Rest in Peace, Walkazo
<Mario> It’s-a-me, Mario!
<Luigi> It’s -a-me, Luigi!
<Mario>Hey, that’s my line! *bonks Luigi on head*
<Luigi> But...but....
<Mario> No buts!
<Luigi> You never claimed the rights to it.
<Mario>...oh, whatever. It’s-a-me, Mario!
<Luigi> And it’s-a-me, LUIGI!!!!
<Mario>*sigh* Have you forgotten why we’re here? The audience must be dreaming of pasta. *goes quiet so that sound of chirping crickets can be heard*
<Luigi> Yes, it’s the 2013 Mario Awards Presentation! The seventh annual awards show! (don’t forget, it’s my year!)[/advertisements]
<Mario>I thought that I’m the older one....umm anyways, let’s get this show on the road!
<Luigi>OK! Today we’re going to be presenting....(whispers to Mario: “Umm, what is it we’re presenting?”)
<Mario>What would you do without me? Anyways, without further ado, welcome to the 2013 Mario Awards presentation for...Best User Design!
*sound of audience clapping*
<Mario>OK! Here’s your TOP TEN!!! (drumroll)
In twelfth place, with three votes (2.10 %), is Uniju!

His design, based on Orbinauts from Sonic the Hedgehog, (except with controller buttons instead of spike balls, got three votes (2.10%)
<Luigi>And in eleventh, we have Groden! Seen in the center,
, Groden’s design is that of an insane pigman (enough said...), getting him four votes (2.80%)
<Mario>Excuse me, but would you PLEASE stop butting in?
<Luigi>We’re in this together, bro. And remember, it’s my year?
<Mario>*sighs*...Fine, alternating order. Anyhoo, (tenth is skipped because of a voting tie), in ninth place are Mason and Master Crash, each with seven votes (4.90%). Mason’s design, called Mason the Magikoopa, is a (you can guess, can’t you) dressed in robe and cape.
He is also surrounded by toucans (his favorite animals) often. Crash bears the appearance of Luigi dressed as Mr. L, despite him being named after a Bob-omb from TTYD. Having been around for many years, he has appeared in a lot of fictions. Luigi, your turn.
<Luigi> In sunglasses place...
<Luigi>When I was sent the results, there was a smiley with sunglasses in place of the number 8.
<Mario>* seems that SOMEONE forgot to click on “Don’t use smileys”.....are you gonna present or not?
<Luigi>Right. *ahem* In eighth place, we have...

Walkazo, with 11 votes (7.69%). Her design is that of a Dragon Koopa (an unofficial name for the Bowser species), based on Bowsleta, who is the wife of Bowser in her written fanfictions, which can be viewed here.

All right, and that’s all the time we’ve got today! *audience clapping* But wait, the rest of your results.

<Announcer’s voice>
In seventh place, Peachycakes, with 13 votes (9.09%). Also known as “Rex”, he took the name Peachycakes 3.14 as a joke impersonation of an infamous spammer on the wiki. He bears the appearance of a purple Yoshi with wings, a spike, and a suit and bowtie.

Sixth place was omitted because there was a tie for fifth....
In fifth, Neptune and Crocodile Dippy both got 14 votes (9.79%). Neptune’s design is that of a gray Bowser with red eyes. He is said to be over 40,000 years old and have an angry personality.

Crocodile Dippy’s design is that of a cyan-blue Pikachu, carrying a gun, akubra, and bag, with a backstory saying he was abandoned as a child, then taught the ways of weaponry by Crocodile gods.

In fourth, we have
Smasher, everyone’s favorite forum moderator and blue Yoshi with sunglasses. He even has his own smiley, :boshi:, and many contests to draw, him, such as this one have popped up on the Boards.

In third place,
With 17 votes (11.89%), his design depicts a Luigi with shades and business suit, as an indicator of how serious he is about anything.

Placing second,
MrConcreteDonkey! His appearance, (despite his username) a Cyndaquil with a posh monocle and a top hat. He keeps his eyes closed most of the time as they can hypnotize people, got 18 votes (12.59%).

And in first place.....
With 19 votes (13.29%), his designs, voted the community’s favorite, vary. His most well known form is that of a purple dragon, but changes every time hr finds interest in new things. His current design is a Charmander known for having a case of the cosplays.

And that, is it for this year’s Favorite User Design Awards!

1) Edofenrir – 19 – 13.29%
2) MrConcreteDonkey – 18 – 12.59%
3) Toadbert101 – 17 – 11.89%
4) Smasher – 16 – 11.19%
5) Crocodile Dippy – 14 – 9.79%
5) Neptune – 14 – 9.79%
7) Peachycakes 3.14 – 13 – 9.09%
8) Walkazo – 11 – 7.69%
9) Mason – 7 – 4.90%
9) Master Crash – 7 – 4.90%
11) Groden – 4 – 2.80%
12) Uniju – 3 – 2.10%
Total – 143

Baby Mario Bloops is up next with U2, Favorite Written Fiction!


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>i'm second


more importantly congrats to edo. i'm glad somebody with a more unique design won.


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R2-D2 said:
>i'm second


more importantly congrats to edo. i'm glad somebody with a more unique design won.
it's all in the monocle

And congrats!


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LN1 said:
Lakituthequick said:
LN1 said:
I can't see the presentation at all(my 3DS for some reason sucks at scanning QR codes online), so what's it about?
*shrug* Should work. I tested it.
Nah I think it is more of a problem with my 3DS than with your images(I tried various images in your second mafia. My 3DS failed).
I tested it on my own 3DS, there shouldn't be any problems with it. It's probably your internet. Besides, the images are 800*480 now, twice as big.

Is it me or are alot of these images broken?

Owait its fixed.

U2 ~ Favorite Written Fiction

Okay, everyone, the wait is over…after a few paragraphs of my mumbo jumbo. It is my pleasure that I – Baby Mario Bloops – will be presenting the Favorite Written Fiction award. I know that my award did really good last year, and I just wanted to hopefully present it’s victory today.

Tabuu: Lies

Oh, and I’m going to have a few people that also have their fictions as potential winners of this award here with me as I present. Obviously, you can see that we have Tabuu, the famous – maybe closer to infamous – writer of stories such as Project Aviate and The Resolutions of 132.

Tabuu: And the only one cool enough to get more than one of their stories on the Award.

Lily: Sorry that we can’t all split our focus across multiple projects.

Guys, focus. Anyways, I’m going to go from the bottom up with each award.

In eleven place, we have Corruption. It is actually more deserving of a higher rank than that, as it is a very interesting story. Maybe MCD killing me off didn’t please it’s fans. Nah, I’m pretty sure that it only made people cheer. Anyways, it’s still a great story, and even though it didn’t place well this year, you should all check it out.

In tenth place, we have Scorpion’s Story. Honestly, I have not personally read the story, but anything on that site is probably worth reading. I mean, there are more than eleven stories on this site, and if it was nominated for the award, then it must be worthwhile.

In ninth place, we have Extinction: Rise of the Mutants. I know Zero from a long ways back, and how much of a…dedicated writer he was. The story talks about a rather post-apocalyptic tragedy, but I haven’t read it much, so you should ask him about it. And I’m sure that his writing is definitely worth reading.

Zero: Aw, BMB, I read your stuff.

I am a busy person. Anyways, moving on to eighth place, we have Project Aviate! It seems that one of the Tabuu’s two stories on the awards go all the way down to eight. Whether I want to admit it or not, his work is really good, and he definitely knows what he’s doing.

Tabuu: Well…thank you for the comment, but I still have another story that will probably be in first.

Okay, moving on, we go to the seventh award. It is…ha, this is too good: Project 132, also by Tabuu!

Tabuu: WHAT?

Yes, no lies here. Your writing definitely is very good, and I know that these never bring you down, but at least I can acknowledge the fact that you are a very excellent writer.

Tabuu: Thank you. Obviously if you combined my two writings though, I would probably be placing.

For our sixth written fiction, we have Life Troof: Ace Attorney! Lily’s own masterpiece and one of the newer fictions on the site. Lily definitely makes being in a courthouse interesting, and her writing is definitely good.

Lily: I’m just happy I got that high and above Tabuu.

Moving on, we go to the fifth one, which is…oh great, Venture of the Wiki.

Tabuu: Ouch.

Lily: Awkward…

NSM: …

It’s fine you guys, it definitely needs a lot of improvement, though I’m happy it got fifth. It was actually close to placing too. Anyways, it’s a great story to read, explores a realm and is a trilogy that has been taking up like three years of my life, and each on-

Tabuu: Let’s move on now.

…Fine. Number four on the ranking is User Soup. It was discontinued a couple years back, but was the most consistently updated stories on the site, and definitely had many fans behind it.

Before I begin the final three, let me talk to New Super Mario, who had gotten third two years ago and won the thing last year, what do you believe you got this year?

NSM: To be honest, I don’t want to win it. My story hasn’t been updated in forever, and I just don’t think it is that deserving. It’s all because of the title that people think it is good.

Tabuu: For the record, like no one has updated their stories in forever.

Well, let’s go on to third place, which is Pokemon Black and White – Wiki Edition! This is definitely a really good story, which brings many of the users on this site into the world of Pokemon. Javelin – an excellent writer and one of the best on the site – combined with Pokemon, and then you can see why it makes it to the top three for best fictions.

In second place, we have…New Sherlock Mario. New Super Mario has been writing this story about him and a group of users that solve mysterious cases, and is one of the few series on the site. I definitely think it should be something to read if you haven’t already.

NSM: At least I didn’t win.

In first place, we have it as…Toadbert’s Riveting Tale of his Trip to the Grocery. I honestly don’t know if that was the story, or if that was just the title. I haven’t read it, but if it managed to get first, either it was mob mentality into play, or is a very good written fiction. Either way, go check it out and find out yourself if it was deserving of its fame!

With that, this award is done! However, to not force you to try to quick-read this in five minutes during the ceremonies, here’s a summary of everything that is award has to offer, including the very close votes for many of the awards.

1) Toadbert’s Riveting Tale of his Trip to the Grocery – 27 – 18.00%
2) New Sherlock Mario – 23 – 15.33%
3) Pokemon Black and White – Wiki Edition – 21 – 14.00%
4) User Soup – 17 – 11.33%
5) Venture of the Wiki – 16 – 10.67%
6) Lily Troof: Ace Attorney – 13 – 8.67%
7) Project 132 – 10 – 6.67%
8 ) Project Aviate – 7 – 4.67%
8 ) Extinction: Rise of the Mutants – 7 – 4.67%
10) Scorpion’s Story – 6 – 4.00%
11) Corruption – 3 – 2.00%

Total – 150

I truly do wish you a happy anniversary, and to enjoy the rest of the ceremony. Have a wonderful day!

Walkazo is up next with U10, the Lifetime Achievement Award!


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oh wow, that one was close. congrats to Edo.

and now congrats to tb

The Mandalorian

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good job, you guys!

Demidevimon said:
Kingbowser99 said:
maybe I should get a top hat and a monocle...
Get a cup of tea and beat his Britishness
thing is I am British

so basically it would be the most epic battle to ever exist

two Brits; a fight to the death

the battle of the poshes


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Holy crap that's a surprise. Congrats TB, your trip to the grocery store won out.

Also first year User Soup didn't get 2nd xP.


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Demidevimon said:
Kingbowser99 said:
maybe I should get a top hat and a monocle...
Get a cup of tea and beat his Britishness
thing is I am British

so basically it would be the most epic battle to ever exist

two Brits; a fight to the death

the battle of the poshes
As a fellow Brit I would love to see that, maybe I'd contribute with an umbrella