Thank you based god
You guys have probably seen some of the result sheets from the past few years. If you haven't, here's an example for you. These sheets mainly rely on three things: Tables, HTML, and CSS. These sheets have been done in some of the oldest versions of GoogleDocs. Unfortunately, the ability to use the old setup will be gone soon and all pages will be upgraded to the newest version. Why is this a bad thing? Well...

[quote author=Google]you might find some differences between your original document and the upgraded version:

•Revision History: The revision history of your document will not be carried over when you upgrade.
•Formatting: When you preview your upgraded document, you may notice that the formatting looks different. Older documents were basically webpages. To use them in the new version of Google documents, they need to be converted to a traditional word processing format. This conversion can be imperfect.
•CSS and HTML: It's not possible to edit the HTML of your document or use CSS after you upgrade.
•Images: The new version of Google documents might resize large images, and it doesn't support text overlay on images. If your images have text overlay, that text will become part of the document text as a caption.
•Tables: Tables with merged cells may not convert precisely, and you might find that columns get resized after upgrading to the new version of Google documents. We suggest reconstructing your table after upgrading your document to the new version. Read on for additional tips about how to format a table in the new version.[/quote]

(link to aforementioned shit)

This means we're going to have to find a new place to host the result sheets. The rest of the documents will be fine, though the list page would probably be better in the old version. Does anyone have a website or wiki, or some sort of page where we'll be able to host these? The only requirements are the ability to use HTML and CSS. Having WYSIWYG editing as well is also cool, but it's not a big deal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.