Team Based Mafia(Another attempt by me to make a mafia)

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Oh don't worry, you don't need to cooperate.
Here's how it works.
The characters are split into 2 teams, and instead of Innocents vs. mafia, it's like a red vs. yellow.
There are no neutrals, so you can only suspect a player is on your team, or on the enemy's.
Both team have an equal amount of players, and a team wins when all the members of the other team die.
For example,
Team 1 has 3 members left, and the last member of Team 2 dies. Team 1 wins.
Days work much like normal days, you choose to lynch someone. You don't know your teamnates or your enemies, just your faction and your role. During night, the "nightkill" is given by 1 of the players of one of the teams. Though remember, the nightkill can kill a teamnate too, so choose carefully. I'll get into team names later. Also:
Say Team A has a Vig, Team B also has it.
Cop for Team A, B also has it.
And so and so.
Yeah, there are vanillas, no fools, I promise. As long as there's an even amount of players, I'm alright with the amount(so long it's not so low)

I ask you please to signup, and give me another chance at hosting:
- Epic Nitwit

(If you're like TL;DR, I may be able to pull a shorter explanation, but I can't make a simple one.)


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BTW: I played something like this before.

It had to be cancelled because it didn't work out.

Hope you got all the kinks worked out.

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How do the teams decide the nightkills if there is no Quicktopics?

BTW, I had this idea a few days ago and know how to make it work. I can help you co-host if you want.


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I don't really want to do this again... It just didn't work out when NSM did it.


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Didn't yours have pairs of 2 instead of 2 teams each against each other.
Also, yeah, I'll attempt my best to do this and to get it to end.
BTW, I won't be able to host until December, so when this is ready(around 14-20 players), add it to the list, and prioritize any other games, until around the 3rd week or so of December. School shenanigans you know.
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