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Putting this here for now, but the game won't be starting for a little while. I owe Smasher a map-thingy from Awards Mafia before this can start.

Sign-ups are welcome. I'll also be sending out some invites soon. Max number of players will be 22.OK, fine, 26, but no more. Unless you're signing up as a replacement.

Take IV will be going back to a more basic game format. There will be Werewolves, Innocents, and possibly some Independents/Neutrals. There won't be numerous anti-town factions to contend with in this game, and there won't be overpowered roles, but that doesn't mean it won't still be interesting. I have a few gimmicks planned for this game, as well as some great post restrictions and hopefully some decent flavor text.

everyone changed their names so my nicknames don't make sense anymore

Rules and Features
1. Do not quote or screencap any messages sent to you by me. This includes your role card, goal, QuickTopic link, night results, or anything else that I end up sending you related to this game. You are free to paraphrase anything I "say", but the minute you quote or screencap, you're out.

2. Do not reveal information pertaining to this game after you have died. I don't care what it is, or how badly you wish to say it, keep a lid on it. If you are revived, you are, of course, free to post whatever you want.

3. Please PM me copies of all conversations pertaining to this game, whether they take place via PM, chat, or elsewhere. These will not only help me understand your strategies to give you a better rating after the game, but will also allow me to keep track of everything going on in this game so no one gets confused.

4. Each phase will typically last 48 hours. Depending on circumstances or what players require, I may shorten or extend this period for a particular phase.

5. If you go 8 phases without posting, PMing me, or using a night action or orb, I will consider you inactive and look for a replacement. So, stay active! These games aren't fun unless everyone is trying. If you play on going inactive during the game, just let me know beforehand so there aren't any misunderstandings.

6. Your rolecards and related PMs should explain everything you need to know about your role and powers, but if you ever have a question about anything, feel free to ask me. There just might some loopholes here or there you want to know about.

7. There are post restrictions in this game and they may require a player to act outside their realm of normalcy. Please do not be offended by any restrictions used in this game.

8. Failure to follow your post restriction will result in losing 20% of your max health. This will stack for multiple offenses. (i.e. not following your post restriction 3 times in a single day phase will result in you losing 60% of your max health)

9. Unless otherwise stated, all Orbs in this game are good for one use only. You can not carry more than a single Orb unless otherwise instructed. Orbs will be handed out before Night 1. Orbs can also be traded between two players, but the trade consent must be mutual.

10. Every player has a "Health" meter, which starts at 100% for everyone. If you are poisoned, your Health will gradually decrease by 20% per phase. If you are protected by a Doctor, your Health will be restored to 100%. There may be other instances that decrease or increase your health, but you'll find that out later. If your Health meter hits 0%, you are dead.

11. Some phases (both day and night) may present one or more players with a special opportunity to discover clues or perhaps even win a prize. None of these will be put into effect by randomization, but will instead be scripted based on you and your team's performance.

12. If a player is harassing you, please tell me privately and I will take care of things accordingly.

13. Most importantly, have fun!

0. yo mama
1. Blocky
2. Shoey
3. Turb
4. Ralph
5. Lily
6. Mario4Ever
7. Smg2daisy
8. SonicMario
9. MCD
10. Crash
11. New Super Mario
12. Smasher
13. Lakituthequick
14. Quizmo
15. Javelin
16. Tucayo
17. Nitwit
18. Xzealio
19. GreenDisaster
20. Nabber
21. FireEevee
22. BMB
23. Gamefreak
24. Martiniman
25. SMB
26. New Super Yoshi
27. Packy

1. Timmy
2. Tabuu
3. Neptune
4. Rocker

List of Standard Orbs

Arachnophobia Orb — Scares away any players who visit the orb's target at night. Effect lasts for 1 night.

Beacon Clues Orb — Can be used to determine how many anti-town players voted on the previous day's lynch.

Brainpower Orb — Can be used to double a player's vote for a single day phase.

Dastardly Mask Orb — Can be used to make a player appear guilty upon investigation for a single night phase.

Delicious Cake Orb — Can be used to restore 6 players' max health by 20%, or 3 players' max health by 40%.

Energize Orb — Can be used to switch two players during a single night phase, like a Bus Driver, resulting in the people targeting one of the players to target the other player instead.

Fly By Night Orb — Can be used to keep a close eye on one player for a single night phase. The user of this orb will discover who the target visited, and who visited the target; however, the actions performed by and on the target will not be revealed.

Glorious Hypnotoad Orb — Can be used to redirect one player's night orders onto another player, for a single night phase.

Have a Heart Orb — Can be used to restore 50% of one player's max health.

Heart of Gold Orb — Can be used to restore 100% of one player's max health. Does not revive a player from 0% health, however.

Hungry Heart Orb — Can be used to replenish 50% of one target's max health, by stealing 50% of another target's max health.

Indecisive Apple Orb — Can be used to gradually heal or poison one player.

Li'l Willy Orb — Remember Pinocchio? Can be used to protect a player for a single night phase, but will also roleblock them in the process.

Load of Bull Orb — Can be used one time to inspect three posts and find out if they are the truth or a lie.

Lucky Clover Orb — Cures one player and grants them immunity to poisoning and other ailments.

Marvelous Mask Orb — Can be used to make one player appear innocent upon investigation for a single night phase.

Pearl Swine Orb — Can be used to bribe one player out of a single death. Will automatically be used on the owner of the orb if a kill is attempted on them before the orb is used on another player.

Phoenix Down, 1-Up Orb — Can be used to revive one fallen player.

Private Eye Orb — Can be used to view three selected posts from an enemy's QuickTopic. This will not reveal the names of any of the QuickTopic's members, but can still be used to learn crucial information.

Tainted Love Orb — Can be used to gradually restore one target's health by 20% per phase, while gradually reducing another player's health by 20% per phase. Is operative for 5 consecutive phases.

List of Bonus Orbs

Flame On Orb — ???

Heart of Stone Orb — ???

One Good Day Orb — ???

Pink Cadillac Orb — ???

Shot in the Dark Orb — ???

Spiny Shell Orb — Can be used to bomb one player during a single night phase. The bombed player will die, and anyone who visits the target on that night will lose 50% of their max health. Anyone the target visits will receive the ~Burned~ status ailment.

Tip the Scales Orb — ???

Vacuum Pack Orb — ???

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Sounds fun.


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I honestly can't wait.

I participated in the previous one.

oh god it was so much fun.
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