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Yes, I know my current Mafia isn't even close to finishing yet (at the time of writing this), but I want to start collecting sign-ups early. Anyways, my name is GreenDisaster (or Reversinator, if you insist on calling me that), and as the title implies, this will be a Mafia game based on the second season of Digimon, Digimon Adventure 02. As such, characters from this season will be featured in my game, but none of you guys actually know anything about Digimon past the first season, so there's really no point in even mentioning that. Like last time, the Innocents will be the DigiDestined while the Mafia will be the Myotismon Army.

For the game I'd like to set up, I want to have twenty users.

0. GreenDisaster (Time Turner) - Snimon, the Innocent Scout - Sliced Twilight 0
1. Pyro (Finland) - Armadillomon, the Innocent Jailer - Hanged Night 8
2. Rocker (Garrus Vakarian) - Yolei, the Innocent Cop - Slashed Night 1, Revitalized Day 2, Won Day 10
3. Nabber (Gundam Tanaka) - Mummymon, the Mafia Roleblocker - Splatted Night 2
4. Smasher - Kimeramon, the Mafia Goon/Drunk/Vigilante - Exploded Day 5
5. Bowser45 - Davis, the Innocent Public Speaker/Bodyguard - Stabbed Day 1
6. Neptune (The End) - Kari, the Innocent Doctor/Necromancer - Killed Night 7
7. Epic Nitwit (Fred) FireEevee (Panne) - Patamon, the Innocent Roleblocker/Lantern Holder - Knicked Night 4
8. RY (Chiaki Nanami) - LadyDevimon, the Third-Party Copycat - Flung Day 2
9. Lily (Lilith) - Daemon, the Third-Party Godfather/Jinx - Smashed Day 6
10. NSY - Veemon, the Innocent Granny - Shot Day 1
11. MCS - T.K., the Innocent Gallis/Honored - Snapped Night 6
12. BMB (Xerneas) - SkullSatamon, the Third-Party Goon/Silencer - Bombed Night 5
13. Shoey (Rock Knight) - MarineDevimon, the Third-Party Bomber - Died Day 10
14. Timmy - Arukenimon, the Mafia Detective - Speared Day 3
15. Crackin355 - Wormon, the Innocent Bulletproof/Bomber - Knifed Day 8
16. MCD (Saul Slendamann) - Myotismon, the Mafia Godfather/Hypnotist - Blasted Day 2
17. New Super Mario (Virion) - Gatomon, the Innocent Fairy - Died Day 10
18. Cirdec - Cody, the Innocent Aware/Understudy - Knifed Day 8
19. Smg2daisy (Kyouko Kirigiri) - Hawkmon, the Innocent Watcher/Tracker - Clubbed Night 4
20. Tucayo (Hobbes) - Ken, the Innocent Vigilante/Miller - Burnt Night 5

1. FireEevee (Panne)

Color Key:
  • Green: Confirmed
  • Red: Myotismon Army
  • Blue: DigiDestined
  • Slate Blue: Revived
  • Gray: Daemon Corps


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Actually, i've seen most of the second season, just don't remember much.


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The theme is as boring as last time, but I suppose...


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giant fish

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Sweden? More like Memeden.
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Here's to hope I don't make a sucky fakeclaim if I for some reason should be Mafia and am pressed to make one!


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Another one?

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I feel bad you didn't have enough active members in the last one so I'll join. (Yes I looked through the game thread after the game was over :p)
Re: DigiMafia Adventure 02 - Lounge (Sign-ups are open)

Hopefully I won't need to leave this one half-way through

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Smg2daisy said:
Not signing up first, but I like season 1,2, and 4 the most. (Is season four the Digimon Savers?)
I dont like Digimon: Fusion Battles
Digimon Savers/Data Squad was the only one I didn't really like. This isn't the best place for discussing Digimon, though, and are you sure you don't want to sign up?


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My problem isn't over yet. Everyday I have to come here and paid for the internet. This is not my phone, just like what I said before.
When you start to make your first season mafia, I thought you will add the kids as innocents.
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