Minecraft Games!


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Yeah, sorry I wasn't able to attend, my internet was down the entire time.


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if it isn't down you can still come in but there's no way you're going to build something in sprite art unless you do something really simple


King Bowser
My original idea was kind of simple but it would be quite hard without creative mode flying.


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Took an extremely long time but the Sprite Art Contest is done, with Turb 1st, Uniju 2nd, and Rocker 3rd! Here's the sculptures:



~Massive Fangirl
Sorry i couldn't attend hardcore spleef/finish sky warriors.

Since I can't connect on my home wifi, i was using my neighbors, and it sucks.

I'll figure something out for tomorrow.


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Sky Warriors finished with Turb and Uniju doing a joint win over some team formation, with Rocker placing second and Reversinator placing third!

Hardcore Spleef streched to six matches, ending with first place for TFP, second for Uniju, and third for Toadbert.


King Bowser
Pyro said:
Took an extremely long time but the Sprite Art Contest is done, with Turb 1st, Uniju 2nd, and Rocker 3rd! Here's the sculptures:

Time to rethink my ideas for the MarioWiki User Build contest.

Anyway I found out why my internet was down, apparently there was some work being done on the power lines nearby my house and someone messed up and cut off the electricity to my entire street, and I use a laptop so I didn't notice until I tried connecting.


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And so the Minecraft Games come to a close.

Despite me saying the results on the server, I obtained chat logs from LTQ and tallied the deaths...

NOTES: Player-to-player deaths were not counted, and lava deaths were not counted unless it said that it was to escape a monster. The second Wither we fought does not count. "Withering away" counts as a Wither death.

Enderman x1
Zombie Pigman x1
Magma Cube x3
Zombie x2
Witch x1
Cave Spider x2
Slime x1
Wither x3

Enderman x2
Skeleton x1
Magma Cube x1
Wither x2

Enderman x1
Zombie Pigman x2
Magma Cube x5
Skeleton x2
Cave Spider x1
Spider x1
Slime x1
Lava to escape Ghast x1
Wither x1

Skeleton x3
Enderman x3
Zombie Pigman x2
Zombie x1
Witch x1
Spider x1
Slime x1
Blaze x1
Magma Cube x1

Enderman x1
Zombie Pigman x1
Magma Cube x2
Zombie x1
Spider x2
Blaze x2
Lava while escaping Cave Spider x1
Lava while escaping Wither x1

Total Deaths
TFP: 14
Turb: 6
Toadbert: 15
Uniju: 14
Reversinator: 11

Congratulations to Turb for placing 1st, with Reversinator 2nd, and TFP and Uniju tying for third! Congratulations!

Monster Dodge didn't go so well first, but ended well as we fought a Wither. Well, two, but we never agreed on the second one. It ended with LTQ and I having to pin it to the wall and slaughter it. Toadbert got the STAAARRR which is on display at the Op Shack.

PvP wasn't as well but still fun; there were alliances between TFP and Toadbert, and Uniju and Turb if I remember correctly. There were floods, iron hoarding, many chests, wheat farms, secret room abusing, and lots of useless digging! There were also a bunch of forfeits, which eventually lead to TFP and Toadbert joint winning 1st, with Turb winning 2nd and Uniju forfeited before anyone else so I assume he gets third?

MarioWiki User Build went fine. It took much less time than Sprite Art. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to take a picture of the contraptions, but Toadbert won with his Toadbert sculpture, Turb won 2nd with a Blocky sculpture, and SK won 3rd with Porplemontage, Stooben and SK sculptures. Skulldug lost by building an inaccurate monstrosity and spawned pigs on top of it. We can get pics later.

So, the wins...

Pig Races:
First Place - MM64. 8 tokens!
Second Place - Turb. 5 tokens!
Third Place - Skulldug. 2 tokens!

Capture the Block
Turb brought the block to the tree. 8 tokens!
MM64 also joint won, getting him...6 tokens!

Redstone Contraption Contest
First Place - Uniju. 10 tokens!
Second Place - Turb. 8 tokens!
Third Place - MM64. 6 tokens!

Beginner Spleef
First Place - Reversinator. 7 tokens!
Second Place - Turb and TFP. 4 tokens!
There were no "third places" for BSpleef, by the way. It was winner and runner-up.

Sprite Art Contest
First Place - Turb. 15 tokens!
Second Place - Uniju. 10 tokens!
Third Place - Rocker. 7 tokens!

Sky Warriors
First Place - Turb and Uniju's team. 10 tokens!
Second Place - Rocker. 5 tokens!
Third Place - Reversinator. 3 tokens!

Hardcore Spleef
First Place - TFP. 10 tokens!
Second Place - Uniju. 7 tokens!
Third Place - Toadbert. 3 tokens!

Monster Dodge
First Place - Turb. 15 tokens!
Second Place - Reversinator. 11 tokens!
Third Place - Tie between Uniju and TFP. 8 tokens!

Survival Games
First Place - TFP and Toadbert's team. 20 tokens!
Second Place - Turb. 15 tokens!
Third Place - Uniju. 10 tokens!

MarioWiki User Build
First Place - Toadbert. 15 tokens!
Second Place - Turb. 10 tokens!
Third Place - SK. 8 tokens!

Final Token Tallies
MM64 - 20 tokens!
Turb - 90 tokens! I think. Wow. Close to the max. I feel like I caused a problem with prizes like TF2 last year...
Skulldug - 2 tokens!
Uniju - 45 tokens!
Reversinator - 11 tokens!
Rocker - 7 tokens!
TFP - 42 tokens!
Toadbert - 38 tokens!
SK - 8 tokens!

Tell me if I miscounted. But WOW, congratulations to Turb, Uniju, and TFP for being the top token winners! I had a lot of fun with this tournament. You guys should probably see the MW User Build stuff soon. Thank you all for signing up!


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[Poochy] Alright guys, time's up! Please go to the ground to avoid fall-damage.
[Poochy] LTQ and Pyro will start judging now.
[MDdifficulty: Set SKmarioman's game mode to Adventure Mode]
[MDdifficulty: Set Uniju's game mode to Adventure Mode]
[MDdifficulty: Set PikminII's game mode to Adventure Mode]
[MDdifficulty: Set Toadbert's game mode to Adventure Mode]

PikminII fell from a high place
<Toadbert> loool
<SKmarioman> great warning
<Death_and_Pyro> well ltq your really great
Just saying that I laughed on this.

Images of the MarioWiki User Build:



Guess who's back. Guess who's keeping this name.
Will you be providing a download of the finished map?


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Awards Committee
Good evening.

Well, I've put it in a ZIP. While I looked around in the world once more, I noticed that some things didn't go as intended (and I'm not talking about PvP).

Why is there a hole in the Hardcore Spleef Arena?

Download ZIP from Dropbox (because I hate Mediafire and the like (seriously))


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Lakituthequick said:
Why is there a hole in the Hardcore Spleef Arena?
I thought I only didn't repair the Monster Dodge arena. I have no clue how that happened.