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Super Mario Bros.

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The crowd starts clapping as EctoBiologist steps off the stage. He has just finished demonstrating the results to S7, Favorite Guest Writer and people are ready for some more results for The 'Shroom Awards. The Host says into the microphone, "Thank you EctoBiologist for your presentation! And up next is Samba with S8, Favorite Issue of the Past Year!"

Samba is nervous about presenting the Award... He wonders if he would make a mistake, or somehow embarrass himself in front of everybody. This is one of the biggest events in his community, after all, and so that means that all eyes are on him for the small bit of time he has to show the results to the award he is presenting. "It's only a few minutes," he starts to think to himself, pacing behind the curtains backstage. "All I have to do is show the information on the screen and read the summaries, that's all!"

He peaks out from behind the curtain to catch a glimpse of the audience. Some people are seen looking right up at the stage and some are looking around at other people or other things in the room. There is plenty of chatter going on regarding the next award and other awards that are to come later during the night. All the seats are filled out there, and there are plenty of people standing around as well.

The sight behind the stage is a little more chaotic than the one in the audience... Staffers and interns run everywhere, delivering scripts and speeches to the various presenters that they can find. Superchao and Turboo can be seen with tall glasses of coffee, because God knows they need it lest they drop down and fall asleep, giving quick instructions to some presenters and production staff. The Host of The 'Shroom Awards comes behind stage and sees Samba staring around and says, "Hey! Samba, come on, it is time for you to present! If you do not come out now, I am going to have to do it for you."

The Host runs back out on stage and announces, "Alright everybody, here is Samba with S8, Favorite Issue of the Past Year!" The crowd starts to clap after having waited for about five minutes after the last presentation. At first, Samba gets a sinking feeling in his stomach, but then he jumps out in front of stage and receives the microphone from the Host. He looks out at the crowd and hears the applause get louder.

Samba begins, "Thank you all for being here today, on this special day! It is great to see everybody gathered here for our anniversary and, at this time, our wonderful newspaper The 'Shroom! I will be presenting the results to S8, Favorite Issue of the Past Year!"

"Now, for ninth place, we have a tie! This one is sort of interesting... Both received two write-in votes, and both are sort of opposite counterparts... I think you'll know what I mean. The issues that tied for ninth place are...!"

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Due to not being included, there is no 'Shroom Awards Dossier entry for 'Shroom Award 8 regarding this issue.

The idea to dedicate the June 2013 edition of The 'Shroom to Gamefreak75 came up long before it happened-- probably some time close to the end of 2012. The planning stages started in early 2013 and plenty of ideas were formed together for the issue, including: Palkia47 promoting the Pokémon Tournament event, Gamefreak75 writing a special section Mario vs. Kirby (which won Section of the Month), having a special edition of Retro Feature by Tucayo covering Gamefreak75, putting the 'Shroom and Userpedia Awards Dossiers in the issue, and introducing multiple themes for each team. Additionally, the Poll Chairperson election of 2013 started, a Feedback Survey was held, and Pyro wrote a special Fangamers Report. All in all, it turned out to be a great celebration of a great user and was the perfect way to kick off the Summer!

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Due to not being included, there is no 'Shroom Awards Dossier entry for 'Shroom Award 8 regarding this issue.

The annual Holiday issue! Every year, we at The 'Shroom like to celebrate the entire year by hosting a grand affair, and last year was no different! A quality issue was created by rounding up six main team writers (of which Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner by Coincollector became Section of the Month), ten guest writers, plenty of sub-team writers, special events, sparkly lights and decorations, fancy artwork by Edofenrir, and even holiday-themed banners by Master Crash just to make the issue a wintery wonder. Whether it be New Year's Resolutions, promoting Team Fortress 2 events, discussing the evolution of Koopas or posting big thank you notes, the December 2012 Holiday Issue was an extremely big and fun Special. It also saw a very close election between two friendly rival-colleagues, the introduction of an Achievements system, and an End-of-Year Awards celebration for all of the writers.

"Alright, now we're at eighth place. It looks like we have another tie! But which issues are the ones that tied? I'll give you a hint: they're both from 2012. We've got..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • A History of Video Games (written by Toad85) won the Main Section of the Month.
  • Marshal Dan Troop started writing Virtual Console Reviews for Critic Corner; YoshiMonsta started writing Entertainment Section for Critic Corner.

Before October 2012, July 2012 had seen Special Issue 64, August 2012 was the Mario Kart Twentieth Anniversary commemoration, and September 2012 was themed after the Awards. After October 2012, November 2012 saw many announcements regarding the next issue and December 2012 was the Special Holiday Issue. So where did that leave October 2012? As a very sleepy month in terms of big special events happening. And although it was a relatively quiet month, it certainly was not a bad one: there were six Main Team sections, plenty of Sub-team submissions, and even some references to Halloween. This small break between large-scale events helped give The 'Shroom staff the necessary time to produce one of the biggest and best issues of its time for that Holiday Season.

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Had a small Mario Kart theme to honour the series 20th anniversary.
  • First regular issue to feature the new main page format.
  • First regular issue to feature the Critic Corner sub-team, directed by Crocodile Dippy.
  • First regular issue to feature individual Section of the Month polls for each sub-team and for the main sections, running parallel with an overall Section of the Month poll encompassing all sections.
  • A History of Video Games (written by Toad85) won the Main Team Section of the Month.
  • Baja started writing Weather Forecast for Fake News.

August 2012 came right after a big Special Issue... So it should have been one of those issues affected by the so-called "post-Special Issue effect" where it is relatively small and quiet, right? No, not this time! In a relatively unprecedented occurrence, the August 2012 issue was actually a very decently-sized issue, with seven Main Team sections and plenty of the sub-team sections being present. Some sections took on a Mario Kart theme to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the series, although one specific crossword celebrated the tenth anniversary of Super Mario Sunshine. This issue carried the momentum straight from the Special Issue that preceded it to the Awards-based one that would follow it quite well.

"Alright, now we're down to seventh place. It looks like we have another tie!"

"...Just kidding, we don't have another tie yet. Looks like it's springtime for seventh place, which goes to..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Interview (written by Superchao) won the Main Section of the Month.
  • Paper Yoshi started writing Crossword for Fun Stuff; New Super Mario started writing NSM's Review Corner for Critic Corner; Pyro started writing Hottest Reviews Around for Critic Corner; Yoshi K started writing What Could Have Happened If... for Critic Corner.

Just one month after starting the new year for The 'Shroom, the March 2013 issue was a bit of a smaller one, especially compared to the ruckus that the closing to the previous year made. However, it still contained some noteworthy moments: for starters, it was publicly announced that the discussion for 'Shroom Awards IV had begun, Game Soundtrack Reviews was moved from Critic Corner to the Music & Artwork Team (now called Palette Swap), the implementation of a Closing Statement was announced by the staff following a suggestion, and the search for a new Sub-director after it was left vacant following the previous term was started. Although it was a small issue, it was still quite the busy month for The 'Shroom.

"Now, we have sixth place. This issue has to do with a certain event that went on last year at around this time. Of course, I'm referring to..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Ran parallel with the Awards Ceremony 2012, featuring the Director Election, a recap, and a few commentaries.
  • Overall Section of the Month was scrapped.
  • A History of Video Games (written by Toad85) won the Main Team Section of the Month.

As a part of the unique end of the year line-up for 2012, the September 2012 edition of The 'Shroom turned the spotlight on to the Super Mario Wiki's Anniversary festivities. The first annual Awards Committee Director Election was held (which Turboo and Superchao won), Tucayo wrote an Anniversary recap, twelve Awards Committee members shared their experiences that year, Gamefreak75 and Lakituthequick contributed special sections, and template copies of the 'Shroom Awards III were provided. Additionally, the Overall Section of the Month was scrapped since it streamlined the process and made it work better.

"This next issue is one that came before some of the biggest changes that were ever made to the paper. It came right before a major Special Issue. This issue is..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Poll Chairperson Election 2012 was held in this issue.
  • Last issue to feature the original main page format.
  • Last issue to feature the Affiliates Manager position.
  • Dippy's Matilda (written by Crocodile Dippy) won the Section of the Month.
  • Kibago started writing Fake Interview for Fake News; MrConcreteDonkey started writing Forum Updated for Pipe Plaza; and Paper Yoshi started writing Random Image of the Month for Music and Artwork (now Palette Swap).

June 2012 was the month that was used to build excitement for the next one, which would have Special Issue 64. And so there were several things that came up about the issue that was to come out next, and some sections included in the edition as well. In addition to these circumstances, the Poll Chairperson election of 2012 started, during which Crocodile Dippy and Master Crash became the elected ticket. Otherwise, this issue is noteworthy for being one of the last issues to be done with the old Front Page layout, as a revamped version would be introduced in the Special Issue.

"And once again, we've got another tie!"

"...This time I'm serious. Had either of these issues obtained one more vote, they could have tied for third instead of winding up here. For fourth place, the winners are..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • The new director's term officially started, with Super Mario Bros. and Henry Tucayo Clay as the two directors.

After all of the banging and crashing that the celebratory issues that the last year would provide, the new directorial term would start off rather calmly: just some reassurances that big plans were on their way later during the year and some Main team and sub-team sections to browse through. After all, this time usually tends to be a transitional phase in terms of staff plans and staff composition, so it makes sense that things would be a little more quiet than at other times. Most notably, though, the navigation boxes that allow you to go to the next section or back to the previous one were implemented in this edition of The 'Shroom.

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Super Mario Bros. won the 'Shroom Director Election 2013 and appointed his opponent Henry Tucayo Clay as his equal Co-Director, a first for the newsletter. His ideas were illustrated in his Directorial Address.
  • Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner (written by Coincollector) won the Main Section of the Month.
  • Superchao started writing Interviews.

After the big celebration that was held in the Special Holiday Issue that preceded it, Issue LXX was a great way to kick off 2013: it was marked with the close of the Director Election, a Directorial Address that laid out the plans for the next year, and two amazing Special Sections Meet the Stooben by Crocodile Dippy and A Pretentious List of The Ten Greatest Love Songs You Won't Find On Most List Of The Ten Greatest Love Songs by Scarecrow von Steuben. The issue marked the end of a very successful 'Shroom term and left the doors open to an amazing 2013 term.

"And now we're down to the final three! This next one was pretty big, since it included some staff changes and the relaunching of a project that everybody took for as being dead. Had it received one more vote, it would have tied for second place. Third place goes to..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Edofenrir re-introduced as sub-director.
  • RandomYoshi resigned as Statistics Manager, and was replaced by Mario4Ever.
  • Superchao won the Main Section of the Month award, with his Interview section.
  • Saw the revival of the 'Shroom Spotlight project, with YoshiKong appointed as the new manager.
  • Introduced the Manual of Style.
  • Introduced the new compacted Single Page Layout, in line with the Wiki's article size policy.
  • Goomba started writing Fake Shop.

April 2013 was a very, very busy month for The 'Shroom. Not having a Sub-director proved to make the release process extremely complicated, and so Edofenrir was reintroduced as the Sub-director at this time. RandomYoshi also retired from the community some time before the issue was released, so Mario4Ever jumped on board to fill in the Statistics Manager position. This issue also marked the reintroduction of The 'Shroom Spotlight after having been absent for the longest time, with YoshiKong jump-starting it and getting people together to make it work again. The new Manual of Style was set in place and the streamlined Single Page format was introduced, both changing how the paper would be handled from that point on. Finally, it was publicly announced at this time that Issue LXXV (June 2013) would be a Special Issue and that several events would be held.

"And now we have second place. Had it received one less vote, it still would have been in second place! Had it received one more vote, it still would have been in second place! Looks like this one was just destined to be in second place..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • Character Comparison (written by Post-Damage Invincibility) and Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner (written by Coincollector) both won the Main Section of the Month.
  • Marshal Dan Troop and Freakworld both started writing both Guess That Game and Guess Who? for Fun Stuff.

The November 2012 was a great issue that was released during the final half of 2012. Most of the issues surrounding it during this time period were Special Issues or had special themes, but this edition of The 'Shroom was used to announce some special features coming up for the Special Holiday Issue that would be released in the following month. A chat party for the December issue was announced, the Director Election procedures were gone over, and the new policies that would require the revamping of the Single Page were announced publicly at this time. Several outstanding Main team and sub-team sections were also included in the issue.

"Finally, with a landslide victory, we have..."

'Shroom Awards Dossier entry:
  • The "Leading Staff" designation was removed.
  • FunkyK38 and Superchao tied for the Main Section of the Month Award, with Brawl Tactics and Interview, respectively.
  • Yoshi K started writing Fake Sports, and Paper Yoshi started writing Ask Paper Yoshi.

The concept behind the May 2013 issue was quite similar to the one behind November 2012: it was an issue that had the main purpose of hyping up the Special Issue that would follow it. Not too many changes were made at this time since they were to be made in June, so there was mostly discussion about the next month. Work was also started on fixing some errors that were found in the archived issues, and several sections were produced for this issue by the dedicated team of writers.

"And that's all for my presentation! Thank you everybody, and enjoy the rest of the ceremony!"

Samba walked off stage as the crowd reacted to the results. How will the crowd react? We'll see!

1. May 2013 - 22 (18.49%)
2. November 2012 - 16 (13.45%)
3. April 2013 - 15 (12.61%)
4. January 2013 - 14 (11.76%)
4. February 2013 - 14 (11.76%)
5. June 2012 - 9 (7.56%)
6. September 2012 - 8 (6.72%)
7. March 2013 - 7 (5.88%)
8. August 2012 - 5 (4.20%)
8. October 2012 - 5 (4.20%)
9. O. December 2012 - 2 (1.68%)
9. O. June 2013 - 2 (1.68%)

  • Thanks to Crocodile Dippy for letting me quote the information that he put into The 'Shroom Dossier for 'Shroom Award 8.
  • Thanks to Turboo, Superchao, and FireEevee (EctoBiologist) for giving me permission to mention their names in the presentation.

Count Bonsula is up next with S2, Favorite Team!


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Celestial Guide
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Also if you get nominated guys, do you vote for yourself.

Super Mario Bros.

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Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great time here! Now, as the majority of you know, there is this newspaper called The Shroom...

And this newspaper is full of COOL THINGS made by COOL TEAMS.
Today, we are going to figure out who is THE COOLEST TEAM OF THE SHROOM

Let's start the countdown.

Directed by Paper Yoshi, Pipe Plaza is where you can find cool tips, information about upcoming games, featured stuff, reports...etc. It's actually pretty useful! And usefulness is cool. Which is why this gets third place. Actually this gets third place because of you guys' votes. But I'm pretending it's getting third place because of how cool and useful it is. I am also saying this to make this paragraph bigger because I ran out of things to say. Moving on.

This is directed by Superchao currently. It's an amazing realm where you can have fun solving crosswords, find koopas in crowded pictures, test your Mario knowledge with quizzes and acquire more by reading the Trivia section. And let's not forget those amazing word searches and Find The Differences. Few might know this, but if you solve all of the Fun Stuff games and puzzles, you get a reward. A dark reward. An item that was once sealed away by our ancestors. The dark magic it wields is beyond human comprehension. Few know its true name, and whoever hears it will bear eternal suffering. But if you insist, I can show it to you...Click at your own risk. But I warn you, you might regret it...

Fake News is directed by MrConcreteDonkey. It is a series of real events that totally occurred reported by professional...reporters accurately. These long pages of non-lies are loved by the readers a lot. Because they can finally see the truth presented to them truthfully. Fake News has been known for the fact that not a single false thing was discovered among these statements of true factz. It is good to know that The Shroom has this wonderful team of deceit-less, falsehood-less and truthful members. Poochy bless Fake News. And all hail The Uncanny Mushroom.

And this is how I end this presentation. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go get some tacos.
S2 - Favorite Team (170 valid votes) said:
1. Fake News - 48 (28.24%)
2. Fun Stuff - 43 (25.29%)
3. Pipe Plaza - 24 (14.12%)
4. Critic Corner - 21 (12.35%)
4. Main Team - 21 (12.35%)
5. Music & Artwork - 13 (7.65%)
S2 - Favorite Team (170 valid votes) said:
MrConcreteDonkey is up next with S5, Favorite Veteran Writer!