NES Mafia - Mafia won! Whooo!

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The world of NES has gone into chaos. Various angry characters who feel like that haven't gotten enough love are trying to take over the world. 16 people are all in one village. 3 of them are planning on killing the rest. These three consist of....

The destructive and flaming creature of the mushroom kingdom. Bowser

The small easily killed rock throwing demon. Octorock

And their leader, the mighty and powerful. Ganondorf!

Its up to YOU! To save the NES world. Mafia style.

1. Every day phase all players will vote another player off.
2. The player with the most votes at the end of the day is lynched.
3. A player will also be lynched if they hit the auto-lynch hammer number.
4. At night power roles will send me their action.
5. Mafia will murder someone at night..
6. If power roles can do something during the day, they will send it then instead
7. Winning conditions will be in your role PM.
8. I need 15-16 players. (I'm so flexible right! =) )
9. Roles may or not be weird.
10. No cheating in anyway.
11. Not posting for more than 24 hours without a reason will get you a prod.
12. 3 prods will have you up for replacement.
13. No replacement means modkill .
14. Play to win but don't be over competitive.
15. Days will be 24 hours long and nights will be 24 hours long.
16. Have Fun. (Breaking this role means instant modkill) =)

NES Players:
1. Bop
2. LN1
3. Nabber
4. Red Barchetta
5. Yoshiwalker
6. Mario4Ever
7. New Super Mario
8. Epic Nitwit
9. Neon Lights
10. Smasher
11. Lily
12. LTQ
13. QuizmoManiac
14. MCD
15. SexyEspeon
16. epicmario43


I believe i tried a game here before. But if i remember correctly it was when i was starting to stop coming here. Which eventually made it stop. Correct me if im wrong. That might have been a different site. I also think i screwed up on the setup which i should of reviewed more. Not much can go wrong on this setup though.


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Re: NES Mafia

First. Also, I call Samus.


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Re: NES Mafia

Nabber said:
Why isn't Bowser a mafia?
In the original setup i made, he was, but in the end, i last minute changed him to Ganondorf because of the fact i already had a firebreathing beast(charizard) on the mafia team.


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Re: NES Mafia

Yoshiwalker said:
Charizard was never on the NES :-\

Damn probably should have looked into that before putting him in.

Pokemon was for GB huh?

Damn ill fix that. Sucks, the one role i DON'T check to see if its on NES isn't.

My mistake. Sorry. Now Bowser.


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Re: NES Mafia



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Re: NES Mafia

Well then that gives us our last player.

I will still except backups or something.

Also, how long should the days/nights be?


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Re: NES Mafia - Ready - Serving Roasted Goomba

Nabber said:
24 hours.
For both night and day?


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Re: NES Mafia - Ready - Serving Roasted Goomba

24 hours a phase, yes.


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Re: NES Mafia - Ready - Serving Roasted Goomba

Zeuzio said:

So when do we get our roles?
Right before it starts.

So you can't possibly lose them.


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Re: NES Mafia - Ready - Serving Roasted Goomba

I'll be a replacement just incase
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