Awards Director Election 2012-2013


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We are hosting the first-ever Awards Director Election on this issue! The election will run until October 20th. You can run if you think you have what it takes! Debates will be scheduled when we get candidates, good luck.'Shroom:Issue_LXVI/Awards_Director_Election


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Lakituthequick said:
tucayo said:'Shroom:Issue_LXVI/Awards_Director_Election
I hope you don't mind I occasionally purge the page.
In that way I update the It is currently thing, which normally doesn't update much.
Not at all, I don't see how purging it could be a bad thing.

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
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Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. said:
A question and answer session will take place in #mwikiawards (which can be accessed either from the applet or through Mibbit) for the Awards Director Election on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at 7:00 PM EST (11:00 PM UTC). If you have any questions for the candidates, be sure to attend so you can ask them!
This is tonight, by the way. Please be sure to attend if you want to ask the candidates questions about their plans!


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Awards Committee
22:43:16: <SMB> a!
22:43:20: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> ahoy
22:50:06: <SMB> We're starting in ten minutes!
22:50:10: <PurpleCoin> Yeah!
22:50:21: <PurpleCoin> BRB at 6:58ish
22:51:30: <SMB> Okay.
22:52:21: <Packy> my first question is going to be about the polar bears invading the ussr
22:52:23: <Packy> great question
22:52:24: <Packy> right?
22:52:25: <Packy> right.
22:52:35: <SMB> Packy
22:52:41: <SMB> That has got to be, like,
22:53:01: <SMB> The best question of all night. ;_;
22:53:17: <SMB> This is a serious question that must be answered!
22:53:18: <Mariofan169> lol
22:53:25: <Packy> I know man! The only one that could possibly top it is the tigers bombing Canada with explosive igloos...
22:53:32: <Mariofan169> XD
22:54:57: <SMB> Yes!
23:00:39: <SMB> Are we ready everybody?
23:00:46: <Peko_Perchiyama> z
23:00:51: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> z
23:00:57: <Mariofan169> ...
23:01:15: <SMB> Alright, then let's begin!
23:01:22: <SMB> This is how we will operate tonight:
23:01:56: <SMB> If you have a question for the candidates (the Turboo-TheGreatBlockyBoo ticket), please send the question to me in query.
23:02:14: <Peko_Perchiyama> it's superchao now
23:02:19: <Peko_Perchiyama> on both the wiki and the forum
23:02:24: <SMB> Oh, okay. My apologies.
23:02:31: <SMB> The Turboo-Superchao ticket!
23:02:42: <SMB> So if you have questions, please send them to me in query.
23:02:52: <SMB> I will select you to ask your question when it is your term.
23:03:05: <SMB> (And yes, this means that I am the Moderator for this event.)
23:03:33: <SMB> So we are ready! Please start sending in your questions. The first one who has one in will be asked to post their question.
23:03:58: <Peko_Perchiyama> it's a frank
23:04:39: <SMB> Hi TFP. If you have a question for the candidates, please send me a copy of the question and you will be added to the queue of people with questions.
23:05:03: <TFP> how will the candidates improve last year
23:05:48: <TFP> why should they be chosen as the director
23:05:57: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> (in query~)
23:06:05: <TFP> o
23:06:50: <SMB> Yes, for future reference, please send me the question in query.
23:06:51: <SMB> However,
23:07:10: <SMB> That is actually the first question we received tonight, so the candidates may start answering.
23:07:19: <SmartYoshi> Ok.
23:08:14: <PurpleCoin> 06I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!
23:08:16: <PurpleCoin> 06NOOOOOOOOO
23:08:29: <PurpleCoin> 06What did I miss?
23:08:29: <SmartYoshi> Me too
23:08:41: <SMB> TFP asked,
23:09:05: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> well
23:09:07: <PurpleCoin> 06This a place to ask questions?
23:09:07: <SMB> "how will the candidates improve last year. why should they be chosen as the director"
23:09:18: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we already outlined a lot of that in our campaign
23:09:20: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> but
23:09:24: <[pyro]> which ones turb
23:09:25: <PurpleCoin> 06........
23:09:28: <SMB> Guys, please.
23:09:32: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we would like to open up timezone suggestions
23:09:35: <PurpleCoin> 06join/#Efu
23:09:38: <Peko_Perchiyama> i dunno maybe it's nagiturb komaeda
23:09:39: <Mariofan169> ...
23:09:44: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> as some users complained about the timing of the ceremony
23:10:09: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> also
23:10:24: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> since the tf2 tournament gave out too many tokens we are going to make sure this doesn't happen again
23:10:44: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> this was already set in place last year but i feel i should note it anyway
23:10:54: <PurpleCoin> 06how do you make the bold inside a sentence
23:10:54: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we won't be limiting the number of committee signups to 13/15
23:11:07: <SmartYoshi> Can you tell me what's going on here,SMB.
23:11:12: <SMB> I'm sorry for interrupting, Turboo, but
23:11:24: <SMB> If anybody has any questions, send them to me in QUERY! :D
23:11:36: <PurpleCoin> 06whats query
23:11:37: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> yes
23:11:38: Mariofan169 facepalms
23:11:38: <SMB> Not by interrupting the candidate's response.
23:11:44: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> /query SMB
23:11:52: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> ahem
23:12:09: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> as i was saying one of our main focuses this year is
23:12:12: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> flexibility
23:12:25: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> so we would like to open a public suggestion box
23:12:44: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> so regular users can suggest award ideas that the committee will then discuss and vote on
23:13:10: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> however i would like to note that due to last year's overall positive response to this
23:13:18: <SmartYoshi> ???
23:13:19: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we will be keeping the awards at a minimum of 60
23:13:35: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we will decide later on if we are going to expand
23:13:47: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> finally,
23:14:05: SmartYoshi waits for Nagiturb_Komaeda
23:14:08: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we will be alternating meetings between fridays and saturdays so they do not clash with the shroom's release schedule
23:14:17: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> thats about it
23:15:16: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> alright
23:15:18: <SMB> Alright TFP, does that answer your question, or do you have any follow-ups to it?
23:15:19: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> next question?
23:15:26: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> unless tfp has something else to say
23:15:34: <SmartYoshi> maybe
23:15:47: <TFP> whta do you mean tf2 tourney gave too much tokens
23:16:11: <TFP> what do you mean a max of 60
23:16:16: <TFP> expanding what
23:16:18: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> it gave too many tokens to the participants compared to other tournaments
23:16:20: <Peko_Perchiyama> we said /minimum/ of 60
23:16:27: <Peko_Perchiyama> i.e. we wont be shrinking the number of awards
23:16:32: <TFP> oh
23:16:32: <Peko_Perchiyama> we might expand them though
23:16:35: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> yes
23:16:41: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> to 65 or something like that
23:16:48: <SmartYoshi> awards? I hope i get one.
23:16:52: <TFP> how is the duo director thing going to work out
23:17:21: <TFP> who will be doing what
23:17:21: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> there wont be two directors
23:17:27: <TFP> oh
23:17:30: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> im the director, blocky is the sub-director
23:17:49: <SmartYoshi> Who's Blocky?
23:17:51: <Peko_Perchiyama> why'd you think there were gonna be two directors
23:17:52: <Peko_Perchiyama> sup
23:17:58: <TFP> idk it said
23:18:01: <TFP> turb/you
23:18:02: <TFP> in the
23:18:05: <TFP> director election
23:18:08: <Peko_Perchiyama> as in
23:18:12: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> yeah that means were runningmates
23:18:14: <Peko_Perchiyama> turb/me for director/subdirector
23:18:19: <Peko_Perchiyama> respectively
23:19:08: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> does that answer your question or do you have anything else to say
23:19:18: <TFP> how will you modify the tourney tokens
23:19:20: <TFP> given out
23:19:34: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> the specifics will be decided next year
23:19:34: <TFP> who dat
23:19:48: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> however we will be lowering the amount at the very least
23:20:19: <TFP> what do you plan on doing to impove redeeming tokens
23:20:35: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> what do you mean by that
23:20:47: <TFP> well
23:20:52: <TFP> everyone started redeeming what
23:20:58: <TFP> mid september?
23:21:04: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> yeah
23:21:12: <TFP> imo it should be right after the awards ceremonies are over
23:21:15: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> i think the awards mafia should be started at an earlier time
23:21:18: <Peko_Perchiyama> starting the - yes
23:21:21: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> so that way we can start earlier
23:21:25: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> with tokens
23:22:27: <TFP> what about distribution
23:22:33: <TFP> some people dont even pay attention to the thread
23:22:37: <TFP> it slows the process down
23:22:47: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> theres no real way to get around that unfortunately
23:22:55: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we'll work to skip them as fast as possible next year
23:23:02: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> if they don't respond in 24 hours or so
23:23:11: <TFP> you should specify that in the main thread
23:23:21: <TFP> something like if you dont redeem within 24 hours of your name announced you will be skipped
23:23:30: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> alright
23:23:35: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> i'll go add that to the thread
23:23:37: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> but first
23:23:38: <TFP> no
23:23:40: <TFP> for next year
23:23:43: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> oh
23:23:43: <TFP> im saying
23:23:46: <TFP> improvements
23:23:49: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> ok that makes sense
23:23:59: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we're already skipping this year but we dont have a set time limit
23:24:04: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> ill work on it next year
23:24:13: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> do you have anything else to ask
23:24:26: <TFP> when do you plan to start organizing
23:24:47: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we haven't decided yet
23:24:52: <TFP> eta
23:25:07: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> probably january - february or so
23:25:18: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> december?
23:25:33: <Peko_Perchiyama> early january most likely
23:25:42: <Peko_Perchiyama> after the shroom director election so we can work with the new director
23:26:06: <TFP> sounds good
23:26:21: <TFP> will you be introducing any new tournies
23:26:54: <TFP> or not decided
23:26:59: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> not decided
23:27:51: <TFP> ok
23:27:56: <TFP> thank you for answering my questions
23:28:38: <SMB> So TFP, that was your last question?
23:28:47: <SMB> Just want to be sure.
23:28:48: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> no problem
23:30:02: <SMB> Thanks for your questions, TFP. Up next with a question for the candidates, is [Pyro].
23:30:16: <TFP> yes
23:30:39: <[pyro]> alright i have a question: will i be let on the committee for awards VII because last year we let uniju on and the whole reason he was permabanned (but later unbanned) in the first place was awards matters i believe
23:31:05: <TFP> (when did this happen)
23:31:07: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> most likely not
23:31:11: <Peko_Perchiyama> uniju was permabanned due to multiple issues the awards on being the last straw
23:31:16: <[pyro]> oh okay
23:31:18: <Peko_Perchiyama> additionally his stuff happened two years ago
23:31:35: <[pyro]> just wanted to know
23:31:38: <[pyro]> okay bye
23:31:45: <TFP> whos pyro
23:31:51: <Peko_Perchiyama> pyro
23:31:52: <TFP> was he that other guy
23:31:54: <TFP> along with fe
23:31:56: <TFP> that got banned
23:31:59: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> no
23:32:03: <TFP> o
23:32:10: <Peko_Perchiyama> he was the guy who cheated in the mafia
23:32:12: <Gamefreak75> he was the one who cheated in the mafia game
23:32:19: <TFP> how do you cheat in mafia lol
23:32:26: <Peko_Perchiyama> you leak information
23:32:26: <Magus> his brother was playing too
23:32:35: <TFP> oh
23:32:46: <TFP> well it just goes to show how much i know about mafia
23:32:50: <Peko_Perchiyama> lol
23:34:46: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> does anyone else have any questions
23:34:50: <SMB> Well alright, thanks for the question Pyro. Up next with a question is Anton{Hypnotoad}.
23:35:03: <SMB> </late>
23:35:04: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> hello
23:35:18: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> my question is -- Will there be any specific criteria for adding/removing committee members?
23:35:25: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> whether it be vague or specific
23:35:39: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> beyond the "needs to have a forum account, not banned, etc."
23:35:55: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> well
23:36:04: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we'll be reviewing some signups
23:36:06: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> like
23:36:22: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> if people think a committee signup is questionable they're free to bring it up on the board so we can vote on it
23:36:25: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> i guess?
23:37:16: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> mmkay
23:37:59: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> and of course people who have caused problems with the awards won't be let on
23:38:07: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> like definite problems
23:38:15: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> not just "oh this guy is kind of questionable"
23:38:35: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> removing committee members
23:38:47: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> i guess we haven't really decided on that mostly because of the whole nsm thing
23:38:51: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> Peko_Perchiyama
23:38:54: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> do you have anything to say
23:39:27: <Peko_Perchiyama> removing committee members will probably be set more in stone next year
23:39:50: <Peko_Perchiyama> i.e. we probably will have forum polls for multiple days or longer discussion periods for any case where we discuss removing someone
23:41:26: <Peko_Perchiyama> but that's all i have to say
23:41:31: <Peko_Perchiyama> turb do you have anything else
23:41:37: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> i don't think so
23:41:41: <Peko_Perchiyama> ok
23:41:44: <Peko_Perchiyama> next question please
23:41:48: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> alrighty
23:41:58: <Peko_Perchiyama> unless you have afollowup?
23:42:01: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> nah
23:43:30: <SMB> I've received no other questions so far.
23:43:57: <Peko_Perchiyama> bop said he'll be sending one in a bit
23:44:09: <SMB> Alright, yeah.
23:45:11: <SMB> Up next with a question is Magus
23:45:36: <SMB> Go ahead, Magus.
23:45:46: <Magus> is there any aspect of the meeting process you think should be improved, and if so, what is it and why?
23:46:53: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> nothing comes to mind
23:50:03: <Peko_Perchiyama> same here
23:50:56: <SMB> Alright Magus, do you have a follow-up, or does that answer your question?
23:51:02: <Magus> that's fine
23:51:25: <SMB> Alright, thank you for your question.
23:51:32: <SMB> I was given this to post:
23:51:34: <SMB> "Gamefreak75 stupidly asks, "How will the attendance policy be dealt with? Will there be a set number of meetings a member can miss before they're axed?"
23:53:37: <Peko_Perchiyama> that sounds like a good setting
23:53:50: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> hmm
23:53:56: <Peko_Perchiyama> most likely we'll require a minimum number of meetings before someone can be proprosed for removal
23:54:04: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> that sounds good
23:54:11: <Peko_Perchiyama> and then it's put to a vote
23:55:30: <Peko_Perchiyama> gamefreak
23:55:36: <Peko_Perchiyama> di you get to see the answer
23:56:38: <Gamefreak75_> sorry, the last thing i saw was
23:56:44: <Gamefreak75_> Peko_Perchiyama most likely we'll require a minimum number of meetings before someone can be proprosed for removal
23:59:14: <Peko_Perchiyama> that was followed by turb saying "that sounds good" and me saying "and then it's put to a vote"
23:59:19: <Peko_Perchiyama> so any followup?
23:59:39: <Gamefreak75> well, i was thinking about a solid number
23:59:51: <Gamefreak75> but considering we dont know how many meetings there will be
00:00:35: <Gamefreak75> but no, i dont have a follow-up
00:01:00: <Peko_Perchiyama> ok
00:01:47: <SMB> Okay, give me one moment.
00:02:52: <SMB> I have a question for the candidates, if they don't mind.
00:03:16: <Peko_Perchiyama> sure
00:04:04: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> sure
00:04:30: <SMB> The Awards Ceremony has always been held on (and correct me if I'm wrong) the second Friday of August (or the Friday closest to the thirteenth, or whatever it is).
00:05:01: <SMB> I believe this has been every year since the first Awards Show in 2007.
00:05:25: <Peko_Perchiyama> second friday of august, generally
00:05:36: <SMB> The rules of the election give you the power to determine the date(s) on which the Ceremony is held.
00:06:13: <SMB> Do you intend to keep with the precedent of having the Ceremony on the second Friday (thank you for confirming that, Superchao), or are you not sure at this time?
00:06:24: <SMB> (Or do you have another day in mind?)
00:06:36: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we haven't thought about changing the date
00:06:58: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> i don't have much of an opinion; however, it seems most of the complaints were about timing rather than date
00:07:00: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> if that makes sense?
00:07:43: <Peko_Perchiyama> it does
00:08:00: <SMB> Alright, that answers my question. Thank you.
00:08:04: <Peko_Perchiyama> anyhow, we might be open to the option of changing it, simply due to how early it'll fall this year
00:08:17: <Peko_Perchiyama> but that like timing would be a committee-based decision most likely
00:08:54: <SMB> Oh, okay. That also answers my question more precisely.
00:08:59: <SMB> Thank you! :)
00:10:01: <SMB> Also, I have another few questions.
00:10:25: <SMB> (If that's okay...?)
00:11:03: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> thats fine
00:11:25: <SMB> Alright, thanks.
00:11:32: <SMB> My next question is,
00:13:10: <SMB> You addressed Pyro's, Anton's, and Gamefreak75's questions (which, at least partially, had to do with the signing up or expulsion of members).
00:13:32: <SMB> Also, your campaign mentions that sign-ups will not be limited this year.
00:13:45: <SMB> (Which was how it was done last year.)
00:15:07: <SMB> Do you intend to make any modifications to the signing up process? I know a few individuals have considered having an application process for signing up for the Committee. Any thoughts on that specifically (as well as any potential other ideas)?
00:15:53: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> we don't intend to change it at the moment
00:16:00: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> but i would be interested in an application process
00:16:06: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> do you know anything about what they suggested
00:16:13: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> as in, can you go in detail about it?
00:18:06: <SMB> Honestly, I kind of forget the exact details of the idea, but I think it had to do with simply being able to filter who becomes a member of the Committee or not as well as including any additional information (such as which days might work for planning meetings for that particular applicant, etc.).
00:18:19: <SMB> I can't remember everything specifically, though. x_X
00:20:01: <SMB> But I would think it could be designed for multiple purposes.
00:24:00: <SMB> I guess as a sort of tie-in with my next (few) question(s), there were also suggestions for applications/permits for Awards presentations and the hosting of Tournament/Game events.
00:24:56: <SMB> Would you consider the implementation of any such systems for those sorts of things?
00:29:59: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> yes
00:30:12: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> but really it all depends on next year's circumstances
00:35:46: <SMB> Alright, thank you for responding.
00:36:15: <SMB> Alright, if anybody else has any questions, let me know!
00:37:57: <SMB> We will be accepting questions until 9 PM EDT (in other words, for the next twenty two minutes).
00:40:47: <mariorock40> Gosh darn it, I missed the Q&A, didn't I?
00:41:00: <Magus> there's 20 min left
00:41:07: <mariorock40> Oh, really?
00:41:21: <mariorock40> Now that I'm here, I actually don't know what I'm going to ask...
00:42:27: <mariorock40> Do the questions have to be related to the WikiAwards?
00:42:36: <mariorock40> Don't worry, they're still Mario related.
00:42:56: <SMB> They should be directed to the candidates in the Awards Committee Election about their campaign.
00:43:11: <mariorock40> Hm...
00:43:16: <mariorock40> I've got nothing.
00:43:18: <SMB> If you have questions about Mario in general, you may ask those in #mwchat.
00:43:28: <mariorock40> I think I might just go there.
00:43:40: <mariorock40> Yeah, I will.
00:43:43: <mariorock40> Good bye.
00:44:10: <SMB> Bye, and thank you for coming anyway! :P
00:58:01: <Kelton2> How did i get here?
01:00:28: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> well
01:00:38: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> thats
01:00:41: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> i give up
01:01:40: <SMB> Lol, yeah. Nobody else has sent in questions, so I guess we're done here.
01:02:26: <SMB> Thank you for coming, everybody!


Power Star
Hypnotoad said:
23:31:45: <TFP> whos pyro
23:31:51: <Peko_Perchiyama> pyro
23:31:52: <TFP> was he that other guy
23:31:54: <TFP> along with fe
23:31:56: <TFP> that got banned
23:31:59: <Anton{Hypnotoad}> no
23:32:03: <TFP> o
23:32:10: <Peko_Perchiyama> he was the guy who cheated in the mafia
23:32:12: <Gamefreak75> he was the one who cheated in the mafia game
23:32:19: <TFP> how do you cheat in mafia lol
23:32:26: <Peko_Perchiyama> you leak information
23:32:26: <Magus> his brother was playing too
23:32:35: <TFP> oh
23:32:46: <TFP> well it just goes to show how much i know about mafia
23:32:50: <Peko_Perchiyama> lol
23:34:46: <Nagiturb_Komaeda> does anyone else have any questions
23:34:50: <SMB> Well alright, thanks for the question Pyro. Up next with a question is Anton{Hypnotoad}.
23:32:19: <TFP> how do you cheat in mafia lol
i laughed



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I know, it's about me. That's why it caught my eye. It was after i left.

Lakituthequick said:
Also, shouldn't this thread be on the Awards boards?
Isn't that board going to storage soon? Because I think as soon as everyone gets their prizes, the "festivity" ends.


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Well, we're hosting the event, and the awards board will indeed be archived soon.