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Lakitu and Pyro asked for tokens because they were unable to compete in MK7. I think compensating hosts is fair, but here we need to discuss how much. This should apply to other tournaments with the same scenario (Is Packy actively playing in the Pokemon event?).

For events where the host is actively playing (Me and Stooben in TF2, for instance), this should not count.
I'd say add up all the tokens everyone earned and just do an average. (So all the tokens everyone earned divided by the amount of players and then they get that much)

So if you do that (rounding up if need be) Pyro and Lakitu would get.......

19 tokens each. That might be a little low though, idk, what do you guys think? Maybe like 30 would be better.


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we're giving 50 tokens to packy, ralph, smasher, ltq, and pyro