Guess who's back. Guess who's keeping this name.
Funniness levels. You don't even know.


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and now i am alive again

also mason's comic is great

Congrats to RandomYoshi (rip :( ), SK for Brawl of the Wiki, Pyro for his MK7 tournament, and ...Dry Bones Jr.? He won? That's...surprising.
U6 ~ Favorite Musician

Hi you all to a very exciting event of the year – the Anniversary! Obviously you knew that, but it’s still fun to say. I – Baby Mario Bloops – will be presenting this award, brand new to this place. I mean, who better to present the Favorite Musician award then someone going for a masters in music? Hopefully I made it on this award…

Anyways, let’s begin with our fifth musician:

I have heard her play Piano on one of her many Youtube videos, and she is definitely a great musician. Let’s go to the fourth musician:

Martini I have not heard play, nor did I even know that he played an instrument, or sang, or something like that. Either way, he’s number four. Our third musician:

I do believe that I have known about Neurario being a musician. Well, he’s the bronze of this award, and I congratulate him for that. Our second musician:

I definitely knew that Scarecrow was a musician, and I am very happy that he is the silver placer on this award! Finally, let’s show you our first musician:

Stooben Rooben!
Stooben has managed to show his musical talents to enough people to get him all the way to the top of this award! Congrats Stooben!

Here is a summary of how the votes went down for reference:

1) Stooben Rooben – 52 – 40.94%
2) Scarecrow – 34 – 26.77%
3) Neurario – 15 – 11.81%
4) Martiniman – 14 – 11.02%
5) Quickie-La – 12 – 9.45%
Total – 127

I hope you enjoy the rest of the ceremony, and I hope that you all have a wonderful day!

Lakituthequick is up next with U5, Favorite Artist!


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So close to a trifecta...

Congrats to Stooben :)


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Here's the stupid question of the day: RandomYoshi just quit the forums or he's actually dead? Since everyone says RIP =/...


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Nice comic, Mason. And congratulations, Stoob!!


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1) Super Luigi! Number one! – 28 – 19.72%
2) Edofenrir – 27 – 19.01%
3) Toadbert101 – 13 – 9.15%
4) Castle Toad – 12 – 8.45%
4) Smg2Daisy – 12 – 8.45%
6) Hypnotoad – 11 – 7.75%
7) Master Crash – 9 – 6.34%
8) Princess Alyson Koopastool – 8 – 5.63%
9) Girrrtacos – 7 – 4.93%
10) Neptune – 6 – 4.23%
10) Lakituthequick – 6 – 4.23%
12) Quickie-La – 3 – 2.11%
Total – 142

Smasher is up next with U9, Favorite Forum Game!