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The highlight of the show, Mario Awards VI, will be held here in about 5 hours (16:35 (4:35) PST/19:35 (7:35) EST)! This ceremony focuses on the absolute best of the Mario series.


16:35 - Mario opening script - Turboo
16:40 - A1. Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original) - Snack
16:45 - A17. Favorite SSB Character - SonicMario
16:50 - A12. Favorite Enemy - Hypnotoad
16:55 - A3. Favorite Mario Platformer - Tabuu
17:00 - A18. Favorite Sports Game - Ralphfan
17:05 - A21. Favorite Kong - Goomba’s Shoe
17:10 - A4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - New Super Mario
17:15 - A16. Favorite Mario Party Game - Pyro
17:20 - A5. Favorite DK Game - Baby Mario Bloops
17:25 - A19. Most Innovative Concept/Game - Edofenrir
17:30 - A7. Favorite Yoshi Game - Baby Mario Bloops
17:35 - A2. Favorite Mario Kart Game - Palkia47
17:40 - A13. Hardest Boss - SKmarioman
17:45 - A14. Favorite Item - Super-Yoshi
17:50 - A24. Favorite Place - Count Bonsula
18:00 - Bloopers - Turboo
18:10 - A11. Favorite Galaxy - Marioguy1
18:15 - A23. Favorite Mini-Boss - Pyro
18:20 - A6. Favorite Wario Game - TheGreatBlockyBoo
18:25 - A8. Most Anticipated Upcoming Game - MrConcreteDonkey
18:30 - A9. Favorite Major Character - Stooben Rooben
18:35 - A15. Favorite Mario RPG - New Super Mario
18:40 - A20. Favorite Spin-Off Game - Nabber
18:45 - A10. Favorite Supporting Character - Lily
18:50 - A22. Favorite Super Mario 64/Sunshine Level - SonicMario
18:55 - A25. Favorite Game (1) - Plumber
19:00 - A25. Favorite Game (2) - Walkazo
19:05 - Mario closing script - Turboo

Host: Turboo


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Shoey's presentation is guaranteed to be the best.


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I declare myself the winner of everything.


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It's the anniversary of the mario wiki, in which, we vote for our favourite games, users, etc, and they get announced on this night.


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And there are presentations made by various users. It's an Awards Ceremony. Oh, and we all wear tuxedos.

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Smasher said:
I declare myself the winner of everything.
wrong thread

you're looking for the one with Fail in its name, not Mario :boshi:


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I declared myself the loser of everything in that one.


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