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This is a game I've been excited for since the Fall! I've been planning this out, and it will be nothing that this forum has ever experienced mafia-wise!

Let me beginning giving how this game works.
  • There are only 16 players - no more, no less.
  • Every player will be sent a role. However, they are not the normal roles that you expect. Instead, they will be characters you have to act out. They are also given an alignment; Innocent or Mafia.
  • The only two normal-esque roles are the detective and the Godfather. The detective and find out if a player is part of the mafia or not. The godfather decides who gets killed.
  • There are two new roles that are unique to any Mafia game. You will find out about them later on.
  • During the day, people will act out their roles, being in character. I am very flexible, so if you don't act out your role word-for-word, day-by-day, that's fine. I only expect you to at least act out your role the majority of the time.
  • People will only vote when are given the ability to vote! There will be some days you don't vote, and some nights where you get to vote! At the end of the voting cycle, someone is killed!
  • At night, there are two options: You either do nothing or visit the godfather. If you do nothing, they just do nothing. If you visit the godfather - indirectly through the host - a player can plead and bribe the godfather to spare them for the night.
  • At the end of the night, the godfather decides who they want to kill, and they execute them.
  • Everyone is given money, and people can gain money depending on their role/other events.
  • When the godfather dies, his will gives another mafia member the godfather.

1. Goomba's Shoe
2. Nabber
3. Bop
4. Lily
5. MCD
6. Timmy
7. Gamefreak
8. PTR
9. Packy
10. Mario4Ever
11. LTQ
12. Crash
13. New Super Mario
14. Yoshiwaker
15. MG1
16. MM15
17. Epic Nitwit
18. Reversinator


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Re: Mafia, The

Can I please be forced to roleplay Magus?


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Re: Mafia, The

Wait, FE signed up via chat, didn't he?

So this is the Big Mafia of Blatancy. Interesting.


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Re: Mafia, The

A question, will we get roles as in actual characters, or will it be people you make up?
Re: Mafia, The

Yeah, that's you. Also, sign-ups are not over; I might replace people based on activeness and balance. No offense if I take you off.
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