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Last year, The 'Shroom hosted a mafia game on the forums, that game was called 'Shroom Mafia. It was a success, but it could have been better. I plan to make it better, this is 'Shroom Mafia II.

The game will be played just as a regular mafia game is, none of the quirks I like adding to games. Sign-ups are open and will remain open until the release of the May Issue of The 'Shroom. On the release of the May Issue, the game will begin.

It is guaranteed to be fun.

1. The game operates in phases, during the day phase, all players vote (place votes by posting Vote: Player and remove them by posting Unvote) to lynch someone. During the night phase, players send in their special powers and the mafia decide on one player to kill.
2. All mafia strategies are allowed, no lynches, roleclaiming, but no quoting messages sent by the host or authorized to be sent by the host.
3. Dead players are allowed to make posts after death, so long as they are in the lounge. As for the game thread, posting there is unnecessary.
4. All game-related messages must be sent to the host.

1. Nabber
2. Superchao
3. Goomba's Shoe15
4. Palkia47
5. New Super Mario
6. Bop1996
7. Smasher101
8. LuigiNo.1
9. MarioMaster15
10. Becquerel
11. Epic Nitwit
12. Tucayo
13. Ralphfan
14. Lily x
15. Master Crash
16. MrConcreteDonkey
17. Toad85
18. PyroGuy6
19. Paper Yoshi
20. Baby Mario Bloops
21. Yoshiwaker47
22. Mario4Ever
23. Yoshi123
24. Villain11
25. FireKirby
26. Lakituthequick
27. QuizmoManiac
28. Soulmaster
29. MarioBros777
30. Zeuzio


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Re: 'Shroom Mafia II

Oh yeah this is going to be great.


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Re: 'Shroom Mafia II

/in for laughs, expect me to replace out though (which shouldn't be a big deal given that mariowiki's playerbase is fuckin' huge)


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Re: 'Shroom Mafia II

Count me in for what will be my first mafia game in a long time.

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Re: 'Shroom Mafia II

how were you slow on the uptake when the mafia game was only just announced today

Paper Yoshi

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Re: 'Shroom Mafia II

Totally in. This should be great.


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Re: 'Shroom Mafia II

Let's go