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L - N - 1
Simply enough, this mafia is partially a somewhat inside joke but also serious. Every SINGLE ROLE in the game is over powered. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Signup and see how short this gets to.

1.)Overpowered Random YoshiOverpowered Tantusar(isn't it ironic?, RandomYoshi was the first signup, and was replaced)
2.)Overpowered Nabber
3.)Overpowered Baby Mario Bloop[er]s
4.)Overpowered Yoshi KOverpowered Stooben
5.)Overpowered Lily
6.)Overpowered Cirdec
7.)Overpowered Neptune who tried to signup twice but failed since I'm more overpowered.
8.)Overpowered NSY
9.)Overpowered MM15
10.)Overpowered Pyro
11.)Overpowered Smasher
12.)Overpowered Reversinator
13.)Overpowered LakituthequickOverpowered Toad85 who only exists to delay UTDA
14.)Overpowered Epic Nitwit
15.)OverpoweredBalanced FireEevee
16.)Overpowered Rocker
17.)Overpowered NoBBC User PTR
18.)Overpowered New Super Mario

1.)All roles are overpowered. All roles.
2.)Don't quote your role PM.
3.)Besides the OP roles, this plays like a normal mafia(Day is lynch vote, night is nightkill, innocents win if all mafia dies, mafia win if they equal or outnumber the innocents)
4.)If you're unsatisfied with your OP role, don't blame me. Blame random.org instead
5.)There are some private factors influencing voting. Don't trust just on the votecount.
6.)Joking around is allowed, but not recommended.
7.)No Lynch, if for any reason you want to use it in a mafia full of overpowered roles, is there and allowed.
8.)If the votecount(including the private factors) ties 2 or more players, there will be a tiebreaker, but it will not be based on luck.
9.)FireEevee will have an overpowered role, he's just the only player who has balanced on his signup list name.
10.)Breaking any rules will result in a modkill as fast as I can do it with no replacement. Yes, your modkill could cause your faction to lose.
11.)If there's a need for at least 2 modkill replacements, the game will temporally go on an Intermission Phase. During intermission phase, you can try to vote or use your powers, but it won't work. Use those phases as you wish.
12.)More rules may be added if I so wish to do.
13.)Remember, no matter how overpowered you are, I'm more overpowered. The host is an unlynchable bulletproof role in this game.
14.)Don't worry about the order of the rules
15.)CPRN is best god, and you know it.
16.)Ignore the message that was edited out in the same edit I placed this rule.

Yoshi K

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Re: Overpowered Role Mafia-Overpowered Lounge

I'll be the GodfatherCopVigConverterGrannyUnLynchableBulletproof


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Re: Overpowered Role Mafia-Overpowered Lounge

This actually might work this time round as we know it will be overpowered

Lily x

Re: Overpowered Role Mafia-Overpowered Lounge

All the roles should be op people/character
Heavy and Meta Knight should be roles.


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Re: Overpowered Role Mafia-Overpowered Lounge

godfather/bomber/time traveler/double trouble/viligante/yakuza

calling it now


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Re: Overpowered Role Mafia-Overpowered Lounge

i'm underpowered


Re: Overpowered Role Mafia-Overpowered Lounge

Lakituthequick said:
Oh yeah, that.


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Re: Overpowered Role Mafia-Overpowered Lounge

ohyay I am balanced.

now I can complain about everyone being OP.
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