Should a Big Eight character be killed off?

Which Big Eight character would you like to see killed off?

  • Mario

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  • Luigi

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  • Peach

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  • Toad

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  • Yoshi

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  • Wario

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  • Donkey Kong

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  • Bowser

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  • None, of course!

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Smiddle said:
No, what if something different catched Mario? Like a giant waffle?

...what did BM even drop from?

the Stork. haven't ANY of you played Yoshi's Island??? and I don't think a giant waffle would live very long, when Yoshi's eat Fire, Birds, Missles, etc. In other news: I added a pic to my profile!
Dork = 2 letters added to stork
HolySnap78 said:
I wouldn't like any of them to die, but I don't think toad should be apart of the Big eight anymore. He doesn't appear as much as he used to.
don't forget that he made very small roles lately
Toad shouldn't be part of the Big Eight. And he should die. But of course, he'll come back.
None should be killed off because the series wouldn't seem good and even if they killed off Toad it would be a spin off game the Toads that appear are the species not the character.