Pokemon Emerald Mafia - Game Thread - Day 1: Press Start

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Celestial Guide

1. N64dude (N64Dude)
2. Nabber (Discord)
3. FireEevee (Rainbow Dash)
4. Epic Nitwit
5. Smasher
6. Vinnie (Svetlana)
7. KoopaTroop (DJ FLUTT3RSHY)
8. Crackin355 (Monkey D. Luffy)
9. Lily
10. Soulmaster


1. No quoting role PMs.
2. When you die, don't post in the game thread or reveal anything in the lounge.
3. Days and nights will last 24 hours.
6. You can vote "no lynch".

It was a dark, rainy day, and everyone needed a place to stay for shelter. They chose an old, run-down hotel for reasons unknown. When they awoke, it was still raining. They decided to find out who caused it, because of a gigantic machine on top of one house filling the clouds with water. They then started this mafia, after one tripped on a lever, turning them into pokemon.


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Yoshiwalker said:
I'll replace KT

yeah you can all unvote
Vocal Beat said:
Seeing as KoopaTroop is retired, I could be a replacement, if needed.
MM15 kind of beat you.

unvote anyway.

Reverse Input

Ace Artist
Yeah, because he must have deceided that a vigilante wasn't a good idea for a mafia member. Oh, and could you please unvote, Nabber? If I was mafia I wouldn't be telling everyone that I had an allignment change before the game started.

Vote: No lynch

Reverse Input

Ace Artist
Unfortunatly, (Fortunatly for PTR and the Mafia) I wasn't online when he first sent me my first PM, and therefore didn't check my PMs until I had the new role. And since he asked, and I didn't want to cheat, I deleted the old message and closed the tab that I had opened the Quicktopic in. (Without looking at it and finding out the mafia members.)
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