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It's almost time for 'Shroom Awards IV, the ceremony that showcases the best of our site's newspaper! This ceremony will begin in about two hours, at (13:00 (1:00) PST/16:00 (4:00) EST).


13:00 - ‘Shroom opening script - Super Mario Bros.
13:05 - S1. Favorite Director – Pyro
13:10 - S7. Favorite Guest Writer – EctoBiologist
13:15 - S8. Favorite Issue of the Past Year – Super Mario Bros.
13:20 - S2. Favorite Team – Count Bonsula
13:25 - S5. Favorite Veteran Writer – MrConcreteDonkey
13:30 - S3. Favorite Sub-Director/Leading Staff – Superchao
13:35 - S9. Favorite Event – Tucayo
13:40 - S4. Favorite Sub-Team Director – EctoBiologist
13:45 - S6. Favorite New Writer – Pyro
13:50 - S10. 'Shroom Lifetime Achievement – Paper Jorge
13:55 - ‘Shroom closing script - Super Mario Bros.

Host: Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
Core 'Shroom Staff
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Credit to Tucayo for the logo.

The moment we've all been waiting for,
It's come knocking at our door!
We're celebrating eight years past.
Boy, it's been a blast.

Porplemontage sat in his chair,
Which resided in his lair,
And created the website
Without much of a fight.

It was on that August 12th day...
The wiki came into play.
And it grew and it grew
With many members new!

But one year passed us by
And the wiki seemed dry.
So Sadaharu was bored,
So bored that he snored!

So he thought and he thought,
A great project he sought...
Good ol' Saudy was smart,
For that's how The 'Shroom would start.

The wiki started to get full,
And things got less dull,
So Wayoshi decided to propose
One of the community's largest shows!

The first Awards came in 2007,
And it was like heaven.
It was a grand affair
For every Mario player.

But some time before that,
The wiki started to get fat
With stories about its user base!
It was an issue that someone would face...

Wayoshi would eventually say,
"You don't work, you don't play!"
So Userpedia came to be
By his bureaucratic decree.

Time has since flown,
And our community has grown
Into something rather great
Over the years that count up to eight!

We are here to celebrate each other,
You and me and one another...
The Anniversary is quite fun
And the show has only begun.

Welcome to the Super Mario Wiki Anniversary Festivities!

Welcome to 'Shroom Awards IV!

Pyro is up first with S1, Favorite Director!

Garlic Man

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