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Critic Corner failed to make the top three


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Interesting results. I am excited for S5 :D


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S5: Favourite Veteran Writer

Hey guys, it's MCD and welcome to my presentation of S5: Favourite Veteran Writer. For this award, I'm going to look over the 'Shroom career of each of the writers nominated, and provide links to some of their best sections of the year.

First up, we have Coincollector. He currently writes the Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner section, which he has been writing since June of 2010, joining in Issue XXXIX. Since then, he was won four Section of the Month awards, three of which within the last year! Overall, he's written 33 sections, as of Issue LXXV.

If you want to see some of his best work during the past year, I'd recommend his section from Issue LXVIII, November's issue, where he goes into great detail about the stats and design of two vehicles from Mario Kart Wii, the Jetsetter/Aero Glider and Flame Runner/Bowser Bike. I'd also recommend his section from the next issue, where he talks about what he'd like to see in a future Mario Kart game.

Dippy's the current director of Critic Corner, writing two sections over the past year. He's was first involved in the 'Shroom back in 2007, where he wrote the Upcoming Games section between Issue VII and Issue XII. When he returned from a long hiatus, he was hired as the writer for the Non-Marioverse Review in Issue LVI, which has since evolved into his current section in Critic Corner, Crocodile Style Reviews. He recently retired his other section, Dippy's Matilda. As of Issue LXXV, he's written 67 sections overall.

It's quite hard to pick just a few sections to recommend, though I thought his reviews of Bioshock Infinite in Issue LXXIV and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in Issue LXX were a good read. As for Dippy's Matilda, his section from Issue LXXIII was really interesting, in my opinion.

Edo up until recently wrote the Monthly Inquisition for Fake News, though, after some internet problems, his future writing that looks unlikely. First joining the 'Shroom in Issue XXXVI, he's written many fantastic sections for the newspaper. He was the Fake News director from issues XLVII to LIV, and the sub-director from issues LV to LXX. Overall, he has written 51 sections, as of Issue LXXV.

I'd suggest checking out his Monthly Inquisition from Issue LXXV if you want to see some of his best work from the last year.

FunkyK38 currently writes Brawl Tactics, Tip of the Month and Sprite of the Month, and has been the Palette Swap/Music & Artwork director since Issue LXXI. She's written 114 sections overall, as of Issue LXXV.

In Brawl Tactics, she gives strategy information for certain aspects of the game. For example, in Issue LXXIV's section, she reviews the stage Hanenbow. Here's a Tip of the Month section, where Funky gives tips about editing on the Wiki, and here's a Sprite of the Month section, where she, as the name suggests, picks a different sprite every month and describes it.

Signing up as the writer of Fake Ads in Issue XXXII, Gamefreak75 has written 83 sections for the 'Shroom, as of Issue LXXV, and has won three Section of the Month awards. He also directed Fun Stuff from Issue XLVII to Issue LXX, making him the sub-team's longest tenured director. In fact, he's made such an impact, Issue LXXV was themed about the stuff he likes.

In the last year, Gamefreak has wrote for the Word Search section in Fun Stuff. Here's one of his best from the past year, about one of his favourite series, MOTHER. He's also wrote a number of guest sections, mostly for Fun Stuff and Fake News - also, this Shop Scout from LXIX was one of his best guest sections of the last year.

General Bob-omb joined as the writer of Hiding Koopa in Issue XXXIV, and has held this position since. He has won nine Section of the Month awards, and also holds the record for most consecutive SOTM awards. As of LXXV, he has written 31 sections for the 'Shroom.

Out of the past year's Hiding Koopa sections, I found Issue LXV's and Issue LXVII's to be quite challenging.

Shoey had a short tenure as Fun Stuff director from Issues LXXI to LXXV, and has wrote quite a few sections over the past year. Currently, he doesn't write anything, but he has written Virtual Console Reviews, a few Fake Reports, Guess Who and more sections in the past, quite a few of those within the last year.

If you want to see some good sections of Shoey's best work from the past year, I'd recommend his Fake Report in Issue LXVIII (which I can't link directly to, for some reason: just scroll down, it's the first thing after the editorial) and his Virtual Console Reviews section from Issue LXVII.

I've been directing the Fake News since Issue LV, meaning I'm the longest tenured Fake News director. I currently write Forum Update in Pipe Plaza and Should Have Been in Critic Corner. I've wrote 86 sections, as of Issue LXXV, and won nine SOTM awards. I joined the 'Shroom writing for Fake Characters and Fake TV in Issue XLII. Oh, and I also tend to write sections in the Fake News, though I don't write one permanently.

I'd recommend my Should Have Been from Issue 64 if you want to get the gist of what that section's about. If you want to read a good Forum Update, I'd recommend the one from Issue LXX. Finally, I'd say my Fake Report from Issue LXXIII is a good example of my writing for Fake News from the past year

Paper Yoshi has been directing Pipe Plaza since Issue LXI, and also currently writes three very well received sections for Pipe Plaza: Monthly Report, Mario Calendar and Upcoming Games, joining in Issue XLVI with Upcoming Games. He has written 78 sections and won 11 SOTM awards (which is the current record for SOTM wins, actually), as of Issue LXXV, and holds the record for most Pipe Plaza sections written. He also writes the Crossword and Random Image of the Month. Wow.

You can see all of his Pipe Plaza sections together quite often (unfortunately not as often recently, as Upcoming Games has recently gone bi-monthly), so I could link any Pipe Plaza, really, but I'm going to link Issue LXXIV's edition because I enjoyed that one the most. Here's an example of his Random Image of the Month section, and here is the Crossword he did for Issue LXXV.

Pyro was hired in Issue L as the writer of the Fake Interview. Since then, as of Issue LXXV, he has written 33 sections and won 2 Section of the Month awards. He currently writes Hottest Reviews Around, Travel Guide and Find the Differences. He has also written a few guest sections in the past year.

As Travel Guide goes, I'd recommend Pyro's section from Issue LXX; for Hottest Reviews Around, check out his review from Issue LXXV, and, for Find the Differences, Issue LXIII's section is quite challenging.

Toadbert101 joined the 'Shroom for the first time in Issue XIV, writing for Fake Ads, before going on a long hiatus from the 'Shroom and rejoining in Issue LX, writing for the same section. He has submitted 14 sections, and won one Section of the Month award, as of Issue LXXV. Also, he'll save himself.

My favourite Fake Ads of the past year are Issue LXVI's section and Issue LXIX's section.

Tucayo is the current co-director of the 'Shroom (with Super Mario Bros.), and also writes Mystery Images and Box-Art of the Month. He was hired for the Crossword and Mystery Images sections in Issue XVI, and hasn't stopped writing it since, even continuing when he retired. He hasn't even missed one section, as far as I can see, which is seriously impressive. He's written many guest sections over his career, too. He holds the record for most Main/Staff, Fun Stuff and Overall sections written, at 219 sections, 3 of which winning Section of the Month, as of Issue LXXV.

Issue 64's Mystery Images was one of his best of the past year, including a whopping 50 images, and here's his Box-Art of the Month from Issue LXXV.

So, now that's over, it's time to find out who won:

In third place, with 14 votes...


In second place, with 16 votes...


And in first place, with 26 votes...

Paper Yoshi!

So, that's that. Congratulations to P_Y, Pyro and TB - and everyone, actually, because I'd say everyone on that list would've been a worthy winner of this award. Either way, thanks for reading!

(and thanks to Tucky for writing S5's dossier entry, I got some of my info from that)

S5 - Favorite Veteran Writer (140 valid votes)

1. Paper Yoshi - 26 (18.57%)
2. Pyro - 16 (11.43%)
3. Toadbert101 - 14 (10.00%)
4. Crocodile Dippy - 13 (9.29%)
4. MrConcreteDonkey - 13 (9.29%)
5. Gamefreak75 - 12 (8.57%)
5. Henry Tucayo Clay - 12 (8.57%)
6. General Bob-omb - 11 (7.86%)
7. Coincollector - 9 (6.43%)
8. Edofenrir - 6 (4.29%)
9. FunkyK38 - 4 (2.86%)
9. Marshal Dan Troop - 4 (2.86%)

Superchao is up next with S3, Favorite Sub-Director/Leading Staff!


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hey this started

Congratulations to SMB, SMB, May 2013, Fake News, and Paper Yoshi.


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Great presentation, MCD!! And congrats to the winners!


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hey this started

Congratulations to SMB, SMB, May 2013, Fake News, and Paper Yoshi. Or the real winners, if I screwed up while reading the results.

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Superchao: Hello, anniversary readers! I'm Superchao, your host for S3: Favorite Sub-Director/Leading Staff!
Superchao: And with me today is SMB, since I'm incapable of making a good non-dialogue presentation! :D
SMB: Hello!
SMB: a!
Superchao: Let's just start with the results. In 12th place is Xzelion with 1 vote, and in 11th is Sadaharu with 2 votes. I lump them together because I forgot they did anything besides Saudy making the paper, heh.
Superchao: Hopefully my lovely assistant here has a memory with a few less holes
SMB: Yes, Xzelion was the Editor-in-Chief for a good portion of Plumber's tenure, and also served as Fake News Director during that time as well.
Superchao: Sounds relatively important, but I suppose I'm not the only one who forgot he did a thing. That's what happens when all your jobs were in 2007, after all!
SMB: Haha, yeah. Specifically, he held the position of Editor from August 2007 through November 2007, and the Fake News position from August 2007 through October 2007. So it was actually a relatively short stint compared to most staff members these days, but staff changes were a bit more frequent back at that time.
Superchao: Even the position of Director, cough cough.
Superchao: Meanwhile, what about Mr. First Director?
SMB: It's actually interesting you bring him up. Most people seem to remember him for creating The 'Shroom and having been its first Director, but he only directed two issues ("2006 Beginnings," which was originally entitled "Volume 1, Issue 1," and the June 2007 edition).
Superchao: I didn't even know he directed ANYTHING beyond the What's New Who's New Your World trio
SMB: He actually was the Editor-in-Chief for much longer, having served in this capacity from February 2007 to May 2007.
Superchao: It's probably because EiC was sort of a behind the scenes role.
Superchao: At least subdirectors get notes these days.
SMB: Yeah, the Editor-in-Chief certainly was more behind-the-scenes. I think that is one of the reasons it was initially scrapped, although those duties have now been absorbed by the Sub-director.
Superchao: Meanwhile, in 10th place is... Stooben. /Stooben/ is 10th.
Superchao: I am so ashamed of you people right now.
Superchao: Although to be fair, I don't remember his leading staff roles beyond being subdirector for half his term.
Superchao: That being due to ~~life~~ resulting in his repeated switching with Tucky
SMB: Yeah, my own personal opinion would put Stooben much higher... He and Tucky are basically the ones who inspired my directing "style" and understanding of the staff as it is.
Superchao: And for me he's basically been my interviewing mentor, so.
Superchao: ...Did he even have any leading staff roles beyond Sub-Director, though?
SMB: Indeed it did. Before he became Director, he served as Fake News Director from March 2008 through August 2008, and after 3Dejong served for a few months, he came back to direct one more Fake News in December 2008 before being elected to Director.
SMB: It doesn't end there, though.
Superchao: wasn't 3dejong the time when the fake news basically didn't exist
Superchao: perhaps that is why he is not on this poll
SMB: Actually, now that you mention it, yeah. Even Stooben's last time as Fake News Director resulted in no Fake News...
Superchao: So where does it end, anyway?
SMB: Well, Stooben became Director and often switched off with Tucayo to become Sub-director... So he was Sub-director from April 2009 through June 2009 and from August 2009 through December 2009.
Superchao: I think he was subdirector for February, too?
Superchao: But I could be misremembering.
SMB: Well, he was elected again in December 2009 and started his final term as Director in January 2010. He wouldn't switch with Tucayo after that, although Tucayo had to unofficially manage it sometimes due to things happening in Stooben's life.
Superchao: Stooben's always been a busy man. I'm glad he makes time for his pals though.
SMB: Yeah, it's great that he still comes around and talks to us and stuff (and hosts great Mafia games, too).
Superchao: Even if they do take forever to end!
SMB: Haha, yeah.
SMB: So Stooben's term as Director ends in January 2011... You think he's done being in The 'Shroom staff, right?
Superchao: Yeah, officially. I don't recall him doing much afterwards.
SMB: Well... Not quite. He would enter the final part of his time in the Core Staff during my term as Director-- he was our Affiliates Manager from May 2011 through January 2012. That position doesn't exist anymore, but it was a thing then.
Superchao: At least it lasted longer than Social Networking Manager!
SMB: Yeah. x_X
Superchao: January 2012... That was about when he was really busy, right? Explains why he dropped from the staff entirely.
SMB: Well, he was actually busy throughout the entire time he was in the staff (understandably-- a lot happens in an entire four years, so there were bound to be points where he had other things to do).
SMB: Overall, though, Stooben served The 'Shroom as a staff member for a long time and I think started a process that would lead toward The 'Shroom improving. He and Tucayo, at the time, laid the groundwork for many things that we do now as a staff.
Superchao: So basically, the moral of the story is that everyone should have voted for Stooben and we're very disappointed in them.
Superchao: *holds up Stooben flag*
Superchao: Meanwhile, in 9th!
Superchao: iiiis 2257! Who is in fact the current sub-director, so I find this kind of funny somehow.
SMB: Yeah! He actually started as the Editor-in-Chief back in February 2010, during Stooben's time as Director.
SMB: When my term started in February 2011, I merged the Editor position into Sub-director, and Twentytwofiftyseven was a good pick for both, so that's when he started as Sub-director.
Superchao: He's definitely pretty good with wiki coding, and all. So that's a help, I'm sure
SMB: Precisely, he's great at it. Which is why when Edofenrir resigned from Sub-director, he was a good pick for a successor. And so, in July 2013, he became Sub-director yet again and currently holds the position.
Superchao: And yet, apparently he has been away for too long for anyone to remember him. Oh, how sad.
Superchao: 8 is... Marcelagus! AKA Martini! ........He was on the Shroom?
SMB: Yup! He served as Glowsquid's sub-director, and was actually the first person to hold the position. He suggested the idea to Glowsquid, and he went with it, so it all worked out in the end.
SMB: He held the position from September through December of 2008.
Superchao: Ah, that explains why he's sort of forgotten these days. He certainly hasn't been shroominvolved in a long time.
Superchao: But he proposed subdirector and that stuck, so props to him
SMB: Yup, and that was probably one of the biggest innovations or the paper.
Superchao: And yet the creator of it went on to a life of Shroom obscurity and instead became known for mafia and tf2. Funny how things work!
Superchao: Yoshiario is in 7th!
Superchao: ...Fun fact I barely remember who Yoshiario even is, much less his Shroom history
Superchao: I turn once again to you, SMB White!
SMB: When we reintroduced the Editor-in-Chief position, we set up an application system for it. Yoshario got the job in December 2009 and was succeeded by Ralphfan in January 2010.
Superchao: ........That was hilariously fast.
Superchao: Is that really his entire Shroom history?
SMB: Yup, he edited the December 2009 and the 2009 Special Holiday issue.
SMB: That was it.
Superchao: ...No offense to him at all, but... why is he on this award again?
SMB: He must have done a pretty good job for those issues!
Superchao: I guess so, or something!
Superchao: Tied for 6th, here are people I do know! Edo and Smasher!
Superchao: From what I recall, Edorf was the Sub-Director for the end of 2011, all of 2012, and the middle of 2013 after it was re-implemented until he had to resign because of personal things.
Superchao: Smasher, meanwhile, was the Music and Arts Director for most of 2012, and then became the Activities Director when the 2013 term began.
Superchao: I'm relying on you for the exact dates, Mr. Informative.
SMB: Edofenrir started in the staff as the Fake News Director in February 2011 when I started out as Director, and became Sub-director in October of that same year.
Superchao: Ah, I always forget he was around before being SD.
SMB: Heh.
SMB: But yeah, he served as Sub-director until January 2013, and started again in April 2013 after we reinstated the position.
SMB: He finished in June 2013 due to his resignation.
Superchao: Hopefully he'll be back soon.
SMB: Yeah, same here. He is a great guy.
Superchao: Smasher's still around, though! Good thing too, considering the forum staff is quite small.
Superchao: Compared to say the Wiki staff, I mean. But that's getting off topic.
SMB: Haha, yeah.
SMB: Smasher started in the staff in May 2012, after Fawfulfury65 resigned from the Music & Artwork Team (now known as the Palette Swap!).
SMB: He became the Director of that team and continued to do so until February 2013, when he became the Activities Director.
SMB: He has been in that position since.
Superchao: Good old Smasher. At least he's consistent.
Superchao: Up next, our newest stats manager, Mario4Ever, In fifth!
Superchao: If I remember right, he joined the team in April 2013, a mere four months ago.
SMB: You are correct!
SMB: Mario4Ever joined on with us as the Statistics Manager after RandomYoshi retired from the website.
Superchao: And from what I hear, he's been quite good with it.
Superchao: ..I think that's apparently about it?
Superchao: Apparently if you're new and ordinary at your job there's not much to say :V
SMB: Mario4Ever has since done a great job, as he has the understanding of the tools needed for the job and does well with the organizational and statistics side of The 'Shroom.
Superchao: Coming from his boss, I'd say that's quite the compliment.
Superchao: So with that, let's move on to the tie for 4th. Two ex-staffers. RandomYoshi and MarioguY!
Superchao: marioguy more like Mr. Unreliable. SORRY MAN BUT IT'S TRUE
Superchao: Pi on the other hand was pretty good, from what I recall. It's too bad personal stuff meant he was only statsmanager for two months.
SMB: Marioguy1 started as co-Director of the Pipe Plaza back in January 2010 and later became the main Pipe Plaza Director after I became Director.
SMB: In April 2012, he became the Activities Manager, and served in that role until February 2013, when Smasher took over that role.
Superchao: In fairness, from what I know, it wasn't until about partway through last year that he started slipping.
SMB: Yeah, he did a great job until he started going inactive. After that, he sort of just slipped out of the community.
Superchao: It's kind of a funny tie, actually. One of them started strong but ended weak after a long stretch, while the other had a short and sharply-ended tenture.
SMB: Heh, yeah. With RandomYoshi, he started in February 2013 and ended in March 2013.
SMB: Although it was short, he contributed to the staff discussions whenever he had a chance and did good work with the statistics and such.
SMB: Hopefully he'll be back soon. He is a very cool person and it was nice working with him, even if it was just a month or two.
Superchao: He was, hopefully nothin' bad happened.
Superchao: And now it's time for what everyone's been interested in:
Superchao: The top three!
Superchao: In third place, we have everyone's favorite sniping iracisable yet lovable Aussie, Crocodile Dippy! AKA our current Critic Corner director, and proud of it.
SMB: Crocodile Dippy! Definitely a great team member. He started with us in February 2012, at the start of my second term, succeeding Stooben as the Affiliates Manager.
SMB: At that point, though, we started winding down focus on affiliations and started a brand new sub-team, the Critic Corner.
SMB: And who could possibly be a better fit than Dippy, who had revived interest in the idea by pushing for it in the staff board?
Superchao: Don't forget his critical section that had been around for what, half a year at that point?
SMB: Yup! Crocodile Style Reviews (which I think was previously Non-Marioverse Reviews) was definitely a thing he has done for a while, so he definitely demonstrated his ability with that too.
SMB: And so, ever since July 2012, he has been the Director of the Critic Corner team.
Superchao: Meanwhile, people seem to dislike his section just because non-Mario.
Superchao: People are silly.
SMB: Yeah, it's crazy.
SMB: I highly enjoy his interviews.
SMB: Honestly, his section is one of my favorites on the paper.
Superchao: Wait, Dippy does interviews?
SMB: Oops, I meant reviews.
SMB: Although I also really love the interviews that you do!
SMB: But yeah, no matter what people think of the non-Mario content (which is a good way to expand our audience), nobody can deny that Dippy has great reviewing skill and that he is a great Sub-team Director.
Superchao: That he is.
Superchao: But apparently, our voters don't like him as much as they do Tucayo, who's in second place!
SMB: Tucayo, man, he's great.
Superchao: bros 4 lyfe?
SMB: Definitely, he's awesome.
SMB: He's had one of the longest runs with the paper, both in terms of writing and being in the staff, and I think the paper wouldn't be the way it is without him.
Superchao: I think I read that he even joined the Wiki just to write for the Shroom.
SMB: I believe that's correct. All the way back in June 2008, he joined and wrote two sections for Fun Stuff.
Superchao: And he's never left since.
SMB: If I remember correctly, that's his favorite team, too.
Superchao: Besides being Stooben's sub-director, what else did he do that's specifically applicable to this award?
Superchao: Since I don't think co-director counts.
SMB: Well, in addition to being Sub-director from February 2009 to March 2009, in July 2009, and from January 2010 to January 2011, he was our Social Networking Manager from February 2012 to March 2012 and our Statistics Manager from April 2012 through January 2013.
SMB: After which he became Co-director with me.
Superchao: Didn't Social Networking Manager get removed like right after being created
Superchao: I recall it being around for just one issue on the History
SMB: The removal was announced and was effective in March 2012, so technically it's supposed to be two issues, but that should be taken up with whoever manages that sheet, haha.
SMB: But yeah, it was a relatively short-lived position since we merged it with the Affiliates Manager position.
Superchao: On the note of positions that haven't been around long, up next is the winner of this year's S3 Award: YoshiKong!
Superchao: Our Shroom Spotlight Manager for the past three or four issues since it was first created.
SMB: Congratulations, YoshiKong!
SMB: He has done some pretty amazing stuff in the short time he has been on the time.
Superchao: Yeah, like make the shroom spotlight actually work.
Superchao: sorry, marioguy
SMB: It's like a miracle or something: The 'Shroom Spotlight was one of our more troubled endeavors, and we came close to consider scrapping it altogether.
Superchao: From what i remember, when it was first made, it only lasted two issues before disappearing for a year!
SMB: Yeah, Xzelion did some stuff and then Marioguy1 did some more stuff, but it never took off.
Superchao: And yet from what I can tell, YoshiKong's been able to make it work for real.
Superchao: I don't keep up enough with the wiki to gauge success, sorry. Ahaha.
SMB: Yeah, he has been getting participants and contributors and whatnot. He has implemented a lot of things that have really pushed the project forward.
SMB: Definitely a drastic change from how it was before.
Superchao: And I'm sure he's in line for great things in the future.
Superchao: So, congratulations again, YoshiKong!
Superchao: You are the winner of S3!

1. YoshiKong - 22 (16.30%)
2. Tucayo - 18 (13.33%)
3. Crocodile Dippy - 17 (12.59%)
4. Marioguy1 - 14 (10.37%)
4. RandomYoshi - 14 (10.37%)
5. Mario4Ever - 13 (9.63%)
6. Edofenrir - 8 (5.93%)
6. Smasher - 8 (5.93%)
7. Yoshario - 6 (4.44%)
8. Marcelagus - 5 (3.71%)
9. 2257 - 4 (2.96%)
10. Stooben - 3 (2.22%)
11. Sadaharu - 2 (1.48%)
12. Xzelion - 1 (0.74%)

Tucayo is up next with S9, Favorite Event!