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well, it's been fun. well done everyone, see you all at UP awards.


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For the record, and to answer what has been asked several times, Yoshario was in S3 because, even if he only served as EiC for two issues, he was the first EiC we had after the huge revamp of November 2009. Before that we had no quality control whatsoever, it only started with Yoshario's job in those two issues. So yes, in time he may not have been around for long, but his contributions definitely were a huge part in our change of direction.

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(Sorry this is so late; I didn't have the time to follow the ceremonies earlier)

Thanks for all your messages, guys! I really appreciate them! Oh, and thanks for everyone who voted for me and for the Pipe Plaza!!

Also, congratulations to all the other winners, especially you, SMB!

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this year's theme: "Dippy just misses out on the top three"

except for that one award