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Thank you based god
Awards Mafia III
Co-hosted by Ralph and Smasher

What in blazes?
For those of you who haven't played before, Mafia is a game that we enjoy playing on these forums. Here is a very good explanation of how the game is played. If you're new, don't be afraid to sign up! You'll have a great time!

About this game:
-This game will have two main factions: The Innocents (who must take out all of the Mafia to win) and the Mafia (who must outnumber the innocents). There may also be some smaller factions, as well as some Independents. Some games include multiple evil (scum) factions.
-There will be no specific theme. Expect anything and everything.
-In this game, locations will be a very important mechanic. Players will visit locations during both the day and night. They will find items, uncover new powers and sometimes encounter other players at locations. Locations will often be affected by the weather.
-During the day, players can vote who they want to lynch using Vote: Player. To change or remove your vote, simply type Unvote. The player with the most votes will be lynched at the end of the day.
-At night, please send a PM to both Ralph and Smasher telling us what you want to do with your night action.
-The Mafia will kill a player every night.
-If you are lynched or nightkilled (or killed for any other reason), you cannot participate for the rest of the game unless you are revived or your role says something different. We don't care if you post after death, but you may no longer suspect people, reveal information, or participate in the game in any way. But that doesn't mean you should give up hope! Some players may be participating in the game past their deaths.
-Non-innocents will receive a Quicktopic to chat with their teammates with. Do not share this with anyone outside of your team.
-You may create a Quicktopic for alliances and send these to whoever you like as long as both Ralph and Smasher receive the link.
-No lynches are allowed. However, a no lynch will lose in a tie.
-Roleclaiming is allowed.
-Revealing your role card or quoting it is not allowed and you will immediately receive a modkill if you do so.
-Remember that this is just a game. People will lie and be manipulative, but that is part of the game. If you become angry and try to cause trouble in the thread, we will not hesitate to remove you.
-If you are caught cheating, we will modkill you on the spot.
-If you are do not do anything for six phases in a row and there is a substitute handy, we will replace you.
-No, dead players may not serve as substitutes.
-Failure to follow your post restrictions means you can not use your powers until the following day phase.
-We hope to start this game on July 5th, though it is possible that it will be delayed. However, signups will be closed on the 5th if we have an adequate number of players (at least 31).
-We reserve the right to ban anyone from participating in this game based on their previous track record.
-And finally, don't forget to have fun!

1) Palkia47 (Dean Winchester)
2) Time Turner
3) Tucayo (Hobbes)
4) Tantusar (emotionTongue)
5) FireEevee (Super Smash Bros 4 Mario)
6) Superchao (Morgan)
7) Mariotime11
8) Toad85 (Toad Eightyfive)
9) Stooben
10) Xpike
11) Marshal Dan Troop (Diesel)
12) Yoshi123 (Timmy)
13) Baby Mario Bloops (cryoAwakening)
14) Turboo (Shinon)
15) Mario4Ever
16) Master Crash (Copper)
17) Cirdec
18) New Super Yoshi (NSY)
19) Freakworld
20) Lily x (Phantom L)
21) Smg2daisy (Len Kagamine)
22) Neptune99 (Joey Tribbiani)
23) MrConcreteDonkey (DCI Gene Hunt)
24) New Super Mario (NSM)
25) Epic Nitwit
26) Lakituthequick
27) Mr bones (Cronus Ampora)
28) LN1 (Pharaoh Man)
29) Gamefreak75 (Booker)
30) Vocal Beat (Beat)
31) Rocker64
32) Uniju
33) Tabuuownsall132x2 (Jack English)
34) SonicMario (Northern Verve)
35) Bowser45 (Bowser45 the Sith Nazgul Pony of the Caribbean)
36) QuizmoManiac
37) Marcelagus (Christian Brutal Sniper)
38) Dr. Javelin (Walhart)
39) MCS
40) Gonzales Kart Inc (MegaDigga3)
41) SpinyMaster
42) tfp (Minako Aino)

1) Super Mario Bros.

Come on and sign up! The more the merrier!


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Guess who's back. Guess who's keeping this name.
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I will join your little game. :P


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Rest in Peace, Walkazo
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Bold text


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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beware feeble mafia players.

because you'll feel the burn!

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i will horde all of the jammin' jellies

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Time Turner said:
please don't convert me again
but because of that, you won

don't you want to WIN

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i can respect that


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am i in


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Can I not be Pirate this time