Team Fortress 2 Tournament - SIGN-UPS CLOSED

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Hey folks. This year I am hosting a Team Fortress 2 Tournament. It will take place over the course of three days, 27 July - 29 July.

This tourney is over! The scores are right below.

PlayerDay 1Day 2Day 3TOTAL SCORE
Martiniman366 511 484 1361
Groden449 353 453 1255
TheFreshPrince388 512 190 1090
Snack221 304 386 911
Turb253 353 290 896
Toadbert215 414 246 875
Anton177 333 287 797
Tabuu221 304 255 780
Stooben231 252 284 767
Uniju245 298 207 750
Neurario261 114 166 541
Prims121 357 52 530
Crocodile Dippy246 277 0 523
Vruet 87 252 84 423
mariomario64111 77 123 311
Gamefreak 60 182 69 301
Shroobario162 0 81 243
Xpike 0 189 0 189
Quizmo 0 139 0 139
Smiley 0 0 127 127
MrAMPM 76 0 0 76
Ironclad 20 0 0 20

- No micspamming. Talking, laughing, joking around is fine. Don't get carried away.
- No griefing or trolling. This means no rushing the opposing team as a specific class (i.e. Pyro), specifically targeting a certain player to aggravate them, making hateful comments in chat, etc.
- No gloating. Yes, this is competitive, but that does not give you the right to brag about how many points you have or who you have killed. It's a game. It's just meant for fun.
- No being useless. If you experience lag or other technical problems, that is fine. But if you're purposely standing around like an idiot or being unproductive towards your team's goal, you may be removed from the round.
- However, during Intermissions, you are free to goof off, idle, etc. The above rule only applies during an actual match.
- Most importantly, have fun. Remember that this is a game, and it's being hosted so lots of people can have a good time and potentially win prizes. If you are not having fun or are dampening the mood for other players, you may be asked to take a short time-out.

What You Need to Know
- It will take place on my own TF2 server. Info about how to connect can be found here.
- Each night will take place over the course of 6 hours. Sounds extensive, but there will be plenty of breaks.
- Each match will last for 30 minutes each. So, there are 12 blocks within a single night.
- Each night will contain 5 "intermission" periods, which last for 30 minutes each.
- During intermissions, you can not earn tokens for this summer's prize booth (which will be explained at a later date).
- Intermissions will take place on three pre-selected deathmatch maps. Death match is a game mode with no set goal, and is only meant for practice and goofing off.
- During intermissions, you are free to leave the server to take part in another event, work on your presentations, get snacks, whatever you need to do. It's break time, so treat it as such.
- The map rotation is set in stone. We are not changing it.
- Some maps are not standard for "competitive" play. However, we're making an exception and including maps and modes that the community is particularly fond of.
- BLU team and RED team will each have a Team Captain.
- Once sign-ups are closed, the Team Captains will pick players for their team, one-by-one. This is to ensure as much balance as possible during the game.
- Each day, there will be two new Team Captains, to be fair to everyone. This essentially means that each day, teams will be manually "scrambled".
- Team Captains on Day 1 will be Groden and myself.
- Once assigned to a team, your responsibility is to that team only. This means that we strongly encourage you to participate in as many rounds as possible. You are not required to participate in every round, but know that you will be crippling your team and your potential chances at winning [tokens/prizes/glory/etc] by choosing to opt out of a round.
- Some competitive settings will be turned on during this event. This means that:
- Random crits will be disabled.
- Bullet spread will be more predictable.
- Random damage range will be narrowed. (i.e. a bullet that does 25 damage will do exactly that, instead of a possible 20-30)
- Autoscramble will be disabled.
- Each night will consist of 4 main tourneys, and 1 warmup arena match, and 2 additional non-tourney rounds.
- One non-tourney round will be restricted to the Sniper class only.
- One non-tourney round will be restricted to the Soldier and Demoman classes only. During this round, you will only be allowed to use Half-Zatoichis. If you do not have a Half-Zatoichi, please contact me, and I will get you one.
- One non-tourney round will be restricted to the Medic class only.
- One non-tourney round will be set to medieval mode, on the map cp_degrootkeep.
- Two non-tourney rounds will be a race to defeat 30 cloned bosses in 30 minutes.
- Warmup rounds on arena do not count towards the day's end result (i.e. whether RED or BLU wins). You will, however, earn tokens during this period.
- Each day, a winning team will be chosen. Whichever team has won more tourney matches, will win a bonus number of tokens. If teams tie, no bonus is awarded.

- Download these and place them in the folder: C:/program files/steam/steamapps/<your username>/team fortress 2/tf/maps. Reboot TF2 and you should be good to go.
- dm_crossfire download
- dm_warehouse download
- dm_mariokart2_b3 download

Day 1
Warmup roundarena_nucleus8pm-8:30pm
Tourney: Match 1cp_gravelpit8:30pm-9pm
Sniper Warfareplr_hightower9:30pm-10pm
Tourney: Match 2ctf_well10:30pm-11pm
Tourney: Match 3arena_watchtower11:30pm-12am
Medieval Challengecp_degrootkeep12:30am-1am
Tourney: Match 4cp_freight_final11:30am-2am

Day 2
Warmup roundarena_ravine8pm-8:30pm
Tourney: Match 5cp_gorge8:30pm-9pm
Soldiers vs. Demomen (Katana Dueling)ctf_turbine9:30pm-10pm
Tourney: Match 6pl_badwater10:30pm-11pm
30 Horsemenn in 30 Minutesdm_crossfire11:30pm-12am
Tourney: Match 7koth_harvest12:30am-1am
Tourney: Match 8cp_foundry1:30am-2am

Day 3
Warmup roundarena_lumberyard8pm-8:30pm
Tourney: Match 9ctf_doublecross8:30pm-9pm
Oktoberfest (Medics-only)koth_lakeside9:30pm-10pm
Tourney: Match 10cp_granary10:30pm-11pm
30 Monoculi in 30 Minutesdm_mariokart2_b311:30pm-12am
Tourney: Match 11pl_goldrush12:30pm-1am
Tourney: Final Matchcp_badlands1:30am-2am

All the times posted are according to EDT. Each night takes place between 12am and 6am UTC. If you live in another time zone, use the list below to find out which time each tourney is for you. If your time zone is not listed and you need to know your time frame for the event, please ask so you can be properly informed.

Time ZoneCities IncludedIn Relation to EDTIn relation to UTCTourney Time Frame (For You)
PacificLos Angeles; Vancouver-3 hour-7 hours5pm-11pm
MountainCalgary; Chihuahua; Denver; Phoenix-2 hours-6 hours6pm-12am
CentralChicago; Dallas; Mexico City; San Jose; Winnipeg-1 hour-5 hours7pm-1am
Eastern (American)Atlanta; Boston; Detroit; Montreal; New York; San Juan±0 hours-4 hours8pm-2am
BrasíliaSão Paulo+1 hours-3 hours9pm-3am
Irish; BritishDublin; London+5 hours+1 hour1am-7am (following day)
Eastern (Australian)Hobart; Melbourne; Sydney+14 hours+10 hours10am-4pm (following day)

6 hour event each night. This is about as convenient for everyone as I can make things.

1. Stooben
2. Groden
3. Gamefreak75
4. Uniju
5. Toadbert
6. Tabuu
7. Turb
8. Crocodile Dippy
9. Anton
10. FireEevee
11. Mariomario64
12. TheFreshPrince
13. Prims
14. Snack
15. Xpike
16. Neurario
17. Lilac
18. Ironclad
19. Martiniman
20. Shroobario

1. QuizmoManiac
3. Vruet
4. Smiley the Hun

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

you're a maggot


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

Sign me up


a rhinestone cowboy
Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

Groden said:
i got this game 5 weeks ago and how do i fly as patriot guy
same dude why would anyone use any weapon but the snipers smg????????


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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament



Thank you based god
Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

Dammit, I still don't own this game and I'm gonna be in Wyoming.

le sigh

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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

hopefully my laptop will be able to handle this


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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

I'll sign up. :D


Donkey Kong
Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

I really wish I could participate in this ;~; If TF2 would work, and Valve Support would stop being useless, I could participate.

but I would still lag like hell so I would get my ass kicked

Stooben Rooben

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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

Yoko Littner said:
can I sign up?

hay man wil we be geting unusal tem captens if we r tem capten
vintage unusuals, you bet


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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

my first time doing something like this with you guys but I guess I have to start somewhere

However, I probably will miss half the matches because I'm usually off the computer and in bed by 11 PM the latest so

Also I don't have the Half-Zatoichi

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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

ugh, i think the latest i'd be allowed to stay up'd probably be 4, half 4


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Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

Yeah, I guess I'll sign up. I kind of doubt it will go well for me though but whatever...

Yasuhiro Hagakure said:
ugh, i think the latest i'd be allowed to stay up'd probably be 4, half 4
Easy solution: wake up at 1 AM instead.


a rhinestone cowboy
Re: Team Fortress 2 Tournament

Turns out I may not be able to attend. This is too bad.