DigiMafia Adventure - Final Night: The Time Has Come to Celebrate

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first Mafia game I've hosted. As is customary, here are a basic list of rules:

1. There are two phases, Day and Night. During the day, you may vote on who to lynch by writing Vote: GreenDisaster, and during the night you use whatever power you may have. Both phases will end somewhere from 6 to 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time.
2. Voting for a no lynch is accepted, but will lose in a tie.
3. All abilities must be sent to me for them to be used.
4. Revealing your role PM or any quicktopic that I've created to anyone will result in an instant modkill. However, roleclaiming is allowed.
5. All PMs related to this game must be sent to me.
6. If you are entirely inactive after Night 3, you will be modkilled and replaced.
7. I will allow deadposting, but do not contribute to the game itself in any way.
8. If you have any criticisms, I will be glad to accept them. If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them.

Digivolutions are an ability that act essentially as a failsafe; when used, they will allow the user to use their power without being stopped.

1. They can be used either in the day or the night, and will last for the current phase and the following phase.
2. They are a one-time use with no way of replenishing them.
3. Though Digivolved powers always take precedence over regular powers, but they can be countered by another Digivolved power.
4. When they are used, it will be announced that the character has Digivolved, but the user himself will not be revealed.

1. Nabber - Togemon, the former-Innocent, current-Mafia Vigilante - Guillotined Day 8
2. Lily (Phantom L) - Wizardmon, the Innocent Necromancer - Won Day 10
3. Packy (A New World Record) Crackin (Christmas Crackin355) Neptune (Santagast the Merry) BMB (Fi) - Andromon, the Innocent Cop - Won Day 10
4. MM15 (Vocal Beat) Rin Kagamine (Christmas Rin Kagamine) MCD (Rolf) - Meramon, the Innocent Silencer - Won Day 10
5. Rocker64 (Beauty Queen Etna) - SkullMeramon, the Mafia Detective - Decapitated Day 9
6. FireEevee (ChristmasEevee) Smasher - Angewomon, the Innocent Tracker - Splattered Night 5
7. Smasher - Monzaemon, the Innocent Hypnotist - Impaled Day 4
8. Smg2daisy - Birdramon, the Innocent Watcher - Shot Night 1
9. NSY - Leomon, the Innocent Bodyguard - Won Day 10
10. Lakituthequick (LakantaTheQlaus) - WereGarurumon, the Innocent Roleblocker - Drowned Night 2
11. Crash (The Ghost of Christmas Crash) Lakituthequick - Bakemon, the Mafia Roleblocker - Headshot Day 10
12. Epic Nitwit (Epic the Rudolph Nitwit) - Angemon, the Innocent Doctor - Crucified Night 8 - Revived Day 9 - Won Day 10
13. Pyro - Phantomon, the Mafia Godfather - Fell Day 5
14. MCS - Ikkakumon, the Innocent Public Speaker - Won Day 10
15. Toad85 (Put That Thing Back Where it Came From or So Help Me) RandomYoshi (Cinnamon Pi) - DarkTyrannomon, the Mafia Bomber - Punched Day 4
16. Yoshi K - MetalGreymon, the Innocent Bulletproof - Won Day 10
17. Cirdec - Centarumon, the Innocent Oracle - Executed Day 3
18. New Super Mario - Ogremon, the Innocent Bomber - Stabbed Night 3
19. Yoshiquaker (Santawaker) - Kabuterimon, the Innocent Understudy - Exploded Night 6
20. Shoey (Cornelius Van Wyck Lawrence) - Nanimon, the Mafia Yakuza - Hanged Day 7

1. Crackin (Christmas Crackin355)
2. RandomYoshi (Cinnamon Pi)
3. Rin Kagamine (Christmas Rin Kagamine)
4. MCD (Rolf)
5. Neptune (Santagast the Merry)
6. BMB (Fi)

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Re: DigiMafia Adventure - Night 0: The Moon is Right

Phantom L said:
It's not pokemon.
Who are you responding to?

Also, I'm posting here to keep up to date with what's going on just in case I do need to replace someone. Don't know if that's not allowed or anything.

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Re: DigiMafia Adventure - Night 0: The Moon is Right

Smg2daisy said:
This already started?
It's Night 0, so technically no.

Anyways, I'm here.

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Re: DigiMafia Adventure - Day 1: Dawn of a New Day

Somewhere in the vastness of the Digital World, there was a small, peaceful village, separated from all of the struggles and battles of the rest of the world. The citizens of this village, as few as they were, did not prosper in riches, nor in food, but they made enough for themselves. Everyone knew each other, and everyone trusted each other. However, on one night that looked just like every other night, a swarm of newcomers came into the village. The people who had lived there for many ages had to deal with these brand new faces. They didn't know who these people were, and they certainly didn't trust them.

And then came the first death.

A murder in the village was entirely unprecedented. Everyone, old and new, was put into a state of panic. Everyone said that they weren't responsible, but at that point, nobody could trust anyone. Not even the original citizens could look at their neighbors and tell whether or not they were truly trustworthy. It was the beginning of the darkness.

I had awoken early the following day, to perform a headcount on everyone. Thankfully, everybody was still accounted for. I knew, though, that we couldn't just sit by and act idly as we're chipped off, so I proposed that on the morning of every day, we would meet in the center of town and vote on one person to lynch. If we were lucky, we could potentially find one of the ones that was responsible for the first death. If not, then we would another innocent to our own hands. It was risky, but it had to be done.

It is now Day 1. Voting will end on the 19th of December, at around 6 to 9 PM.

I like writing stories, so expect a bit of stories here.


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Re: DigiMafia Adventure - Day 1: Dawn of a New Day

Vote: No Lynch to start off.

Now to go back and find my role...


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No, i'm not high.


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Re: DigiMafia Adventure - Day 1: Dawn of a New Day

I don't really like no lynches or random voting so I'll abstain from voting for the time being.


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Re: DigiMafia Adventure - Day 1: Dawn of a New Day

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