Just Another Mafia-Lounge-Game Finished; Burst your Complaints

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Possibly a non-settled-theme Mafia. I don't guarantee no broken roles, as I try to be creative. I can guarantee you that this won't have roles like the one I gave Nabber. So Nabber, you can sign up with no worries of a role like that. This won't be perfect or anything like that. I'm considering the amount of sign-ups, so for now I'm not giving a limit.

Casual Rules that are followed:
-To vote for a Lynch type Vote:[User]
-To Unvote, simply type Unvote.
-The Mafia will decide to nightkill somebody each night.
-Don't quote Role PM's
-Roleclaim/Fakeclaim is allowed.
-No Lynch is allowed
-Innocents win if all Mafia members are killed
-Mafia wins if they equal or outnumber the innocents
-Independents win by being alive by the end

Rules that aren't casual:
-Powers may be affected by certain twists, read the twist in specific to know what happens exactly.
-This has been done before but it's not casual. Some roles have one specific objective which is not it's side usual objective.
-This game will start on a Chaos 0. Then, depending on what I want I'll make it Day, Night, or Chaos 1. An explanation on how chaos works will be given at the beginning. Chaos phases have been done before, and I felt like putting at least 1.

1.)Nabber who signed up because it's still mafia
2.)New Super Mario
4.)Epic Nitwit
9.)Pidgey(cue my slowpokeness due to not finding this earlier than when I did)
10.)Cirdec because "The Word" is inactive
12.)PTR(a status that isn't "possibly", but whatever the hell his theme is by the time this mafia is going)
16.)Yoshi K

Modkill replacements:
1.)Mildly Chronical Darwins(Or a Concrete Donkey that has the title of "Mr.")

Prepare for various roles whenever this is close.


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Re: Just Another Mafia-Lounge

LN1, you have failed to submit to our rightful claim. Be advised that unless you comply, we will be forced to take extreme action. Please remit your home and brains to us forthwith. Sincerely, the people who lost in your last game


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Re: Just Another Mafia-Lounge

Shoop Da Whoop said:
Lily said:
No innocent yakuza, pretty please.

I'll just put the limit that if Mafia is converted to Innocent, he can't reveal Mafia or the Quicktopic, and maybe force him to vote in PM. Or maybe I won't put the role at all. IDK.

SEE THIS IS THE PROBLEM DON'T CONFIRM ROL-Oh hey good job you sound suspicious mysterious. You are already getting to become a good host.

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Re: Just Another Mafia-Lounge


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Re: Just Another Mafia-Lounge

Why not?


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Re: Just Another Mafia-Lounge

Shameless bump.
I didn't have this bad luck for people signing up for Plants vs. Mafia.
Please people, don't disconsider this one, and please please cooperate. Notify people of this game's existance. I do want to host this. I knew I would have to wait, but this is taking more than it probably should. Sorry for impatience, but I do want this to happen.


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Re: Just Another Mafia-Lounge

Well, I believe the problem here is, I think many people thought that your PvZ Mafia was run badly. I only signed up for the sake of signing up for ever mafia.

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Re: Just Another Mafia-Lounge

Isn't this allowed to start?
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