Do you know what the above user's avatar is?

Isabelle from Animal Crossing, which I have shamefully never played.
Eh, don't worry.

I call myself this forum's biggest Isabelle fan and I haven't played it myself. Although I blame that on the fact that I never had any way of playing it anyway in my defense.

The Prince of the Dark
Don't worry, December 20th is coming, so these haters will get what's coming to them. Except BLoF, she's earned the right to live past that day. Why 20th of December, you ask? You'll see next week. It sure was wise of you not to be part of those haters. Isabelle gives you her thanks.

A gorgeous, but ugly, but great nonetheless Waterfall of flabbies.
I know, isn't she perfect? The best kind of secretary anyone could ask for?

A guy shooting snow from his wrists. I hope you have anything to warm yourself, J.
Shooting snow on a black background.

There's gonna be cleaning to do, since the two colors oppose each other