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Congrats, YK! You have done a great job in restoring the great project the Spotlight is!

And thanks to everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate it!

And shit, I'm next, better get ready.


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how did i beat stooben and 22 and tie with edo

Also congrats YoshiKong!


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'Shroom Awards: Backstage

In a world full of chaos and despair, one man has been brought to bring peace to the world…
You're up in two minutes, Tucayo.
He was raised in the shadows, away from all trace of civilization, so that he could harden his heart against the terrors of the world we live in…
One minute!
With the skills he has learned throughout countless fights, he shall be the one to make these wrongs right…

'Shroom Awards: Onstage

To present S9 we have our own Tucayo!
*Tucayo doesn't come onstage
Errrm… Tucayo?
*Lights turn off, a spotlight illuminates the center of the stage
Tucayo is gone.

I am…


You may be wondering if I'm drunk. Well, the answer is not yet. I am here to present this year's Favorite Event, hero-style.

Events are a huge part of our yearly events. Some are lengthy traditions, others were one-time events, and some more will surely become traditions in years to come, but one thing is true about all of them: they all added a very special touch to the issues they were included in. Most of you just see the finished product, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, some of our events had been first ideated years after they saw the light. In this presentation I will tell you more about the behind-the-scenes work you didn't see in each event. Let's get this started.

Tying for sixth place, with four votes each, we have…
The Poll Chairperson Election and the Awards Director Election!

On last year's Poll Chairperson Election, Crocodile Dippy and Master Crash were elected as Chairman and Vice-Chairman, respectively. There have just been a handful of proposals endorsed by the entire Wiki Administrative team; one of those was the one that created the process to introduce a "Poll Selection Committee". When said proposal passed, the first Poll Chairperson Election was carried out on Issue XXXIX of The 'Shroom. Ever since we have held an election every year, and, in 2012's, we had three running tickets: Crocodile Dippy and Crash, Myself and Edofenrir, Toad85, and Purity Essence and someone who ended up being a sockpuppet. One debate was held, and the nominated tickets finished, respectively, with twelve, four, two, and no votes. Dippy's term ended recently after one year of great polls.

And we also had last year's Awards Director Election. After a couple of inner conflicts among the Awards Committee, and some confusing successions, it was decided the best course of action was to hold yearly elections to choose the Awards Directors. After very successfully running last year's Awards, Turboo and Superchao were the only running ticket, and they won the election with 14 votes. All you can see now is thanks to Turb and Perch's hard work, big kudos to them.

With ten votes, coming in fifth place…
Special Holiday Issue LXIX!!

This issue was first discussed in September 2012, three months before its release. Three of the other nominees were held in this issue, so this issue was a very important part of last year for us at The 'Shroom. The Holiday Issues tradition began back in 2009 with our Holiday Special, an all-staff, extraordinary section. Since then Holiday Issues have come a long way; 2010's featured a plethora of Special Interviews written by SMB, two games hosted by Ralph, what I humbly think is one of the best sections I've written, and a Pre-Election Analysis; and the next year we had the debut of the End-of-Year awards, as well as a great amount of special sections. All were great issues, but 2012's featured new and improved End-of-Year Awards, a great variety of special sections, and the aforementioned events. Oh, and our traditional Christmas lights!

Fourth place, eleven votes…
Our own 'Shroom Director Election! The sixth of its kind, also held in the Holiday Issue. The fourth time SMB and I faced each other, but this one was the closest of them all. In the end, SMB won by two votes, and, on an unprecedented course of action, kindly offered me to be his Co-director, position I gladly accepted.

Moving on to the ones that will earn you points on Guess The Results… Third place, with 18 votes…
The Scavenger Hunt , a special event held as part of our Holiday celebrations. The idea for these was first suggested by Dippy on September 2012:
[quote author=Crocodile Dippy]we could hide festive-themed crap across the issue and give an achievement out for finding them all?[/quote]
And hide festive-themed crap we did. The search turned out to be slightly more difficult than we had expected, as no one could find all the items. And I had wanted to hide stuff all across the wiki and the forums, but they told me that would be torturing our readers, I guess they were right. In the end, we had to be the ones who revealed all the locations. It was definitely a fun event, we should do it again.

In second place, with 40 votes, just ONE vote less than the first place…
This was decided by just one vote, wow.

The End of Year Awards, which, to be honest, required an awful lot of planning. I personally think planning these was the hardest thing we did for the Holiday Issue, but the result was hugely satisfactory. But before I talk to you about last year's EoY Awards let's talk about their history a bit.

November 2009, The 'Shroom HQ. Stoob walks in with a proposal to "Provide certain 'medals' or 'icons' to those who send in good quality sections on-time." At the beginning the idea sounded really difficult to manage, and even unnecessary to some, but we slowly progressed, even without being absolutely certain we'd still be in the Core Staff next year. The original idea was to implement these sometime around February 2010 and give them monthly, but, as you know, they weren't implemented until December 2011 and with a yearly system. And, curiously, the 'Shroom Achievements also originated from these[/url]. The five original awards were:
  • Semi-veteran
  • Veteran
  • Grammar Nut
  • 'Shroom Admin
  • Punctual Author
But then Marioguy1 suggested we gave them Awards related to the Mario series, and so the Veteran and Semi-veteran Awards eventually became the Golden Mario, Grammar Nut became Golden Luigi (after being Golden Toad), Punctual Author became Golden Bowser, and 'Shroom Admin was later included as part of the Golden Toad. For 2011 we had six categories with just one tier, but in 2012 it was decided seven categories with two tiers each worked much better. Here you have a table to better explain the progress of each award:

And, last, with forty one votes, just one vote more than the second place, we have…
Special Issue 64!

One of three issues in all our history not to be named with Roman numerals (2006 Beginnings, Holiday), this issue was originally known as Special Issue LXIV. Discussion for this Special Issue began on March 2012, four months before the issue was released. The Front Page Reformat to our current one drawing more attention to the sub-teams was first discussed in March as well, drawing inspiration from our NIWA Affiliate Bulbapedia, and it was soon decided Issue 64 would be a perfect moment to have it happen. Someone who greatly helped was Gamefreak75, who rapidly proposed to theme the issue after some of the most popular Mario games for the Nintendo 64, as well as the Project Travel Guide, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between all members of the Core Staff.

Issue 64 also concreted one of the ideas that had been in the works for the longest time, the Critic Corner Sub-Team, then simply referred to as "Review Sub-Team". The team was originally proposed by Super Mario Bros. back in November 2009, but the idea was quickly shot down due to the major changes that occurred that same month, up to this date the biggest overhaul we've gone through. The idea was retaken February 2012, and it was then decided this was a better time for it to be implemented, and so Critic Corner was created.
New banners, a set of special backgrounds, 40 writers, and 71 sections made this issue our biggest ever.

Some people have asked me who wrote each piece in the Project Travel Guide (x15!), so, as a bonus, here you have the complete list:
1. Bob-omb Battlefield - Gamefreak75
2. Whomp's Fortress - MCD
3. Jolly Roger Bay - MG1
4. Cool, Cool Mountain - SMB
5. Big Boo's Haunt - Tucayo
6. Hazy Maze Cave - Edo
7. Lethal Lava Land - MG1
8. Shifting Sand Land - Crocodile Dippy
9. Dire, Dire Docks - Smasher
10. Snowman's Land - MCD
11. Wet-Dry World - Crocodile Dippy
12. Tall, Tall Mountain - Smasher
13. Tiny-Huge Island - Gamefreak75
14. Tick Tock Clock - Edo
15. Rainbow Ride – Tucayo

Enjoy the rest of the ceremonies! Catch you on U1!

S9 - Favorite Event (128 valid votes) said:
1. Issue 64 - 41 (32.03%)
2. End of Year Awards - 40 (31.25%)
3. Scavenger Hunt - 18 (14.06%)
4. 'Shroom Director Election - 11 (8.59%)
5. Holiday Issue LXIX - 10 (7.81%)
6. Awards Director Election - 4 (3.13%)
6. Poll Chairperson Election - 4 (3.13%)

FireEevee is up next with S4, Favorite Sub-Team Director!


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For the record, Turb had to tell me U1 was the other award I was presenting. I could have sworn it was F9.


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I'm glad Issue 64 did so well, it was incredible. Probably the best issue we've ever done, in my opinion.

also, battuck


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Tailmon said:
how did i beat stooben and 22 and tie with edo
scratch that, how did i beat anyone

Also, whoo, Issue 64!


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Really liked 64, good job for voting it,


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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S4 - Favorite Sub-Team Director (140 valid votes)

1. Super Mario Bros. - 24 (17.14%)
2. MrConcreteDonkey - 19 (13.57%)
2. Paper Yoshi - 19 (13.57%)
3. Crocodile Dippy - 13 (9.29%)
4. Gamefreak75 - 10 (7.14%)
4. Marshal Dan Troop - 10 (7.14%)
5. Smasher - 9 (6.43%)
6. FunkyK38 - 7 (5%)
7. Confused - 5 (3.57%)
8. Marioguy1 - 4 (2.86%)
8. Ralphfan - 4 (2.86%)
8. Volke - 4 (2.86%)
8. WarioLoaf - 4 (2.86%)
9. Edofenrir - 3 (2.14%)
9. Stooben Rooben - 3 (2.14%)
10. Fawfulfury65 - 2 (1.43%)

Pyro is up next with S6, Favorite New Writer!


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Turb and Chao must be flipping off.