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This is a general FAQ for mafia games played on these forums. It includes the basics of how to play mafia, as well as specific rules for this forum. If your question is not answered here, feel free to ask in the general discussion thread. But make sure it isn't answered here before asking it.

How to play

What is mafia?

Mafia is a party game revolving around various factions, called "parties", (who do not know eachother's identities) trying to reach their goals. It always involves at least two parties - innocents and mafia (usually about four or five times as many innocents as mafia) - who are trying to kill eachother. All players receive a role PM at the start of the game, telling them what alignment (party) they are and telling them any special powers they might have. There are two phases; day phases and night phases. During day phases, all players vote for other players. The player with the most votes at the end of the day is killed (lynched). During night phases, players send PMs to the host, requesting that their special powers be used and the mafia, using ulterior methods of communication, pick one player who they then kill.

This continues until either the mafia or the innocents are eliminated. Once the mafia or the innocents have eliminated the other faction, the game ends and the remaining faction wins (as well as any other players who had special goals).

How do you become "good" at mafia?

Mafia is a game about lying and deceit. Being able to see through the lies is an important part of being good at the game. The best way to do this is practice. After playing several games, both from the view of the innocents and the mafia, you should have a good idea of what would be a good move for the mafia and what wouldn't.

What is a "third party"?

A third party is another party, separate from the innocents and the mafia, that has a different goal than the other parties. Their goal is usually to be the only remaining party - meaning they have to kill everyone else - however it can be anything.

What is a "neutral player"?

A neutral player, or independent player, is a player with no allies. They are the only member of their party and they have a special goal. Examples of neutral/independent players are fools and inspired innocents (see below).

What are "masons"?

Masons are innocents who know eachothers' identities. They communicate in a similar fashion to the mafia and can work as a team to take down the mafia.

1. Every day, players vote. Vote by typing Vote: <player> (you must bold it). If you wish to change or remove your vote, first type Unvote (bolded) and then place a new vote using the original method.
2. No quoting your role PM, or any message sent to you by the host.
3. Send all messages between players to the host.
4. When you die, stop posting in the game thread and move to the lounge. Depending on the game, you may be granted a certain number of after-death posts.
5. The host may add other rules that he/she feel necessary or important. You must obey all rules set out by the host.

  • Bandwagon - A group of people all voting for the same person.
  • Flip - Die (i.e. he flips scum = he dies as mafia).
  • Godfather - The leader of the mafia. Has different powers depending on the game.
  • Host - The person in charge of hosting the mafia game.
  • Independent - A player with no teammates who has a solo goal. They are usually overpowered.
  • Innocents - The good faction of the game. The majority of the players are innocent and use their roles to try to kill off all the mafia before they are killed off. They do not know each other, and must vote to kill mafia.
  • Lylo - Stands for Lynch or Lose, it refers to the day phase where the Innocents must lynch a mafia or non-Innocent faction. If there is no lynch or they mislynch, then the Mafia or non-Innocent faction will most likely win. Determined if the ratio between Innocents to Mafia is one away from being 1:1.
  • Lynch - Voting someone off is referred to as "lynching" them.
  • Mafia - The villainous faction of the game. They seek to kill all the innocents and can kill one innocent per night. They know the identities of eachother and talk to eachother either through other websites or through Personal Messages.
  • Masons - Two or more innocents that know eachothers' identities and can work together to vote off mafia.
  • Mylo - Stands for Mislynch or Lose, it refers to the day phase where the Innocents will most likely lose if they mislynch an Innocent. If there is a no lynch, then the following day phase will become Lylo. Determined if the ratio between Innocents to Mafia is two away from being 1:1.
  • Role - A special power granted to every player. See section below for more details.
  • Roleclaim - Announcing your role publicly; can either be a false roleclaim (lying about your role) or a true roleclaim (telling the truth).
  • Scum - A term used to refer to the Mafia.
  • Sheeping - Voting for someone without believing in the cause. Voting just for the sake of voting.
  • Third Party - a third faction, similar to the mafia that is unknown to the rest of the players until one of their members dies. Their goal is usually to kill all the innocents and mafia.
  • Town - A term used to refer to the Innnocents.

On these forums

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a game, find a thread in this board (they will usually be the unlocked, non-sticky ones) and post a bolded message to sign up. The host will add your name to a list at the beginning of the topic. If it has not been added and the host has been active elsewhere on the forums, contacting them through PM is suggested.

How will I get my role?

Hosts will send out roles via PM sometime after sign-ups for their game are closed.

How do I know when the game is starting?

Some hosts use the role PMs to signify that the game is starting, others will send out a message at the beginning of their game. But as a rule of thumb, if you've signed up for a game, you should keep an eye on this board to see when it starts.


Becoming inactive and not playing a game that you signed up for is strongly discouraged. If you know you will be inactive, tell the host and they can find a replacement for you. Players who go inactive without warning can be modkilled/replaced in any games they are currently playing and removed from games that have not yet begun.

How do I start a game?

To create a game, simply create a thread for it in this board. Players, if they think it will be fun, will begin signing up for it.

What do I do after that?

After that, you should wait until you have what you consider to be enough players. While players are signing up, you should be creating the roles. After all roles are created and you have enough players, you will be able to start your game whenever you are ready.

How can I restart a game that was put on hold?

PM BMB with a request to restart your game.

What are some suggested websites to help with hosting?

Most players use two websites: allows for randomization, helping you decide which players get which roles. allows you to create a quicktopic, which is a topic that can only be posted in by those with the link to the topic. It is used to facilitate discussion between mafia members, as well as other parties that discuss.

Both websites are free to use.

Cancellation Policy

If a host is not ready to begin their mafia before four months after their last post in their mafia's lounge, then a they will receive a reminder. If the host does not confirm whether the mafia is cancelled or not after two weeks, then it will be considered cancelled and will be archived. After the thread is archived, the host may request to have it unlocked if they wish to host it again.


Players do not like hosts who interfere too much with their games, and will not sign up for games they dislike. Host interference should be kept to a minimum in all cases. Additionally, activity is important for hosts. If games go too long without changing phases, they will be put on hold indefinitely.

Mafia Hosts Guild

The purpose of this group is to provide Mafia Hosts a place to be able to discuss several ideas for games with each other, to ask for help, and to help enforce several global game policies to promote a good environment for other users' games to take place.

Membership of the Guild is restricted to those who meet the requirements laid out in the application form. Those who do not meet the requirements may not join. Those who do meet the requirements can apply, but as membership is not compulsory, a host doesn't necessarily have to join the Guild. Those hosts that do decide to join must submit an application and be approved by the members of the Guild (a few exceptions being those who were invited to join at the time of the group's creation).

The Guild may collectively decide how to punish a rule-breaker. If a user commits minor offenses in a game or two, then the host(s) of the game(s) may decide to kick the user out of their game(s). If a rule-breaker, however, is constantly breaking the rules of many games or commits major offenses (such as sabotaging a host's game), then the Guild can decide to blacklist that player from all Mafia games and remove their access to the Mafia board.

The members of the Guild will also agree upon and enforce a schedule for Mafia games, and will also review and either accept or deny ideas for Mafia games. This is to ensure that only good Mafia games are scheduled and so that the games scheduled will not all interfere with each other all at once. They can decide whether multiple games will run at once and also determine any changes in the schedule.

Here is the application form for those hosts who are interested in joining. The form must be filled out completely and be sent to the Mafia Hosts Guild Ambassador, GBAToad, who will post your application up in the staff board for the members of the Guild to review.

Application Form said:
Please note that even if you meet the requirements mentioned in this application, the Mafia Hosts Guild still has the right to deny your application! When reviewing applications, we also consider your past actions in the community and if you're an overall good member and have the Mafia hosting skills that a Guild member should have. Thank you!

As a member of the Mafia Hosts Guild, one must generally abide by the rules laid out by the host in a game and the rules of the forum in general. Do you promise to uphold these values?

Mafia Host Guild members must be skilled both as a player as a host. Please list all mafia games that you have hosted and the last five games that you have participated in. You are required to have played in at least three different host's games.

OPTIONAL: It is important for a Mafia Host Guild member to have new ideas to offer to the Guild. Please suggest one idea or proposal that you think would benefit Super Mario Boards mafia.

Role List

Note: This is a list of all the roles done in the past on this site. Hosts can create new roles in any of their games at any time.

List of Roles:
Checking Powers –
Enables a player to check on another player to get a clue on what their role/power may be.
Cop – Allows player to check someone's role.*
Fisherman - Player is able to determine the strength of a role.
Lie Detector – Player can review a post from a player and find out if it is true or false.
Reminiscer – Player is able to see if a player recieved information on a specific night.
Tracker – Player finds out who a player used their powers on.*
Watcher – Player finds out a player that had powers used on them.*

Protective Powers –
Enables a player to provide shelter and immunity to another player.
Bodyguard – Has to be killed first in order to kill another person.
Disarmer – Player has the ability to block a player from killing for a certain amount of phases.
Doctor/Medic – Allows player to protect someone.*
Firefighter - Player is able to protect a player from Arsonists.
Jailer – Allows player to protect someone but prevents that player from using their power.
Martyr – Player sacrifices their lives for someone else.
Seer – Can move a specific player lower on a mafia’s nightkill list.
Tether/Lifeguard – Prevents a specific player from dying if attacked.

Surviving Powers –
Enables player to survive an attack.
Bulletproof – Allows player to survive one attack.*
Deity - Certain type of powers do not work on the player.
Pitiful – Allows player to be spared from Lynch once.
Sturdy – Allows player to survive vigilante/Granny attack.
Trickster – Enables player to have the nightkill hit someone else is they are targeted.
Unlynchable – Player cannot be lynched.

Revival Powers –
Player is able to bring another player/themselves back into the game.
Auto-reviver – Player is able to revive themself after they die.
Healer – Allows a player to cure another player of all life-threatening inflictions.
Necromancer/Reviver – Allows player to revive someone.*
Time Traveler – Can send the phase back one phase, undoing whatever was done.

Role-enhancing Powers –
Enables a player to give a boost to another player's power.
Assitant – Doubles power of another player.
Fairy – Player is able to allow another player to use their power no matter what.
Helping Hand – Player is able to bestow a specfic power to a player of their choice for the following phase.
Power Bestower/Teacher – Gives another player a role of their choice.
Wish Granter – Player is able to perform the actions of a player's desire.

Adapting Powers –
Enables a player to gain a power from another player/source.
Amnesiac – Player is able to copy a dead player's power.
Copycat – Player can copy someone's role for a (un)limited time.*
Inspired – Player can acquire powers through certain events.
Understudy – Allows player to gain a specific player's role after they die.
Usurper – Player becomes Godfather when Godfather dies.

Multipurpose Powers –
Enables a player to have the ability to use more than one power.
Jack-of-all-trades – Allows player to have multiple roles.
Randomizer – Every time the player uses their power, a different outcome will take effect.

Role-affecting Powers –
Enables a player to affect another player's powers and it's outcome.
Actor/Actress – Player is able to redirect a player's power onto him/herself.
Freezer – Prevents a player from performing any action for a few phases.
Hinder – The Player can make weaken the power of another player.
Hypnotist/Redirector – Player redirects power of one player to another.*
Jinx – Allows a player to "corrupt" other player's roles.*
Mirror – Player sends all powers back to the person that used that power.
Nexus/Decoy - Player has the ability to redirect all night actions on a player onto themself.
Roleblocker – Allows player to stop someone from using their role.*

Nullifying Powers –
Enables a player to void the usage of a power/ability.
Hider/Substitute – Enables player to prevent powers from working on another player.
Obscurer – Allows player to hide another player from checking powers.
Sniper – Player can use their power without being seen by checking powers.
Veto – Player is able to nullify the votes place on a person being voted.

Possessive Powers –
Enables a player to take control of another player.
Commander – Player is able to tell a player what to do and recieves a benefit if their player does it.
Possessor - The Player can control and convert another player's action.
Puppeteer - The Player can control the action's of another player.

Life-taking Powers –
Enables a player to remove another player from the game.
Arsonist – Player is able to kill players even when bulletproof or doctor powers are used.
Bomber – Allows player to kill someone when they are killed.*
Decider – Player is able to decide who the Mafia will kill for that night.
Granny – Allows player to kill someone if that someone checks on them.*
Old Coot – Granny that has a high chance of killing the wrong player by accident.
Poisoner – Allows a player to infect another player that will kill them in a few days if left untreated.
Vigilante – Allows player to instantly kill another player.*

Vote-affecting Powers –
Enables a player to have the strength of their vote affect themselves/another player.
Disciplined – Player is unable to vote until they clear certain requirements.
Drunk – Player's vote don't count.
Gallis – Player survives lynch via majority against then, but dies via minority against them.
Lawyer – Player is able to change another player's vote.
Medium – Allows player to give dead player ability to vote.
Public Speaker – Player has their votes count double.*
Silencer/Quieter – Player prevents another player from having their vote count next day.
Sleeper – Prevents the player from being able to speak during the next day phase.

Alignment-affecting Powers –
Enables a player to affect another player's alignment.
Converter – Enables player to switch alignment of another player.
Cult Leader – Player is able to recruit a player to their alignment.
Mason Recruiter – Player is able to recruit an Innocent to become a mason.
Purity – Allows player to be immuned to being converted and poisoned.
Sider – The player has the ability to side with a specific faction.
Traitor – Ex-mafia player; "mafia spy".
Yakuza – Can convert one player for their own life.

Illusionary Powers –
Enables a player to affect the appearance of an alignment, role, etc.
Editor – Player is able to make a minor change in a Host's message.
Framer – Player can make another player appear as an opposing alignment.
Godfather – Leader of the mafia; makes player appear innocent under cop checks.*
Masker – The player that is killed has their alignment appear as mafia.
Miller – Makes player appear mafia under cop checks.

Phase-affecting Roles –
Enables a player to affect how the phase will be played.
Atmo – Player can cause select players to use day actions during the night.
Cryo – Player can turn an entire day phase into a night-esque phase.
Hydro – Player is immune to Pyro, Cryo, Terra, and Atmo.
Pyro – Player can turn an entire night phase into a day-esque phase.
Terra – Player can cause select players to use night actions during the day.

Clue-providing Powers –
Enables a player to give a hint to another player related to the game.
Interpreter – Ability to intersect a discussion that occurred between other players.
Ignorant – Player receives hints randomly throughout the game.
Oracle – When killed, will reveal the role of the player that killed them to everyone.
Scientist – Player can check a dead player and see who targeted that person.
Tattle Tell – Player reveals a false rumor by the mafia that seems correct for the first phase.
Whisperer – Able to give all innocents a valuable hint.

Chain Reaction Powers –
Enables a player to affect the game with a power/gimmick in result of another power.
Baker/Chef – Player gives a type of food to another player, which can benefit or harm them.
Catcher – Player is able to negate one use of a power directed at them and then use it later on.
Collector – Player must collect a certain number of things in order to gain a power.
Con-artist – Player is able to avoid being lynched and kill someone else instead.
Double Trouble – Player has two lives; when one life is lost, mafia get to have an extra nightkill.
Lantern Holder – When killed, sends next day phase to have votes hidden.
Lover – If one player that is a lover dies, the other dies at the same time.
Parry – Player is able to redirect an instant kill that is placed on them.
Preacher – Player can kill someone in order to revive another.
Princess – When killed, one phase is skipped in the game.
Virgin – When the player dies, no Innocents can be killed the following phase.

Pairing Powers –
Enables a player to have a certain gimmick/restriction that affects the usage of their power.
Ambivalent/Midas – Power results will appear to both Innocent and Mafia alignments.
Compulsive - Must perform their night action each night and if not it will be randomly selected for them.
Countdown – Power starts weak/strong and slowly becomes strong/weak; usually paired with Public Speaker.
Daytime – Power is used during the day instead of being used during the night.
Dweller - Player gains power the more day/night phases the game goes through.
Insane – Makes all powers appear the opposite alignment; usually paired with cop.
Judge - Player can use their power from options 1-10, which determine how likely the power will work.
Location – Power is used to affect a player location-wise; usually paired with role-affecting powers.
Nighttime – Power is used during the night; usually paired with powers that apply to both day and night phases.
Slow-start – Player's powers take a few phases to take effect/be able to be used.
Weak - Player's power are not as effective as the standard statistics for the role.

Other –
Powers that are unique or do not fall under one of the categories above.
Jester/Fool – Wins the game if they are killed.
Normal/Vanilla – Player has no powers to be used.*
Phantom – Player can perform actions in the game while still being considered dead.
Swapper/Switcheroo – Player is able to swap their role with another player.

* – Frequently used in regular mafia games.

Note: The roles below are roles that apply to games that use gimmicks related around their use. That means that they do not work unless the host is using that gimmick in their game.

Money/Item-affecting Roles –
Enables a player to affect another's player amount of money/items.
Donor – Gives player money every night.
Peddler – Player can give an item of their choice to another player.
Salesman – Player is able to sell items to other players.
Shopkeeper – Player is able to buy and sell items to any player.
Thief – Player has the ability to steal money from another player.
Wealthy – Player has infinite money to use.

Location-affecting Roles –
Enables a player to a player's ability to visit a location, or the location itself.
Archer – Player is able to make other players lose items within locations.
Destroyer – Player has the able to destroy a location.
Dreamer – Player automatically visits random locations each night.
Wyvern – Player is able to easily find objects within locations.

Stamina/Status Inflicting Powers –
Enables a player to lower the Stamina levels of a player.
Air Elemental – Player increases status ailments and inflicts static. It negates Earth.
Deficient – Player loses their own stamina naturally.
Fire Elemental – Player increases stamina loss and inflicts burn. It negates Ice.
Ice Elemental – Player decreases stamina loss and inflicts frost. It negates Water.
Unvaccinated – Player will always receive status ailments.

Stamina/Status Restoring Powers –
Enables a player to raise the Stamina levels of a player.
Berceuse – Player sings a song that lulls and inflicts sleep on another player.
Donor – Player is able to give some of their own stamina to another player.
Earth Elemental – Player decreases status ailments and inflicts mud. It negates Aether.
Moxie – Player is able to recover their own stamina naturally.
Nurse – Player is able to restore a certain amount of stamina to a player.
Saint – When the player dies, all their health will go to everyone else.

Stamina/Status Immunity Powers –
Enables a player to be immune/remove Stamina changes to a player.
Aether Elemental – Player removes status ailments but hurts stamina. It negates Air.
Screamer – Player blasts a noise that awakens and cures sleep ailment.
Water Elemental – Player removes status ailments and heals stamina. It negates Fire.
Vaccinated – Player is immune to status ailments.

Stamina/Status Switching Roles –
Enables a player to sitwch Stamina levels/effects of a player.
Carrier – Player can transmit status ailments to other players.
Flipper – Player is able to swap two player’s stamina.
Flopper – Player is able to swap two player’s status ailments.
Negative – Player’s stamina changes opposite of normal stamina changes.
Nosferatu – Drains another’s stamina to replenish their own stamina.

Please note that the duration and strength of the power depends on the host's decision.
Please also note that some roles fit into other categories as well.
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