Dangan Ronpa 1 Mafia: As Hosted by Ishida and Monobear (signups/lounge)

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This is dr1 mafia. Perch and I suddenly realized how to do this, so it's HAPPENING. SOON. And no this will not start before the LP finishes.

Signups (limited to 16):
1. Crash
2. Turb
3. Shoey MM15
4. Ralph
5. Smasher
6. Quizno
7. Nitwit
8. MG1
9. Lily
10. Dippy FireEevee
11. NSY Stooben
12. Packy
13. MCD
14. Nabber
15. NSM GreenDisaster
16. Rocker

1. MM15
2. Stooben
3. GreenDisaster
4. FireEevee
5. Shoey
6. Pi
7. Count Bonsula
8. Yoshi K

Sou Hiyori

miss sara it seems i'm stuck on marioboards.com
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jesus christ im signing up

dibs on mondo

Pokemon DP

God I'm good at being an owl
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...yeah ok, so long as someone teaches me how this stupid game works


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also i feel compelled to note somewhere that this will obviously contain SPOILERS for anything and everything in the game, so if you aren't caught up with the lp or have been planning on reading it, you should go do it. now.


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Phantom L said:
I wish my game would get signups as fast as this :(.
I guess people are signing up quickly due to limited sginups.


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Actually I believe it's more that this is a pretty popular theme. Remember MLP mafia?

Lily x

Yeah, its just in my game after the late Minnie T was bitching over how I will never get 30 players like she was an expert or something, I really do want to get all 30 spots filled.

Reko Yabusame

I love theming after games I have never played!
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I think it's a combination of both; it's a popular theme, and this game has relatively few slots compared to most games here.


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Final Signup?


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as of right now, yes, that is the last signup

we'll take signups for replacements tho, if anyone wanted to play and didn't get a chance to sign up in time
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