1,000,000 things we hate!

2031-When I dream something weird or really good (because when it's good I'll think it's real but then I open my eyes and :()
2033: Heavy Metal music
2040: Bowsette. It's cancer and a disgrace to humanity.
2046: Boss Battles where the opponent knows every trick in the book and knows when to attack (especially in racing games, I’m sure many people gave up on the last boss battle in CTR)
2050: games that feature characters from non-game franchises(these are usually made by developers looking for a quick buck and can make a game in less than a few weeks(the only exceptions, in my opinion, are Disney Infinity and all LEGO games) they also cause kids to beg their parents for it just because they like the franchise it represents. In my opinion, most, if not all of these are terrible and should never be bought unless you get pulled into buying them)
2054: Barbie Dolls(I did like the movies as a child, but now I find them childish)
2056: Detective Pikachu(aka the most boring game ever that has no excuses for getting a movie)