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Congrats, RY! You're missed very much. :(
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U3: Favourite Comic

Hey, guys, welcome to my U3: Favourite Comic presentation! Now, I did say I was going to do a comic, but I soon realised that'd take me too much time, and that it wasn't looking great. Instead, I did the next best thing: a story with pictures!

It was a fairly normal day in New Wikisburg.

That is, it was normal for everybody except one young man...


A certain Palkia47 was enjoying lunch with his many friends in the town's McDonalds, rated third most beautiful McDonalds in the whole town. (out of three)

"THANKS GUYS.", Packy responded. He sat at the head of the table, a party hat sitting atop his gigantic head. He had invited a number of his friends and acquaintances. And some people who I haven't seen him have more or less any interaction with, but they signed up for this so they were there too why not. They all sat around an abnormally long table, not know. Packy stood up from his seat, as if he was going to make an announcement. "I AM GOING TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT", said Packy.


Applause was unanimous around the table. Or, more accurately, the lack of it.

A voice was suddenly projected across the room: "HOLD IT!"

It came from the person who sat nearest to Packy on his right, and one of his good friends: Smasher. The blue Yoshi was pointing a gun at him. The other people who attended the party were shocked at this sudden and dramatic turn of events.

Smasher demanded "You're going to give me that McMuffin...or I'm going to start shooting". The guests were terrified, but Packy couldn't have been less terrified. Well, he could've, but you understand what I mean. He wasn't that worried. He shouted "HYPER BEAM!", and shot a beam towards Smasher.

"What the hell happened there?", asked Gamefreak75, who sat opposite to where Smasher sat, and was recently declared seventh blunder of the world.

Goomba's Shoe15 sat next to Gamefreak, and he rubbed his monocle, saying "That's certainly not like Smasher to do something like that..."

"Maybe he was evil all along." shrugged Turb, who sat beside him.

MCD, who was further down the table, responded "But...that can't be the real Smasher".

"Why ever not?" asked Edofenrir, who had sat at the other end of the table ripping apart computer monitors until one of them sent him on some sort of crazy adventure.

"Well, uh, I- I mean, uh, Smasher's invitation was...uhh...lost in the post...? (yeah, that'll do)"

Pyro, who sat between Smasher and Blocky, and, despite being made of fire, had a hat on which was perfectly in tact, added "Also, he can't be Smasher, because that guy over there is too." He pointed towards an up-until-then unnoticed customer who, to their surprise, looked exactly like Smasher.

Nabber shouted "Look out, he's got a gun!"

(No, you can not order that from the secret menu, don't bother asking.)

"I'm sorry, didn't you hear me the first time? McMuffin. Now." This Smasher was sure that he could take the McMuffin successfully. That is, until...

No, no Batman! That's completely ridiculous. This part of the story's getting out of hand, let's skip forward a bit...

In first place, with 39 votes...


It was absolutely terrifying. The entire restaurant was surrounded by Smasher after Smasher after Smasher, each after the McMuffin, and each from a different piece of fiction (as nobody knew at the time, but, honestly, I can't think of a good place to disclose that information so I'll just put it there). The partygoers were terrified.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY MCMUFFIN?!" Packy yelled at the Smasher who was successful in taking his breakfast sandwich.

"Hehehe...I am the villain of this piece. If I take the McMuffin, you need to get it back! Ahahahahahaha!" cackled a smug Smasher.

The equally smug Toad85 responded "Are you...sure you mean McMuffin?"

"Yes, I am. It says so in my handbook."

Blocky chipped in, "Don't you mean a MacGuffin?"

"Oh..." Smasher considered this. "I'm not sure. Well, anyway, who cares? I'm outta here!"

Smasher proceeded to take out a comic book, and threw it down onto the floor. A vortex rose out of it, and Smasher, jumping into it, began to disappear into the book. As he disappeared into it, it slammed shut.

"He went into that bloody comic book!", Dippy said.

"man thats some crazy shit", remarked TFP. He was right. It was indeed some crazy shit.

The rest of the party were confused as to what their next move would be.

"So, what now? Should we follow him?", asked NSM.

GalacticPetey replied "Looks like it".

"I don't see why we need to," 2257 began. "It's just a McMuffin."

"J...just a McMuffin?" Tears had began to build up in Packy's eyes. He slammed his fists down on the table, just about breaking it "IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY MCMUFFIN! I'M SO HUNGRY - I HAVEN'T EATEN IN 15 MINUTES, DAMN IT!"

Cirdec asked "Can't you just buy another one?"

"No, that's way too simple," answered Packy.

"Well," Tucayo said, "Looks like we'll have to go back in there to get it back."

MCD sighed "If we've got no other option..." He opened the book to what looked like a suitable page, and, as expected, a twirling vortex rose out of it. He jumped into it, shouting "Geronimo!" as he dived into the book.

The others stood around the book, looking quite unsure.

"So, uh, anyone want to go for coffee?"

MCD found himself in a black abyss. Nothing surrounded him; nothing engulfed him; nothing overwhelmed him. Still nicer than Hull, though. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Smasher, running away.

"Hey, come back here!", he yelled, as he chased the blue Yoshi. To MCD's surprise, as he ran further, a large, circular object came into view - a kind of bubble. Smasher came to a halt, and, a few seconds later, MCD did too.

"So, you've caught up with me...well, don't think I'm done yet!" He jumped into the nearest bubble, and MCD followed him.

In fourteenth and twelfth place, with 1 and 4 vote(s), respectively: Anton the Fifth Mushketeer and its reboot, Untold Tales of the Fifth Mushketeer (both by Mason).

Master Wikians, by Dippy, also takes twelfth place, with 4 votes.

Toadbert's Wreck seems to have wrecked some of the competition, as it's managed to come in eleventh with 5 votes.

Ninth place went to both The Adventure For Us by Smg2daisy and Bouncing Through the Multiverse – Rebooted by Mason, since both gathered 7 votes.

The Tonight Show (with Jorge Castillo), by Jorge, came eighth with 8 votes.

Mason's Three Mushketeers Kai was given nine votes and came seventh.

Three comics won fourth place, each with 11 votes: Uniju Holiday Theater, by Uniju, Trolls' Island, by CountBonsula, and A Spammer's Revenge, by Neptune99.

The bubbles led to many bizzare alternate universes, each reminding MCD of certain comics he had read back in his universe.

  • In the first, Smasher stole and ended up breaking a jewel of unlimited power, meaning the Toucan Gem and whatever it did could never be restored. The Mushketeers, too busy being unsure of what they had to do next, were defeated by FireEevee. Anton was the only survivor of this tragic accident.
  • They both gained superpowers in the second one, but ultimately forgot they had them. They also accidentally killed Crash, which meant the universe was doomed or something?
  • MCD accidentally set off a bomb and started a few fires in the third universe. No biggie. Some conspiracy nuts probably took the whole thing a bit too far. He also got lost in Sysop Tower and had to miss a turn.
  • Smasher knocked over a young man named "Grifty" in the next universe, meaning Smg2daisy couldn't do the same thing a few minutes later and ended up falling down a manhole.
  • In the fifth universe(s?), MCD bounced through too many multiverses and got a headache.
  • In the sixth, Smasher knocked Jorge out of a window. He landed on Toadbert, whose sign was broken.
  • MCD caught sight of Toadbert in a dress in the next universe and had to close his eyes, which were already closed. Smasher stole Uniju's christmas.
  • MCD caught sight of Neptune in a dress in the next universe and began to cry. Smasher stole Neptune's arm.
  • MCD caught sight of CountBonsula in a dress:

    That night, he started drinking.

In third place, with 13 votes...

Edofenrir's Tales from the Moon!

In second place, with 15 votes...

Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail!

In first place, with 39 votes...

SKmarioman's Brawl of the Wiki!

Well, thanks for reading, and...what's that, I still have loose ends to tie up? No way. The story isn't going anywhere good.

...okay, fine. Will you accept "everybody died" as an ending?

No? Okay, you can have this:

Everybody died. :waluigi:

Congratulations to everyone, and to SKmarioman for coming in first place! Thanks for reading my presentation!

1) Brawl of the Wiki – 39 – 26.90%
2) Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail – 15 – 10.34%
3) Tales from the Moon – 13 – 8.97%
4) Uniju Holiday Theatre – 11 – 7.59%
4) A Spammer’s Revenge – 11 – 7.59%
4) Trolls’ Island – 11 – 7.59%
7) Three Mushketeers Kai – 9 – 6.21%
8) The Tonight Show (with Jorge Castillo) – 8 – 5.52%
9) Bouncing Through the Multiverse – Rebooted – 7 – 4.83%
9) The Adventure For Us – 7 – 4.83%
11) Wreck – 5 – 3.45%
12) Master Wikians – 4 – 2.76%
12) Untold Tales of the Fifth Mushketeer – 4 – 2.76%
14) O. Anton the Fifth Mushketeer – 1 – 0.69%
Total – 145

I'm really sorry to inform you that Count Bonsula is up next with U8, Favorite Non-User!

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You got more than you bargained for!
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U8 – Favorite Non-User
1) Dry Bones Jr. – 40 – 28.99%
2) Poochy – 27 – 19.57%
3) Derpy_Hooves – 13 – 9.42%
4) Loic – 10 – 7.25%
4) Nice Cage – 10 – 7.25%
6) Jake the Facepainted Dog – 9 – 6.52%
7) Mastermind Troll – 7 – 5.07%
7) Soxanne – 7 – 5.07%
9) Stuffwell – 6 – 4.35%
9) Illuminati, Lunar Blaze, and Poseidon (Female Mushketeer Counterparts) – 6 – 4.35%
11) Frijjle – 2 – 1.45%
12) O. Canoe Reeves – 1 – 0.73%
Total – 138

Mason is up next with U7, Favorite Community Event!


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Wow, I'm flattered to get this award twice in a row :)

Aaand I'm late posting

Tressa Colzione

You got more than you bargained for!
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Awards Committee
Poll Committee

1) MK7 Tournament – 42 – 29.17%
2) April Fool’s Day – 39 – 27.08%
3) Apples to Apples – 26 – 18.06%
4) Awards Ceremony – 14 – 9.72%
4) Awards Mafia – 14 – 9.72%
6) TF2 Tournaments – 9 – 6.25%
Total – 144

Baby Mario Bloops is up next with U6, Favorite Musician!


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I'm fine by the results.

Do sespect some guests voted MK7 because they love the game.