Order of Ceremonies

What format should we use?

  • Shroom - Userpedia - Fail - Mario

    Votes: 4 25.0%
  • Userpedia - Shroom - Fail - Mario

    Votes: 12 75.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Sou Hiyori

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We've already decided on the order of Fail and Mario, but we still need to decide if Shroom or Userpedia should come first.

(that's about it)

Tyrell Badd

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As I stated in chat:

Fassad i think UP - Shroom - Fail - Mario is better
Perch may i ask why
Fassad because i think it builds up better
Fassad up has almost nothing to do with mario, it involves its users
Fassad solely users
Fassad shroom involves the users AND mario
Fassad fail is the worst of the series
Fassad mario is the best of the series
Perch i see
Fassad imo, it seems more consistent
Crash don't you think up would be a little more popular than the 'shroom awards?
Fassad i think the opposite
Fassad like i said, a lot of the voters are anons
Fassad most of them could care less about up
^akward as hell coding

in total it builds up from the least hyped awards (no offense to people who prefer the UP awards) to the most hyped

Pokemon DP

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userpedia first, 'shroom second

otherwise my presentation goes first in the whole ceremony, and I don't want that


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My vote is for UP -> Shroom because the Shroom is more closely linked to MW than UP is. I'm not seeing this as a hierarchy of which section is more important, but more as an order in which things make more sense and build up more excitement or whatever.