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i remember packy mafia being significant in my life for some reason but i can't remember why

not sure i want to. maybe my brain blocked it out for a reason


Guess who's back. Guess who's keeping this name.
The images in the archive for OBNT are now broken due to a change of domain (I'm officially abandoning free domains) and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. Sorry about that.

EDIT: I am working on a solution off-site.


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Gabby came to chat this afternoon.

#mwchat said:
[2016-05-16 13:48:24] <GabbyHayes> Is anyone up?
[2016-05-16 13:48:45] <Yoshi2> yes
[2016-05-16 13:48:56] <Lakituthequick> There's 14 people in here that are up so yes.
[2016-05-16 13:49:11] <GabbyHayes> Oh, good
[2016-05-16 13:49:33] <GabbyHayes> I sorta got grounded.
[2016-05-16 13:50:02] <Lakituthequick> 'sorta'
[2016-05-16 13:50:13] <GabbyHayes> I can't participate in any mafias
[2016-05-16 13:50:40] <Lakituthequick> That's specific.
[2016-05-16 13:51:26] <GabbyHayes> Mind telling people who's mafia i'm in?
I don't know in which games she is, so I'm posting this here.
She hasn't been online since , so I don't think she can access the forum at the moment.


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the only ongoing game she's currently in is steven universe mafia

On June 17th at 8pm EST, the Mafia Host Guild will be having a Community QnA! Come in the chatroom #mhgchat to ask away to any of the Mafia Host Guild members that are there for any questions you wish (pertaining to mafia and the mafia community here of course). Want to know what to do if you want to host a game? Ask us! Want to know more about the Mafia Host Guild and what we do? Ask away! Concerns or suggestions you would like to give? We'll be there to give feedback for!

If you cannot make it and want to ask something? PM me or another MHG member and we'll be sure to post it for you! Don't want to pubically say your question, whether there or not? PM me beforehand or query me during the meeting and we'll post the question anonymously!

We want to make the Mafia community here an active, enjoyable space for people of all skill levels and abilities to have fun, so please don't feel shy to ask away. There's always room for improvement!

EDIT: Logs will be documented.
Dealing with what happened with the event for past Friday and why I was unable to attend:

My sister had to be taken to the emergency room, and so I was gone Friday and Saturday. The event will be rescheduled, and I'll let you know. Sorry about the lack of notice!

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Night 64 results:

- You tried to revive The Mafia Board, but it failed!
- You were roleblocked!
- You have been nightkilled and all of your coins have been stolen!


Marioguy1 said:
This topic is for any discussion regarding mafia games in general.

Questions about mafia games can be asked here, and will be responded to by other players, as well as members of the Mafia Hosts Guild.

Complaints about current games can also be put here for the Mafia Hosts Guild to review. Please refrain from making threads to complain or ask questions, as they will be deleted.
How do you play mafia and what are the rules?

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Woop now it's official

Starting today I am now the Guild Ambassador for the MHG, which means I'll be cleaning up the board ASAP and existing solely to sticky, unsticky, lock and archive any games when and if they are played. Please PM me if you need any one of those things done!

The MHG still exists (barely), but a lot of our members are very much inactive, so if you want to apply then we still have just enough to process applicants and discuss hot topics like discord mafias and the implementation of irc mafias. Please read the general FAQ for more info on applying!

Cheers to BMB for his dedication to the board over the years :luigi:

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This is a general notice that all mafia games and lounge threads in the board that have not received posts for the past 6 months will be locked and archived in a month's time.

to speed this process along please check to see if you have any mafia threads in the board that you aren't going to revive and PM me with a request to lock them so I can do that.

thank you for your time.

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Another announcement!

Stargazing is now a member of the MHG, (he applied about a week ago so the timing is really just a coincidence, lol). Congratulations! :ashley: