Team Fortress 2 Tournament #2 (RESULTS UP) [FINISHED]


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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament #2 (RESULTS COMING SOON)

Gee, I wonder what award I won. DEFIANTLY best attendance. But hey, it was awesome to play with you guys for a little. :)


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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament #2 (RESULTS COMING SOON)


How long is it taking you to tally up all of the tokens?

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won just over half the rounds I played. notbad.jpg


how about a rousing game of pool
bahaha only 1/3

edit: started going through the replays, I'm skimming through everything and marking divisions in the ticks for rounds and team pickings so you can decide whats boring and if you want to skip through it


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18, nice.

And my perception of Block Fort has changed forever.

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So I watched tb's demo from Granary and

You guys on red team talked about me a lot


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more like toadbert vs. martiniman

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Since Groden either decided not to use the badges or forgot about them, I would like to take this moment to award myself this 'most wins' badge

congrats, me

thanks, me