaxy. Ok, I’m not really sure about this one. Maybe it is that the background and level design is not eye-appealing? Maybe it is that they consider the difficulty artificial or too much. I’m not really sure myself, but at least it didn’t get first place without being a completely bad galaxy.

In second place we have Stone Cyclone Galaxy. Last year Quizmo pretty much expressed this as well as it can be expressed.They just took the planet of a mission in Beach Bowl Galaxy and made a whole galaxy about it. There were more enjoyable things in Beach Bowl galaxy, like wall-jumping waterfalls, but nope, they took the Cyclone Stone. And all they did was speed it up even more than the Fast Foe comet and change the normal reach the star mission to a Get the 5 Silver Stars mission. But albeit, whether this was the worst or not, this did not win first place.

Instead, in first place we have, Sling Pod Galaxy. The concept is pretty much the same as the one used in various areas as Tarantox’s Tangled Web. Mario sticks on to this things called Sling Pods. With your pointer, you pull Mario, and Mario is blasted like a slingshot projectile(ergo, in the opposite direction of which you were pulling). It was an alright mechanic, but it wasn’t overly difficult in the mission it first appears. But this galaxy, well, it’s pretty evil. The galaxy is consisted of only the following: Sling Pods, Pull Stars, some solid ground, and stuff that can kill you. You have to go with very precise timing or otherwise you’ll blast to a wall or some other obstacle. I think it had a checkpoint, but I can’t remember too well. Basically, it’s comparable to ridiculously hard platformers like I Wanna Be The Guy or Super Meat Boy, with each death making you hate the level more. It’s not very enjoyable, it’s length is only increased by every death you take, and it increases the difficulty of a mechanic that didn’t need it. So perhaps there are worse galaxies out there, but all in all, this three are loved to be hated.

F11. Worst Galaxy [1,118 votes]
Sling Pod Galaxy – 223 (19.95%)
Stone Cyclone Galaxy – 181 (16.18%)
Grandmaster Galaxy – 127 (11.33%)
Rolling Gizmo Galaxy – 126 (11.27%)
Bubble Breeze Galaxy – 123 (11%)
Gold Leaf Galaxy – 73 (6.53%)
Rolling Green Galaxy – 72 (6.44%)
Toy Time Galaxy – 64 (6.44%)
Hightail Falls Galaxy – 50 (4.47%)
O. Loopdeloop Galaxy – 4
O. Snow Cap Galaxy – 4
O. Loopdeswoop Galaxy – 3
O. Mario Squared Galaxy – 3
O. Sea Slide Galaxy – 3
O. Space Junk Galaxy – 3
O. Throwback Galaxy – 3
O. Bigmouth Galaxy – 2
O. Boss Blitz Galaxy – 2
O. Dreadnought Galaxy – 2
O. Ghostly Galaxy – 2
O. Grand Finale Galaxy – 2
O. Gusty Garden Galaxy – 2
O. Melty Molten Galaxy – 2
O. Rolling Coaster Galaxy – 2
O. Shiverburn Galaxy – 2
O. Slimy Spring Galaxy – 2
O. Tall Trunk Galaxy – 2
O. Bonefin Galaxy – 1
O. Bubble Blast Galaxy – 1
O. Cosmic Cove Galaxy – 1
O. Chompworks Galaxy – 1
O. Deep Dark Galaxy – 1
O. Drip Drop Galaxy – 1
O. Dusty Dune Galaxy – 1
O. Flash Black Galaxy – 1
O. Fleet Glide Galaxy – 1
O. Flip-Out Galaxy – 1
O. Flipswitch Galaxy – 1
O. Good Egg Galaxy – 1
O. Honeyclimb Galaxy – 1
O. Honeyhive Galaxy – 1
O. Matter Splatter Galaxy – 1
O. Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy – 1
O. Spin-Dig Galaxy – 1
O. Yoshi Star Galaxy – 1

Pyro is up next with F4, Worst PM Sidekick!